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live with you and eat your antworten

> The woman Lin moving this low-level but very practical moves to be made extremely embarrassed, the forest dynamic women in the end after body looked like Tigers rushed, the woman's right hand has come up with a dagger stabbing Lin birds the chest. Www! QUAnBen! Com Lin automatically play the efficacy of the teeth, with one hand strangling her other hand then strangling the other hand, then mouth a bite. Crisp. Women face a change, wrist pain, when the fall in the hands of the dagger. But she is also tough,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, taking advantage of the falling dagger, upper body very up and hit the forehead of the forest action. Lin moving only a blank mind, ears to hear the buzzing sound. He subconsciously let go of the woman's hands again Lvda Gun to roll to the side. "Damn," the woman uttered the wrist of his right hand out a terrible wound, Lin bite her fast skin down, and now it has not left hand alone fight, anyway, the days are long-term useful The opportunity to avenge the body flash immediately disappeared into the night. "Mom Fortunately I use every day, the Chinese toothpaste or tooth how can I be so sharp Sidao." Forest Activity Guanren Kuzhongzuole, he touched the forehead, thick, a look at the blood on finger. Resting on the ground for a few minutes so that the forest move to climb up, went to Yuan Qing bedroom. This the bitch slept thief cooked issued the sound did not wake up, but this is a good thing. Lin moving front of the mirror on the wardrobe looked badly beaten scene. Lin automatically rub the simple rinse with tap water, and then take advantage of brighter days to prepare to run home. After returning home, move Lin did not make any sound, for fear that Han Yudie asking questions,Nike Air Jordan 5, she'll tell aunt. Aunt know certainly worried. Lin move in the bedroom holding ice deposited wound, driving rock music, at the moment trying to think in the end who is under so much capital to kill themselves? Judging from the just the woman's accent is certainly not their own people, the voice awkward, either estimated Thailand Shemale either from the island Fuso over. Lin move fiercely Pooh a cry, the next met this bitch must be severely toss her to death. Six the Zhongtian Gang Gang Liang Lin move to hear the sound of Korean Yudie walk is obviously going to be a morning run. The Korea Yudie knock on the door, did not wait for Lin automatically call came in she just came in. A sleepless night? Eyes red? "Han Yudie scan a forest move, come to the conclusion of the conspiracy," last night on where romantic chic? Did not watch the news? "Lin automatically tilted his legs sitting on a chair, he turned red, she smiled and said: "I did not see." Korea Yudie told last night singing the results of the competition: "Although you get the highest number of votes, but in view of Lin powerful television beating performance, you be disqualified. "Dayton the next," but disqualified you did not have influence. now you have a night bursts. estimation while your phone play full entertainment company, intentions and Which entertainment company signed a contract? "Lin moving eyebrow Mao Yiyang laughed:" sister Yudie, What do you think? "the Han Yudie analyze specific issues:" Mainland We Honor entertainment company to do the best, Mainland hundred 50 per cent of the star here, can be described as a single large and Hua Yi and the top leadership of a very good relationship. "Lin move it touches aware of the situation, said:" But if I entered the Huayi, I am not a brother from the lower start. "Korean Yudie white this guy one:" Could you directly want to go to when a brother? "do not want to when a brother is not a good artist." Lin automatically give yourself a definition said. Korean Yudie said: "This thing can not be rushed, you think to consider my position certainly hope you into Huayi entertainment company." Lin action said: "I heard that your company has a lot of beautiful women?" HAN Butterfly Trail: beauty remover you can be scared to death. "Lin move hit a Ji Ling:" I still do not into, the last time when I went to see several beautiful, original make-up beauty. "Lin moving then they shoot the ass under Han Yudie,: "in cosmetic beauty front Yudie of sister that is a natural beauty." Han Yudie, doing my part, and claims that he will not lose any beauty: "You know like to keep polished eyes to see a woman. "Lin move then said:" The more dangerous the more stimulus in the beauty. "the Korean Yudie said:" Go morning run? "morning erection?" Han Yudie cursed: Ah, you this Gouzui is spit ivory, I clearly say that the morning run you going to listen to Chen Bo, you accounted for I is not cheap. "the forest moving deep that:" That is, I do not account for who you cheap dare to share your cheap I now live with you and eat your live you I want to reap all the cheap. "Korea Yudie is foul-mouthed and said:" You do not say I'd forgotten how when I become philanthropist. eating I live my, I did not find you for money, I Shamao not, from the beginning of this month, you have to pay rent. "Korean Yudie incarnation landlord Missy command tone:" You Korean Yudie cold next month do not pay, then I thrust you out. forest dynamic intend to seduce Korea Yudie: "Yudie sister, you are not so ruthless? fancy my point I'll give you it wants." hum: "who see the physique of your poles,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, quick change of clothes and I went to the morning run." Lin move this time not playing the most temper, put on a Li Ning sportswear, and Han Yudie out morning run. They ran along the side of the road early in the morning air is fresh, Guanren feel the mood extremely skin, while ran to the side of the bel canto singing, the sound loud and clear and eye-catching. "Lin move?" A beggar sleeping on the roadside on hold back on the last night of the entertainment industry shock Lin excited and said, "help me to sign." Korean Yudie called out, and quickly back three steps. Lin move blinked and said: "I want to give you signature, but I did not pen the next time." Beggar quit, and managed to catch this guy: "You give the signature, or the body of the clothes for me. "Lin move and said:" This can not, then I'll come running, I give you signature line you see? "Victim beggar, said:" No, I must get your clothes. "go to your mother." Lin move could not resist the foot. The kick this beggar Liaodao "Hell, give you face you do not." Beggars two roll then an Amen gesture: "Zu Lin dynamic Kick me six months I do not take a bath." Han Yudie this to learn the Guanren utter words: "I bet if you poke his daisy year he will not take a bath." Lin automatically bad cop: "I poke you right, you must be very The tender tender very red, very red. "Korean Yudie shouted a cry fearing forest moving really want to own daisy quickly Saya Zi ran away. The forest the move Guanren use invincible Lingboweibu kill to go to. <

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