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17.05.2013 04:56
these six kinds of twelve pieces antworten

Suddenly, Zhu star left hand move, from the huge gold balance move out another golden sword! Holding a gold sword, Zhu star small universe again detonated, platinum Jianmang perfusion will 'no death sword' into the two golden sword...... "Hum...... Hum......" Two clear and melodious hum sound, immediately sounded, at the same time, two gold sword blade, with a layer of platinum holy flame, in an instant, this layer of platinum holy flame by the sparks of fire bean size into the burning flame, the whole body covered in a layer of burning gold holy flame. No amount of gold, white light,Air Jordan 2, emanating from the golden sword, but the twinkling of an eye, the two gold sword, by Jupiter into 'no death sword'! Now, Jupiter once again that, the goddess Athena is not allowed to use Gold Saint Seiya gold weapon, is not because of the goddess Athena, don't like weapons, so it is not allowed to use the weapon fighting saints! The Secretary for the wisdom and war goddess Athena, she is armored helmet Shouzhi sword and shield was born, how may don't like weapons? She was not allowed to St. fighters use weapons, especially the twelve Gold Saints is located at eighty-eight Saint vertex in the use of firearms, the biggest reason is, Libra rules the six twelve gold and weapons, although other simple, but it is really suitable for battlefield killing soldiers, can say is completely for killing and existing weapons, therefore, even if the twelve pieces of gold and weapons never advanced to become artifact, iscar and sword that however, is killing and destruction,Jordan UK sale, but is this level of peak exists. Moreover, because the gold weapons and gold cloth for the same material, therefore, these six kinds of twelve pieces of gold and weapons, also have the same characteristics of cloth of gold, that is can and twelve Gold Saints seventh sense a perfect match, like Jupiter, even can be because of the lack of substantive and lethal damage problems the 'no death sword' greatest handicap complement,Air Jordan 6 UK Sale, appliance which can be used extremely tough and can repair itself blade bearing 'life as no sword'! With each hand holding a flaming platinum holy flame, burst out Yao white gold shining gold sword, Jupiter can not help but cried. All such as a feeling, be related by flesh and blood, let him have the illusion, 'no death sword' cheers, in joy, in the desire to fight, in the desire for killing, longing for flesh and blood of the soul...... Eyre. Al Sid. Big...... Adult. You...... You......" Standing on the side of your ghost, see Jupiter holding swords. I sign long and loud. General surge of violent, bloody, violent atmosphere, as if a person macrophages optional the fierce beast, that Sen cold cold J ī ng pure intended to kill, let this little teenage boy shuddered. Stumble along a back several steps. Ha-ha. Scare you, your ghost? I'm fine just holding gold sword, do not feel the roar several voice, my heart is not fun. You go back. I'm going to cut this sea of column!" Zhu Xing looked at the pale, eyes with fear your ghost, smiled, he said. Turn back, Zhu star once again face the South Pacific Ocean column, but this time, his hands with two >

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