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17.05.2013 04:50
the temple is not the same antworten

> Mentally handicapped man loudly refute forest move, see that they are a bit emotional person: "Do not talk nonsense. WWW, QUAnbEN COM I will speak brother did not hit me." Huaxing, do not talk nonsense. "Lin to walk footwork move this guy battle to get themselves have a strange ape-like vertical and horizontal jumping up and down, and have to say that his body sensitive to the extreme. And that is called the the Huaxing man go hand in hand with an arm moving in the forest behind the distance, as long as a little room for error,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, forestry action is necessary in boxing. Can also say that the the forest move is walking on the edge of life and death. If you do not have that big brother watching and waiting to guide the country. Lin moving to not need is so awkward Cuantao around with. But it can also enhance their potential. This time Lin move has come in front of that big brother, shouted: "Kill You Hell." Pound man's head in the hands of black suitcase as a weapon. The man inside the suitcase full of money, treatment brother's money is in the inside of the natural can not single-handedly play back ripped through the trunk. Man not wrinkled brow, body flash Teng on one side. Lin move seems a great deal of interest in this man to a weapon, that is, holding a black leather suitcase. Under such circumstances, three side back side attack while to catch up, quite interesting. Lin automatically chasing man thinking so go on, is not the answer. Brother in the back is always worse then before I catch up. Lin move is to maintain this situation. The three can not be endless and so on. The the forest move is also in the heart of this people yelled ancestors 18 generations, Ah ran so he had no energy to chase. Lin moving decisive pre-emptive volley suddenly stand up, to a Parthian shot. Huaxing thundered out, punch darting like a meteor hit in the past. Forest moving his right foot and fist come first intimate contact, Lin moving with the power of the fist earthquake more flexible body falls firmly on one blade, the right foot Foot In fact, some slight tingling seen Huaxing powerful place. Lin moving eyes and looked at the the Huaxing heart thinking about this man is eccentric to the extreme, supposedly his words just can not be so strange, to say and children. Is retarded child. Lin move suddenly shouted: "Hey, if you do not want money, then I left." Lin automatically want to use the shock tactics that big brother stopped by to. "You think you can out of tune? Money, I want to set, but you must die." The man seems to have been Lin moving eyes the extreme provocation slightly thundered. Lin move exhaled breath, and readily pulled under a leaf containing the mouth Nakamichi: "If you really want it, then it is going to be I do not have time to play hide and seek game and your two brothers to see your brother, will not be true IQ does not work right. "called China with the man heard Lin an insult to his brother, coldly:" He's very normal. "Huaxing standing in front of the brother's match, said:" At the moment, I'm normal. "Having exposed against the brother silly smile. Lin move the heart more and more sure that this Huaxing retarded child, the retarded child Fudge ah, but the problem there is a master. That's difficult. The forest move suddenly silent, to express his dissatisfaction with the action, suddenly channeling out, seems to want to escape. China with the big shouted: "I want to escape?" China and do not want to play hide and seek game with too much time and forest, this time to start body looked like the bullets loaded, whizzed rushed to the forest moving behind, open grasping the shoulder blades to the forest move the shoulder. Lin move the right arm and shoulder blades just felt something strange air conditioning penetration over a cold, and my heart good cold Genelec. Did he really force among the Ice practice is not. The forest dynamic shoulder stirred up,Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale, and the body flash Teng on one side. Huaxing started to move faster than his brother tricky, seems to know Teng Lin moving flash 0.1 seconds ahead of time in his place. So when the forest automatically get a foothold Huaxing foot the side kicked forest moving neck. Lin dynamic unconscious with a black suitcase to block this kick. China with shouting: "Do not kick the suitcase." This shout, Huaxing can only be forced to recover the kick leg, said stop stop. There is not any inertia. Lin dynamic the mouth secretion conspiracy smile, finally caught a glimmer of opportunity. Left foot glide step, the body suddenly freehand oblique want Huaxing the left side of the shoulder, a boxing in Huaxing head in the temple. Huaxing crimson eyes. Whack. Lin move Boxing Huaxing above the temple. It stands to reason the temple is the body's most vulnerable, as long as it was hit, at least in the short coma. Plus Lin spent eighth of the true force, even an elephant must be breakdown. Huaxing facts tell him that the temple is not the same in everyone, especially his metamorphosis crazy, retarded child. Lin move shook the Huaxing temple filled Genelec took a step back. He bared his incredible eyes, how is this possible? Even the mysterious realm can not put any acupuncture points they got so hard to the point. The Huaxing crimson eyes looking at the forest move, his mouth issued a beast sounds obvious angered anger. Huaxing rushed past, hands is necessary to keep the forest,Nike Air Jordan 7, you want to tore the forest move. China also followed the same flash in the past, move from behind outflank the forest. The forest move is riding a tiger, he would be so horrible to think of the strength of Huaxing Xuan Tong realm has reached its peak. Lin move just subconsciously traverse dodge, China with has come in front of him, filled with the Genelec the kick fly kick and to. The forest move even want to block with a black suitcase too late. Subconscious with the fist to block Shitailichen kick. Kacha. Lin moving left shoulder dislocated Now the pain forest dynamic face changed. With hand tricky angle came to the the forest move in front of the right-hand thumb sudden pressure in the the forest moving back of the wooden pillars above the hole. Black leather suitcase in the hands of the forest floor, landing with China caught. "Do you think my brother's temple is not trained to the wedding dress realm. No wedding dress realm of the strength of the fundamental questioning him any harm." The forest move his right hand on his dislocated shoulder: the realm of wedding dress? "Is this Xuan Tong the realm top of another realm of? Paralysis, I know how this state? Herring go TANTAI had not told myself. China with him a proud look: "Yes, that is the realm of wedding dress. Grade one level higher than the Xuan Tong can transfer various points of the personal, and then hit the power by grafting out." Seems to be in order to establish his word, The half empty Suddenly a strange bang bang. Forest-discovery the Huaxing behind the stone seems to be rotten with a giant ax. Is this is just break out the power? <

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