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17.05.2013 04:54
umbrella our great Secretary antworten

> Lin to see Song devastated after moving out of the Wang Yan Ran villa. Www. qUanBen. Com "are you going to?" Lin automatically asked, "manhandled or send me?" "I use two feet take you, you feel better?" Song devastated move into the forest with a smile. Even a smile, no smile in her eyes. Forest move and said: "Why do not I ask you to eat barbecue. Most famous one. Package you did not eat." The Song Xixi Road: "What are you please me?" Lin automatically laugh: "regarded as not to go? do not, then I went back. "Song Xixi said:" go, why do not you. "of course, going to have to eat her. Forest with Song devastated came to one of the stalls, the stalls are the best known and the most affordable one. Barbecue out of something the color, flavor and taste. Song devastated not polite, and Lin move came up on the point of some kind of meat. "You like to eat pig whip?" Lin moving to see her point of pig whip string 10 is not asked. Song Xixi said: "like" Lin smiled action. "What are you laughing at?" "Oh, nothing, so you like to eat pig whip, I feel very rare." Song Xixi said: "eat pig whip anything?" Song devastated then said: "I just Yan Ran and What did you say? "Lin move this time has nothing to hide:" To me that Tan teacher study Peking Opera, you do not go with? I can help you to introduce you. "the Song Xixi shook his head. Study Peking Opera? Called Tan Yan Ran Ran to is to allow him to study Peking Opera? Why study Peking Opera? Wang Yan Ran the forest move is too a lot better. With obvious jealousy Song devastated eyes move into the forest. Her heart long Wang Yan Ran as his mother, Wang Yan Ran is a perfect woman. As for her stepmother, she do not feel anything. "In fact, I know you I still feel some hatred so bored in my heart to fear of bad Why do not you hit me a few punches,Nike Jordan New School UK, we laugh it off." Lin moving to Song devastated. Song Xixi said: "I was some hate you, do not hate, but you say that I have chosen not to hit you." Lin action said: "That you want to hit me when to let me know." Song Xi Come eating barbecue and Lin did not return to action speak. "Taste like?" Okay "eaten barbecue Song devastated the spirit is very good, indeed very tasty barbecue. She been here before, have not eaten. "You like to eat barbecue?" "Of course your eyes, do not eat people like me?" "Not, not." Lin automatically smiled and explained, "The key is the identity of your eldest put in there, barbecue place are ordinary members of the public to "Song devastated wear a pair of shoes are several thousand, how many people can afford to wear it? Buy a watch is most likely can not afford to buy a lifetime. "My identity?" Song devastated slowly, "I will not eat barbecue? Sort of requirement to tell you,Nike Air Jordan 11, I am also an ordinary person." Only is the money of ordinary people. Lin move this time take the initiative when the "man", pay the bill. "Come on, I send you back." Lin move halfway and do not want to any danger. Song devastated this time did not refuse, in fact, do not really want to go back home to the mother at home, father and uncle are busy with the things of the company. Song devastated: "Either we go K song." "Next time, too late." Lin action said, "go home and take a bath, comfortable sleep, not better." Song devastated Road: I will go out, you go home. "said Song devastated to speed up the pace. The forest move hesitated, but finally caught up with up. "Well, one hour." Lin move. Two to the coffers of the city center. To a box, Song devastated when their Pa Mak, hiss crack lung after half an hour of singing, Song devastated lost the microphone. She felt boring, very boring, very lonely. Song devastated do not know why so fiercely fell to the ground holding the hands of the bottle. The forest moving said not a word. He did not know with what words to comfort see Song devastated, unhappy. But what in the end is not happy is not known. The girl's mind can not guess. The girl's temper is not mess with. SONG devastated smashes a bottle move into the forest and said: "Otherwise we go next door to the box to beat it." Lin dynamic smile, go next door to the box fights? This is not Zhaochou? Lin move decisively rejected said: "Let the beating is wrong,Jordan 14 Sale, it is illegal to hit people and people did not mess with us, we do not want to play someone else. Childhood teacher education." Song devastated said: "You go or not?" two ferocious. Lin automatically want to under the Road: "Why do not we go to the clubs Gallants you so that you can blow off steam." Song Xixi tract: "Well, I'll take you to the club to play boxing." "I did not play, you play Lin move this time to check out. It seems that tonight is bleeding. Song devastated with Lin moving to a private club, a great club, which does have some chicken "things" that people can, for example, dog fighting, such as to boxing, as well as some great people and dogs war. Song devastated obviously a guest here, come in unimpeded. "The people who come here are some of the people eat stays, I was" Song devastated I was not left to their own face, "we are all looking for stimulation, so here is the best place." Lin asked the move an idiot question: "Here's some projects seems to be against the law?" break the law? nothing against the law. saw the personal. "Song devastated pointing to a holding not far from a young woman sitting on the man said on the thigh . "See." "This is the club's umbrella our great Secretary Comrade." Song devastated or really salute and said, "every woman to engage in at, really enjoy." Look ridiculed look, "because there is such a person, we were able to survive, do not you?" umbrella will always be there in the dark world. Lin moving silence, just laugh the next. He would rather there is a reasonable explanation. He was not the Messiah. "He's here holding 20 per cent." Road Song devastated. "You know how crystal clear?" Lin Activity Road, even holding all know that devastated Song will not be here a general? "You just saw that my friend is the boss of the largest shareholder of the club." Song devastated seems to forest move as one of us said, "people need to enter the strict identity-verification, not money the girl's parents that long hair and very white skin open? "Come on, let's play boxing." Song devastated with forest move came two people in front of the door handle. The two did not say a word to open the door. Go play a basketball hall, there are probably 500 seats in the hall and ten this box. The middle of a boxing ring surrounded by about five meters in length width of three meters with iron mesh. Ring at the moment the two men looked like a mad dog crazy struggling together on the ground, bloody ear and blood on the teeth, while the surrounding filled with some of the excitement of the men and women, a blood-red eyes fixed on the iron ring network game. His mouth kept shouting and killed him killing his words. An annual "Miss Song, how do you come?" The man went to the front of the Song devastated with a respectful look tract. "Ring? I want to play." Man Song devastated and forest action taken to a small room inside a small ring. "Well, you go out first, something I'll call you." Song devastated took to the ring, took off his coat, revealing a sleeveless red clothes, put on boxing gloves. "Come on." Song the devastated pointing Lin Activity Road. "It seems that you do not beat me, you are uncomfortable ah" Lin dynamic sigh, playing a bit, to the ring on the body. Song devastated direct attack, no other forest speak. <

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