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17.05.2013 04:46
think of the plot of antworten

The> Song speech The first time I saw Lin moving forest move before he did not want to know what capacity did not need. The WWW, QunabEN COM he worried Song devastated. Song devastated had an accident and he will be a lifetime of guilt. Qiuchi will not forgive him. Qiuchi Song devastated mother died because of a car accident sake, Song devastated small, now my wife is devastated Song stepmother. Song speech standing behind a man and a woman, men some similar facial features and Song resigned his brother. The woman is slightly pretty, with an estimated also Song. Song devastated mother is a look of silent grief. Forest move so interpreted and Song of the head, but he is actually very calm, because things have taken place,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, then he is best, not to chase can not hold his surgery. Song boss, I was and Song devastated together. "Was called Song boss is kind words, Lin move and he cooked, as people Jia Shu? Unless Song devastated led the moment Song devastated the accident, called Uncle look awkward, called Song boss better, the distance between far into his back,. Song resigned immediately asked: "together to do what?" Lin move is an honest man, said: "At that time she must follow me, I told her not to tell, but she still followed, I had to go to the toilet, and then out she was taken away on a car. spirit of man can not do nothing about them, I go to catch up, and finally out of a man stopped me before because I learned some effort, I beat the man, but he killed, Sibu Si I do not know. "Song resigned silence. Song resigned silence, the second handle does not mean Song Song Tianming silence, the word forest move made uncomfortable: "You said looking over to follow you, joke. Shrouded in what capacity you what capacity. has checked your identity, you are a singing Song devastated follow you? you are in a fairy tale? "Song Tianming rhetoric is sharp and with lethal. The heart of the forest moving so powerful, the words of this lethal little effect on him, but was uncomfortable Do With his Guanren flair, be sure to curry favor with the witch Song devastated. Although her money, but that is her I money. And own Torike relations. Lin moving silence, this Song Tianming ignored. Speak and this is purely a waste of the tongue. No wonder the number one Song resigned rather than Song Tianming, look at the the Song big boss, like a calm thinking. Turned around and looked at the woman clothed in red Road Song speech: "Song Li, how do you see?" The Song Li Song smallest one,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, also Loved Song devastated, Song devastated 's never had a mother, she can half mother. "Brother, looking over these days does have some unusual, but regardless of the forest action that is not really looking over the whereabouts of us now to find out. While I go to the hospital to see for themselves that the kidnappers alive, the last point Do we want to alarm? "Song Tianming Road:" Brother, we first do the police. looking over a child as well as others kidnapped, the kidnappers is money, so we wait for the phone of the kidnappers, if not alarm. Song Tianming said the finger of blame is once again moving into the forest: "I doubt very much that this is the the forest move and kidnappers acting." moving forest is put on a big hat, only with a wry smile, wait for them to distribute gas and hegemony let This Song Tianming to surrender his feet. Song Tianming say their reasons: "Xixi is such a sweet girl, Lin move would certainly have liked her coupled with the the forest move is just signed singer, what he needs most? Two things, money and fame and fortune as long as a good relationship and looking over his future is bright Brother, I decided to investigate the forest move. "" wonderful, from the human point of view can be considered to investigate me. "Lin action can not but recognize this suspected reasonable. "Master, Miss Yan Ran." Song of the housekeeper came forward to report. "Yan Ran?" Song speech felt a little strange, Song devastated missing kidnapping did not take the dew wind, Wang Yan Ran what? If not for looking over things, he really can not imagine why she would come? Of course, if stopping by, This is indeed rare, generally she rarely had stepped. "Yan sister." SONG Li immediately stepped forward to greet front of Wang Yan Ran. Song resigned nor by the stand up and said Wang Yan Ran respect. Song Tianming is smile and say hello. "I heard that devastated kidnapped." Wang Yan Ran directly Road, "the news?" Song Tianming said: "Yan Ran, the forest move is likely to be kidnappers, directed and starred in a play." Wang Yan Ran looked under the forest move, smiled, turned to the Song Tianming,, or humanitarian Song: "I believe that the forest action is not such a person." Song speech said: "Yan Ran you know the forest move?" understanding, it is familiar with the forest action is not such a person, I dare to promise. "Wang Yan Ran said sit down and seriously believe. Her sentence so many people in Song bit of a shock and suspicion, the forest move and Wang Yan Ran understanding? What is the relationship between the two? Many animals immediately think of the plot of the small white face and a lonely woman. Song speech said: "Yan Ran promise I believe that the forest action will not be kidnappers." When he saw Lin move at first glance believe that he was not the kidnappers, which is the intuition of a businessman, just like buying stocks, rise or down intuition. And Lin moving eyes intense told him that he was not the kidnappers. SONG devastated childhood kidnapping, that time Song five million was redeemed Song devastated. Finally, the kidnappers by the police arrest. SONG devastated since being kidnapped Song speech called secret protection good girl, these years are not in similar incidents, plus Song devastated extreme hate the feeling of being watched, so Song resignation took to turning back, Who knows that the occurrence of such an event. Repressed the atmosphere of the living room, who does not speak. Wang Yan Ran an eight-wind does not move like tea. Song Tianming mouth muttered whisper. Song Li face anxious wait the kidnappers to money. Clear crisp rings. Song resigned phone. It is a strange number. Song speech even seen a lot of storms, but the lives and safety of the relationship to the girl nor by little nervous: "Hello." "Song speech, your daughter is in my hands, if you want her to go back safely and reunion, ready to 30 million, at ten o'clock tomorrow morning, I want to see the money, otherwise you waiting for corpses. way, if you are the police, I will give you ready to give your daughter a finger. Your alarm I know, the police have my people. "the other hung up the phone, Song resigned to the kidnappers saying the crowd. Kidnappers and police awareness? Impossible, he is not the case to scare us, we do not want to alarm. "Song Tianming shocked and said," Brother, how do you see? "Song speech said:" No matter what he said,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, I decided to Do not alarm, first give you the money. "thirty million is not a large number of words, Song speech can conspire the money in the shortest time. Song resignation to the Governor of the Bank immediately call the night to tell him the money somehow. <

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