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17.05.2013 05:04
Lo Lieh body dry land pull onions antworten

> Time can change a lot of people, a lot of things. wWw, QuANBEn, Com anyone, even Babel never be able to flee time gentle denied, leaving only ten thousand years of snow and loneliness. "I still remember us in order to make a snowman master punishment day and night, small Shimei middle of the night to send us something to eat." Satan eyes reveal unspeakable emotions, memories like waves in a spectacular picture seems to gradually regained consciousness in the brain. "You do not go to a small junior sister apprentice?" Satan and Lo Lieh stood side by side together, suddenly turned around and looked at Lo Lieh face, "said she has appeared in the world." "Take bounded domain beads, she Kunlun Seven Pei Ling, took off his mortal woman. "Lo Lieh whispered," Why is it necessary to destroy the lives of others, when I saw her thought she was forgotten Cheng pulls things, it seems that it is not, or is not with me talk about it. "" South eyebrow? "Satan language peak of a turn, exposed fraction doubts," you are not seen in Japan face? "South Meimei?" Lo Lieh eyes surfaced that Reiki woman just smiled, "meet not necessarily recognized, How about you? these years have been in Italy?" "I refuse to answer that question." Satan laughed, "It's like I was to ask you something." Luo strong laugh, eyes hidden a little helpless, said: "Some things can not get an answer is the best." "I can also say that." Satan deep channel, revealing interesting eyes, "Kunlun Seven most naturally gifted , but also got to do the favor of the multi-master, but why was the master in charge of the Kunlun when you push thanks to the head of the bit Linlin Lin. "the Lo Lieh did not answer this question, but rather that a Off-topic: "Do you think I am the person how?" Satan slight frown, then seriously think about this question, the Kunlun Seven Qi Ge the Kunlun ancestors Kassapa's disciples, Lin Linlin are halfway home, not seven brothers sisters, but the feelings get along very well, young master first practice Taoism,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, slowly to be successful, and then sword Quartet, Happy rivers and lakes. Although subsequent events beyond the control of Satan was still thinking about his years sword Quartet the Kunlun seven Haoqiganyun, perhaps the time left to the world is nothing more than the most beautiful memories, even though able to move mountains, orders the world, these seven people's feelings how can he say to forget, and forget it? "Cynical, with the nature of the people." Satan thought a lot, the "foul aloof, Jinyu where." "There are things we can not be controlled release, and that only control yourself." Lo Lieh has a lot of overtones Road, "Why should you executive seeking it? "not perform seek, but do not let go." Satan filling King of the pride, finger Kunlun, "like snow on the Kunlun, I let it stop, it stopped." "This is a man-made control rather than natural. "Lo Lieh out of hand, falling snowflake, orchid fingers to form a lifelike butterfly Enron lying in the palm of your hand. "Butterfly and then the United States, after all, is to fly, but the sea." Lo Lieh gently blowing breath, butterfly Pianfei, to Hao Hao Snow, looked like a white landscape adds a spring color. Treacherous and poignant. Satan Murder now, right hand two fingers pinching a snowflake, piercing away, butterflies shocked to split in half. Can not fly over the sea, they simply refuse to fly why do futile things. "The Lo Lieh smiled:" That's why you search in vain thing to do it? "Satan shocked surprised a moment, and then again in a company he did not know The self-deprecating or helpless smile: "nightmare can not be self-control." Gu Xi? "the Kunlun Seven Big Sister. Satan said: "Maybe dead, maybe alive, and found not seen." Lo Lieh did not ask anymore, said: "You and Western cooperation of the Holy See what is for what?" Kill you. "Satan exposed very smile, eye looked cold Lo Lieh, "This is my biggest wish." the Lo Lieh pondering smile, did not surprise the gas: "kill me, it seems no need to engage in so many things?" in the next game, a great the kind of "Satan shrugged his shoulders, only nothing, you want to believe the letter, do not believe do not believe." "Do you want to Lin automatically restore the previous memory?" Satan said: "He recovered memories do not seem to forest Ringling, his ability to simply could not withstand the three measures of you. "Thank you so highly of me." Lo Lieh thrown a trace of smile, "But Master said Lin Linlin year to go through a major catastrophe before extraordinary achievements I believe this is his catastrophe. "" catastrophe sometimes means rebirth. "Satan indifferent smile, body floating on the sky, murderous and awe-inspiring, great mountains and rivers fight is not hard to violate God." is so competitive, Lo Lieh slightly sigh, know that war is inevitable, just wanted to feel very helpless, the Kunlun Seven are now killing each other. "The last time I suddenly makes you badly wounded, presumably you hurt a part of it." Satan does not have what the color of the guilt Road, "I want to try me and you how deep distance." Last it is some years away from here, at that time, Lo Lieh not appear at the top of this Earth. A man looking at a man needs a depth of one meter, perhaps, perhaps endless abyss. Across a height, maybe just a moment, or eternity. "There is this necessary?" "." This word bears Satan can not control emotions, like jealousy, like helpless. "But I do not think this is necessary." Lo Lieh said, not looking down, is not arrogance stern, but not worth it. "Is it?" Satan suddenly ghosts sideways around in Lo Lieh. A shallow difficult to see with the naked eye coldness flash. The Lo Lieh body slightly to the right mobile, the original ground impressively traces of a shallow sword. Satan first appeared in front of Lo Lieh, one shaking the murderous attack on the moment Lo Lieh whole body. The goose the snow suddenly thrust stagnation. Followed by a treacherous attitude flagrantly down from heaven. Lo Lieh can not avoid, the Mana Satan Ben and his almost disappeared centuries, many skill intensive, the decision to kill his heart. Stomp, Lo Lieh body dry land pull onions like sky from the left and right hand in the air into an arc continuous hissing sound heard snowflakes of the whole body to one mysterious suction volume into an arc. "Broken." Lo Lieh gently out, his hands suddenly spread, snow splash. Satan brazenly appear the Lo Lieh over. "The trend of the nine-word mantra you make to the atmosphere extremely good." Satan's right hand holding a matter of skin tremble Order of the shadow sword, a magnificent gesture Zhan Xiang Lo Lieh head. Really forgive and forget the situation? Really want to kill Lo Lieh. Lo Lieh across open a big step in the air, far away from the power of the Order of the shadow, but still a little slower, one air flow murderous, suddenly thrust in the sky. The Lo Lieh eyebrow Mao Yiyang, body inclined back, hiss loudly, his neck more than a shallow blood. Drop of scarlet blood seepage out. You have learned the Kunlun and 14 sword. "The Lo Lieh sound or light, said," the Master said that whoever is the first excel the Kunlun 14th sword who is the head of Kunlun, I thought I was The first, and now want time you should, but not so skillful it. Satan mouth smile, some resentment: "The Master wants to see you,Air Jordan New School UK, not me." body suddenly disappeared. The radically Murder filled from Lo Lieh the front. Lo Lieh did not move, but he knew it was unreal, real Murder in the rear. Sure enough, the next second, his hands holding the Order of the shadow of Satan in the back of Lo Lieh, to freehand gesture when empty Zhanxia the. When! Lo Lieh in the hands of the sword finally scabbard Satan leveraging body flying into the sky, floating on top of a snowflake, looked like the Avatar: Kunlun sword deserved reputation. "" Care, I was the Buddha's heart. "The Lo Lieh two stride ,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, already came over Satan, facing Satan is the sword, the passage on his heart. Kunlun sword burst of unparalleled cold light. <

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