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17.05.2013 04:22
Lenny is very clear antworten

The 103rd chapter raised the black flag, a broken hand "boy, you know what can be called the courage? I said that is the real courage!" "Courage, you need to know is...... You know clearly, what are you afraid of, what you fear, and, with your eyes, your heart, your will, J ī ng God with your soul to face it, at last, put all your fear and fear all hold down. Because, no matter is the courage or fear, come from your heart, your soul! You can't look at it, you can't hold your fear, will not be awakened true courage!" Through the J ī ng God link, Highlord Mograine slowly say a express volumes. Mograine see Jupiter in the most primitive killing * * guidance, finally let your body, mind, and soul J ī ng God will all unified into a force,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, their own to teach his sword, and Saeki Takashio fight together, and gradually master the initiative, with both hands sword length, and its tall stature, arm span long advantage, give full play to 'characteristics of an inch long one inch strong', will be of short stature has strong, holding the hands of the Y ī n knife is a short knife Saeki Takashio, abruptly squeeze in a very small region, and, this small area continues to shrink...... To tell the truth, as a once legendary level Paladin, Highlord Mograine for Jupiter that his successor, in addition to disdain and contempt for the first,Nike Jordan Flight 9 UK Sale, after a time, he was very satisfied with the. With Jupiter have the grace of God shrouded, to seize every moment, stride, therefore, this time "Lenny also thinks, Jupiter will again take this under the huge risk of death of oppression, to face up to the heart, torture your own soul! Unfortunately, the more expectation, the bigger the disappointment. Highlord Mograine didn't see the miracle appears again, Jupiter and not be truly face the heart, tortured soul, this time can not collapse, but took his sword and Saeki Takashio to cut, just because, deep inside one of the most simple reason people, actually are off a fierce beast, this the head fierce beast is the darkest and most negative original * * combination! As a once stood where the exit peak power, he knew, in each person's heart, are often have a jump y ù try Japanese - in the palm of the hand, spit, then raised the black flag, cut others with the Dagger's throat, and then, looking at the spewing out of the scarlet blood, as cheerful as a lark. As a guide the blood s è Crusader lords, "Lenny is very clear, even if it is an ordinary person and cowardice, then normal, their hearts have this desire, desire for killing blood original * *, but these cultivators, because often fight, often see blood, often saw the corpse, so, this craving, wanted to kill the original * *, would be huge...... Zhu Xing did not like Mograine expected, to face up to the heart, torture their own soul, take this opportunity to find the soul master,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, purifying your own soul, because, as >

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