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17.05.2013 04:57
You follow me take you back antworten

> Mountain darkly. Www qUanbEN, com vista. This sentence against forest, at the appropriate. It is tailor-made. Imagine two feet forest move is dead run, but two wheels motorcycle. Moving in the forest should fall into the gang speeding car heavy attack frenzy when a woman in the eye sight of the forest action. It is a beauty, a chest pressing beauty. He even with his big toe can not think of here met this woman? In the end the game world or the real world? This woman is shocking the Ice violence policewoman. She is not in the game world? Is the real world also has a Ice? Career also policewoman? Regardless of how to escape again. Lin move not put those speeding car the bully to quell the hegemony of the gas Huqu startled. Ice only to hear the waves roaring motorcycle sounding voice, she turned one,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, a white boy rapidly toward the side of her on this side ran, followed by chasing ten motorcycle. Her face changed, and what to look at those motorcycle is often out in the middle of the night to drag racing members of the speeding car. "Sister, save me." The forest move Ice guilt, to the moment or the Ice first distress say. A member of the speeding car has surrounded the the forest move and Ice live, eyeing a move looking at the forest. Irrelevant boiling. "Face has a scar man menacing from a Yamaha motorcycle to go down, watching the Lin move to reveal a Yinhen laugh," move, we met. "" you? "Lin move slightly surprised,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, surprise, surprise knife brother before being played, the dog days. It seems too softhearted. "Tonight I come to you point things," a smiling look of scar brother said, his eyes keeping a close eye forest move, this kid can play, right? He can not believe he 10 with iron pipe and ax myself to fight to get on the ground, really want to, as he had admitted. Even if it is a master of the Zhongnanhai guards regiment would not be so tough. Lin move and talk to him but to set our sights on Ice, this woman is not Ice? Is there really such a similar bitch? Ice forest just called his sister called a little strange? But soon relieved. Her cold sweep one off dangerous atmosphere members of the speeding car, although it is surrounded by little horror expression: "If I do not take it?" For nothing things to know disturbing bully She has always been do not give these people a good face to see, disgusted with the scum of society and parasites from the heart. "Damn, you do not go we'll round * rape." A bully loud and arrogant Road, obscene eyes staring at the Ice chest. Ice sneer, his face cast a layer of frost, a side step rushed to the front of the man, grabbed him by the collar, the latter's forehead close contact with a pistol: "You say What? again? "scar brother to see the hands of this woman actually a gun, a little reaction, however. Contemplation of this woman's identity and origins? After three seconds to come to a conclusion Damn, hit the muzzle. This woman is willing to police. The aging mother you shot all right, you believe it? "Said Ice powerful. That she grabbed the collar with one hand bully almost urine rushed forth,Jordan 2 Sale, a face full of fear: "I believe, I believe police officers, I'm just joking and you." "You can roll the cold icy cold said she wanted to these individuals are caught inside, can go a few days and come out into the scar. Unless they have sinned. "OK, we give police officers a face to go." Scar brother only envy eyes take a look at the forest move a Hell. This kid really fuckin lucky. After a few seconds the group of animals and birds scattered speeding car. Lin automatically saved a life, said: "Thank you." Ice looked at the forest move, this man evidently should be a student how something to do, and those who contradictory on Ice? No look Road: "or go back to a good education.", Then fall away from the forest moving around. Lin move so do not want to miss this opportunity, Ice saved his life to say we should take thanks. He caught up. "You follow me take you back to the police station." Ice action on forest have unpleasant. If the world really so similar, then then he felt a fate, the forest dynamic asked: Ice sister, you believe in fate? "Ice slight frown, this man actually know her name? Call themselves one up on the people of the sister she still has a deep wariness, said: "Who are you?" Lin move some inner ecstasy really is called ice, it is not and ring games Ice , he was a bit cautious, said: "You are not a cousin named Han Yudie, had a sister called cold soft." reason why such care is the fear of Ice thought he was a juvenile delinquent in the investigation of her. Hear the forest moving ice and she re-sweep a forest dynamic, sharp eyes and asked: "how do you know?" Lin to move Guzuogaoshen unpredictable laugh: "So it was a blessing, Do you believe in fate or the art of palmistry? "Ice said:" What do you think? "Lin dynamic think this Ice man does have a deep wary, do not give up, said:" If I am on tonight this is the first time I saw you, you believe it? "she believe it? A fool would believe that the the forest move say, first saw that name. This is nonsense. Lin move he is unable to tell her the truth, maybe he should bait. "I know you doubt very much, do you think I'm secretly investigate you, in fact, not." The forest move easily shrugged and said, "I just believe in fate word only." Ice silent. Lin automatically lost weight atomic bomb in the minds of Ice: "You afraid of lightning. Especially in the night when I say it?" Ice face suddenly thrust a change, there is no doubt that Lin move just seems to be a sharp knife pierce her heart. "My name is Lin move, Pingjin high school students. If you have any questions after you can come to me and I will give you the answer." Lin said move looks like a stick of God into the ice, he finished this sentence fast leave to do so will give Ice caused very iffy feeling. He needs is the feeling. Ice back looking at the forest, leaving lips flaring, stopped him to ask in the end how the matter? She is an atheist, forest just said is beyond imagination. For their fear of lightning only know a sister. The forest move came to know? <

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