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17.05.2013 04:29
this decrease is not because of the death antworten

"Boy, you know there are no useless skills, not only to the use of the! Your holy light arcane I teach, is the order of the silver hand many master skills, experience in exchange for their blood and even life, just like I taught you hands sword, both born in the battlefield, is the enemy of their own flesh and blood and life of the soul, is conceived, irrigation to grow up! Every door light arcane are thoroughly tempered, well honed, finally forming. Now you have learned, however, when you use, still unavoidably biased, so, you must use hundreds of battles to experience, until one day...... You can have one's words at hand, arbitrary sway, be just perfect to use those holy arcane, arrived at that time, you can really grasp the Holy mysteries!" "Next, should be the last fight! Careful you y ī n dark foggy death domain with the light induction of the undead, this one only endless dead dead dead in the domain of the Y ī n Ming brand...... Is rapidly reduced, however, this decrease is not because of the death domain is destroyed, but, because of these y ī n Ming brand in the birth of something...... So what, in your mind to destroy the haunted houses where the clearing. Kid, get over it, as early as moment of familiar with the battlefield, more sure of victory! Don't ignore those who a dead-alive person, their fate has come!" With the Lord Mograine, who stood at a distance a dead-alive person watching, like being unified press the power switch, a moment, those dense uncountable a dead-alive person, all fell on the ground, and then, from these a dead-alive person body, ran ran up a semi-transparent gelatinous ghost, then, these translucent pale ghost and air the original pale ghost join together, suddenly, in the dark, lifeless eyes to a dark undead death domain,Air Jordan 7, formed a huge, but still in exaggerated speed does not stop rolling expansion of the White s è clouds...... This is a huge, almost filled the entire undead death domain Yao International pale clouds, but not like before the moth by defying death of the spirit, to Jupiter is swept across and come, instead, the cloud to a recognizable speed, away from Jupiter to quickly, not far away a piece of it were dozens of kilograms of high purity thermite burning white floats past. Zhu star silver s è eye pupil, clearly see that every cent, every inch of space is filled with translucent ghosts, even if he is now rising from the depths of the soul of the killing in 1R ì wild fierce Li, however, he followed the 1R ì see scalp at! This piece of MI Yao obstructs,Air Jordan 1 Sale, huge to the extreme White s è clouds, to accommodate the countless ghost, is actually a dead dead all domain, once the streams of people busily coming and going, jostle each other in a crowd...... "Boy, feeling good? That year, the first time I saw all over the mountains and plains, look far when marginal Yao disaster legion, I am also your feeling! Remember,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, remember this feeling! Fear. Fear. Excitement. Slaughter. All the feeling all mixed together, however, you are half a step can not return, only >

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