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17.05.2013 04:27
She break out of the forest antworten

> Lin polite and Wang Yan Ran is hypocritical, so this guy at all blunt sitting the Wang Yan Ran opposite, the distance between the two to keep an arm's distance. www. qUanbEN. com in so close under Lin move Guanren smell her body off a around the corner feminine However, the Guanren is a calm guy, face extreme calm, his eyes glance at her, Wang Yan Ran to find him something? Wang Yan Ran become masters: "President Chen, I would like to move and forest alone speak." Her that's for sure with a little unquestionable tone. Kid Chan is the owner of the office, you can still stand up, and Yuan Qing back out. Yuan Qing stand at the door and wanted to eavesdrop forest dynamic and Wang Yan Ran talk about. "There's a very good sound insulation." Kid Chan said, laughing. Yuan Green Road: "President Chen,Air Jordan Shoes, you think this Wang Yan Ran Why look for forest move?" Kid Chan also play a man's Lenovo, extreme abdominal Black: Wang Yan Ran until now or a single person, perhaps is seen good forest move, so have some idea of Chen Wenjie seem to be afraid of the people inside heard when speaking very quietly. Yuan Qing did not expect Chen always so straightforward, but also the association said: "is likely to, ah, Wang Yan Ran these years did not and what business people rumored, perhaps the old robber." Chen Wenjie deep that said: "Yes, if the the Wang Yan Ran fancy forest move, I'm afraid forest and do not have to sing the song." Yuan Qing nodded, and then did not say bad things about the forest move, has been very quiet waiting for the forest to move out. The door opened, and Wang Yan Ran with a somewhat bright smile and left the office. Chen Wenjie and Yuan Qing come. "What did she say?" Yuan Qing gossip asked the forest, moving in front of the forest did not hide anything, "nurturing you? Year to how much money." Lin do not move two fingers under coquettish hair Road: What nurturing? see that the words you say I am the kind of person? I have a bottom line. ah, the content of our conversation can not allow a third person to know. "Chen Wenjie phone received a text message is sent Wang Yan Ran . Looked after and looked a second time, then irrepressible laughter. Wang Yan Ran investment of 50 to the companies with a financial turnover. "President Chen to nothing to do me out." Lin move. "OK, OK, you go out first." Kid Chan unable to control his excitement, called the summer yo come after the other two out, a very powerful without taking off their pants, and hit big offensive. "I really do not tell me?" Yuan Qing asked, facing the mystery of the forest action. He has been a smile, very proud and very very spanking laugh. "I can not tell." Lin automatically adhere to the bottom line, "I think Wang Yan Ran is not the kind of too high above the woman, but does not show them we can see all of her fresh Guanghua side, behind the lonely is no one to understand . "" Oh My God, before and people said a few minutes made one seems to know much about the people look like, what are you Xiangfenghenwan. "to not what Xiangfenghenwan, I just think she is pitiful "" poor? "Tao Yuan Qing incredible. People poor, what to what if I had to that state, I think it is happiness. "Forest action said:" God has given to see opened a door, is bound to turn off another door, maybe after you forever will understand. "Yuan Qing see this guy great philosopher children, smiled and said:" You seem profound realm ah, "" you know? "Lin automatically ask," You should have known. "at 7:30 o'clock move when Lin Yuan Qing still stay in the glorious company,Air Jordan New School, the two sent outside eating fast food, forestry action after eating fast food rest a few minutes intend to recorded songs, half past seven so we must the song to the paradise music network, and then listen to the views and comments of the music enthusiasts. Half past seven, when Lin automatically start a concert. "Trouble." Yuan Qing into the recording studio took off the forest move being singing with a headset, his face was in a hurry, said: "that song in heaven network spread." "Passed up forest move not figure out what that means, "I'm not singing." "You come to see." Yuan Qing came to the front of the computer with the forest move, search under heaven music network website, click on the music network . The site of the new song list of the first shocking Lin moving songs "we." Although changes to the style of music and lyrics. The composer lyricist is not forest move, Fan Siyao. Yuan Qing looked at the forest move. "Your fruit stolen." Yuan Qing Road angry tone, "I'll go and judge her go." Lin automatically prevents find the Fan Siyao she really can not think of that bitch will own songs one step ahead spread to the Internet. "Clothes make the man." Yuan Qing see to move not speak bitterly, "to see her look not like plagiarism. Forest move smiled, this is nothing to be angry, stole stole : "You see I am a rogue?" Yuan Qing did not empty not in the mood, and he said shit. She break out of the forest to hold his hand. Yuan Qing Lin move called a sound, Yuan Qing do not listen, do not stop. Lin move'd read the mood of those songs Friends listened to the comments and recommendations of this song. Natural step. Overall top more than step on a lot of people. "Fan Siyao, you thief, you stole moving songs of the forest. You have no qualities?" Yuan Ching anger and irritation of into the the Fan Siyao office. The Fan Siyao was sitting in the office looking at a computer. "You talk, is not dumb." Yuan Qing not wait a slap in the face of rejection in the past. Fan Siyao flashed a complex look,Air Jordan 5, then draw sneer: "I'm a thief? Your mouth, put a clean, what I stole you." "Once we move forest creation, you stole his song. Yuan Qing sneered, "I really do not see that you are such a person." "If you do not have evidence that I can sue you for slander." the Fan Siyao slowly. "The evidence is it?, I will now pick up the evidence." Yuan Qing remember that a piece of paper records Lin automatically write lyrics. Fan Siyao face suddenly changed, opened his mouth to call Yuan Qing, but finally chose silence. Website in the sound of praise she fell into hesitation and ecstasy. All these years of her songs are in heaven music network preached, but never sang the song list list. Immediate concern song list list singer singers are famous for a long time, and requires a very strong fan base. That note, what you just wrote goes on. "Yuan Qing evidence that a note. "Disappeared." Gone? "Yuan Qing look from just exuberant spirit into a bucket defeated cricket, one of the most favorable evidence simply can not say that The Fan Siyao is a liar and a thief. "I do not know where to go." Lin moving leisurely laugh said, has long been known Yuan Qing'll be back, "You should Xiaoxiao Huo, I ask you to drink." To Yuan Qing do not understand: "You're what not anxious, she took, but you just hard-creation of the song. "" Do you think a tiger will than the size of an ant? "<

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