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17.05.2013 04:34
let him live passivation antworten

The 128th chapter thoroughly tempered, front a sharpen Jupiter once again urge will strain every nerve to the sword, it breeds a spirit x ì ng will sword, again and again, finally a rise, sharp sword again in front of the intangible will condensed into walls cut and split open a crack, just this time, fracture than the first crack to shallow, even if this time than the first cut out force is greater, but instead, chop fracture more shallow! That is, Jupiter will sword, though conceived in the fierce Li Ling x ì ng,Jordan Superfly Shoes, also love see x ì ng too,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, but his soul for accommodating the ancient Terran powerhouse will mark, so get a lot of benefits, but it also caused his soul of heterogeneous impurities, makes his will sword has its advantages, but not a real sword most should have the quality that is tough! If a sharp sword, then, once cut into things, the sword will passivation! Zhu Xing's sword, is just such a never trained without forming a quenching of the sharp sword, in the absence of will battle with more strong, this will sword absolutely no problem, but, once like this and every exit peak legend strong level of residual will, for confrontation, then, the problem appeared right away! Even the legendary level strong had declined to legend class first, even the legendary level strong dead ten years, however, with countless bloody fight forging a high-handed will still not Jupiter, it never quenched, no temper too will sword to match. Zhu Xing's eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, this sword he made enough effort, he also has great expectations, but, it is the words' hope, disappointment, 'he said this sword can gather all he could gather J ī ng God will, however, not only can not crack open the gap larger, but is to reduce the! Moreover, the sword by the anti seismic force is very strong, so that the soul of Jupiter was a shock, at the same time, between the different ranks of the will of the head-on collision, let him live passivation, it never quenching the will and the will of the sword, sword gloss in the dark, even the whole will sword are reduced in a circle, and Zhu star by the shock of the soul, but also because of diffuse extremely concise in the whole road legend class will, by the man, the soul has a weak feeling. The weak soul level, also let Zhu sword star will increasingly bleak. Only two sword, let Zhu Xing thoroughly understand, this soul level will clash, is so dangerous, this is before the death of Nakasa Bertoshio the kid domain J ī ng God attack, completely is a fraction of the difference, although the brat attack is very strange,Air Jordan 7 Sale, but, the seventh he must now face the sense of strong left a will, but Tanghuangzhengda, is the most direct confrontation, but, more is this more let Zhu star feel strong degree of this will! Is the so-called, in front of the absolute power, all y ī N and open is a stamp.

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