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17.05.2013 04:40
from the sea to float antworten

The Secretary of war and the wisdom of the goddess Athena, its birth is very strange, she jumped out to the king of the gods Jose split his head, just born is clad in armor, sword holding the shield's image, in fact, force even in the twelve Olympian gods, is also in the forefront, powerful. On the strength, Zhu stars most clearly but! Because, at the moment he was that Yao on the rise, under the ground, two shares. Add radiance and beauty to each other, among them, the feeling is like to travel to Sanya, the first dive, rubber dress wearing thick, waist Pendant with heavy weights, carrying oxygen bottles into the sea,Jordan 8 Sale, clear blue water, y ī n cold chills like countless needle through the rubber coat thick, wearing on the body, when the dive to ten meters deep, the huge pressure, let your mind come very naturally thriller, even never seen, touched by the coral in the eyes, even if at the foot of the sea beach, a different size, color s è colorful starfish waving to you, even if the body around from time to time with shape strange fish shuttle to and fro, will not let you trembling heart what to change,Jordan After Game Sale, just as you dive depth, the mind more trembling, because, in the dense water, every move hands and feet, are very difficult, more is not Z ì y ó u activity, the more will tremble, know the thriller accumulation to could not suppress the degree, broke out, you have to surrender to this kind of Pang High pressure, from the sea to float, until your head above the sea, put aside the mouth breathing, breathing swallowing sucking air, then,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, will let the heart to calm...... Here is the Athena above the earth in the territory, therefore, she exudes power, more is to let her children to fear, even so, she is both almost all power, just send a wisp, but the LORD God level power even a silk a wisp, but also the vast no side, almost let Jupiter will be on all the prostrate oneself in worship offering their own, but his soul of digestion and absorption of the ancient into the tribe strong brand, strong say these ancient god, is God - the series is not fought, and even killed, although it is some brand, a little. But for Jupiter is enough to resist the goddess Athena that exudes. When Jupiter to withstand the goddess Athena's power, he would understand, why like Gemini saga that will hold high the banner of jihad against each entry, but still will be selected for the saints, but also the great power of gold saint, even the holy war was even Megami Tensei body to kill, but at the end of Athena in 1R ì will forgive him! Strength. Because, the goddess Athena's strong unparalleled strength, would be enough by itself to guarantee anything. Even Gemini saga killed reincarnation body again how? Then create a reincarnation of body. Even Gemini saga over many saints and how, if he had eleven other Gold Saints all pull to the side and how? Add up all the saints, but is also the goddess Athena gently pressed a finger. Besides, the Yao air >

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