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did not have What Dabu antworten

> Move Lin and Jiang teacher in the bar of the old boy when she caused the burning gaze of many animals. Www! QUAnBen! Com Jiang Yue all very calm, accept and endure all these hot ambiguous look. Lin moving moment is mighty up, think of cattle cross a sense of accomplishment. Think with such a bitch out thieves face. Forest move came in after playing a lot of housekeeping and bar hello, thinking about Jiang teacher riffraff not stepped forward to take liberties with Jiang Yue. The forest action to do so completely in order to explain the beauty where the trouble this famous saying. Xiao micro bar proprietress of the old boy wear is quite sexy, revealing that radian is the song back in the United States, useful and Jiang Yue bucket a bucket. Lin automatically think of the situation, may meet the proprietress, but met the proprietress natural to introduce to the teacher. But he could never have dreamed of Xiao Wei and Jiang teacher Zhuangshan. When the forest is moving with Jiang Yue, Xiao Wei is with a little bit provocative eyes looked at Jiang Yue, woman really is eolian experience. Jiang teacher chose to avoid his eyes, not so sharp, I feel the proprietress look very lethal. Xiao micro enthusiasm and kind to move into the forest and said: "Lin moving, but some days not seen you, red will not forget my boss wife?" Xiao Wei spoke to the the forest move and Jiang Yue pour red wine. Her attitude and tone is quite ambiguous, the aim is to look at Jiang Yue is what kind of a woman? Jiang Yue expression beyond Xiao micro unexpected, brilliant smile. Xiao Wei's eyes that can tell she is pretending or really funny. Move Lin Xiao micro with a little arm's length, although it is recognized sister, smiled and said: "Sister, I have always been filled with a grateful heart, knocking you say these words, I'm on tonight not specifically with my girlfriend to see you, sir? serious damage to a good image in the eyes of Jiang Yue Xiao micro giggle smiled and said: "In the eyes of your kid are they no image Jiang Yue, and you get along so long must also know that this man does not fly it. "Jiang Yue joint Xiao micro-attack forest move:" is a bit tricky, especially annoying sometimes. "Lin automatically Mother they attack a little depressed, just think of his heart is a charming idea, If this sister and Jiang teacher pulled the bed and then to do something about sports is estimated to be very excited. Lin movement becomes evil, but this evil is only a brief few seconds. Anything to say he is also a bird has just the bottom line. And if he and Xiao micro ambiguous relationship between the estimated long been strictly abide by to see the King of Hell, sent to hell. Xiao Wei said: "This kid recognized my sister nothing to here, to fine you drink three glasses of wine." Lin dynamic refreshing drink three glasses of wine. Xiao micro satisfaction forest move: "Tonight with Jiang Yue coming here to look at my sister?" Action said: "Well, I want some sister you move Lin and two bitch talk while on the stage song at. He sang "wrote your songs, lyrics had brewing in the hearts of some ups and downs, the melody of the song to the last from the beginning of the two lovers separate. Lin moving lyrics resonate caused a lot of people in the bar, some people listen recalled his first love, some listening to feel dejected. Lin dynamic vocals in this song complete liberation, great you made a sentimental point I would not forest move. To sensational of a number of sensational. To warm and have warm. To grief there is more than sad. Xiao micro for a long time did not hear can make their own memories of love songs, some envy looked at Jiang Yue. "This is the forest moving love song written for you?" Xiao Wei asked. Jiang Yue is also extremely touched: "Well." Move the forest on the stage over and over after this song loudly: "This song is dedicated to my girlfriend, Jiang Yue Yue Jiang to stand up and accept the eyes of the bar with blessings and longing for happiness. Lin moving to the next stage. Xiao smiled and said: "Maybe you can also give your sister I write one? Touched me one." Lin action said: "Sister, make moving things running out, after all, life experience out there." Then laughed, "but I can still write." Xiao Wei is actually admits: "You say well, let me moved much to my age look more romantic, saw a lot of joys and sorrows, the heart has long been a bit numb,Air Jordan Outlet, this is true. touched me much. "automatically see Lin Xiao micro some emotions, smiled and said:" But some. cherish the present one. "Xiao micro know Lin move What does it mean silence smiled. Jiang Yue go to the bathroom. Xiao Wei took advantage of Jiang Yue go to the bathroom and asked: "is so fond of royal sister? Can stand in the town?" Lin Fixed Saobao other under the hair: "Sister, you look down on the little brother I am relying on my personal charm certainly overawed teacher and my powerful technology class. Do not worry, we go all the way. "Xiao micro Sure enough,Jordan 3 Sale, a woman in the Hawker:" tough? I doubt it. did not have What Dabu Dan? "Lin movement that self-esteem injury:" Sister, you can not be too damaging my my gentle appearance, but dry up Old ferocious. "Xiao Wei do not know is true or false , said: "if the years of how old I am also looking for you so a kid my music on the music." Lin move a bit embarrassed, this sister is very fierce, saying so directly, embarrassed , Guanren the blush. Xiao micro blessing: "Then I wish you every day, loving and more free to sit here." "Sister, must be certain." Jiang Yue back. Lin move up and they go out for a walk and Xiao Wei said. Xiao micro watched the forest dynamic and Jiang Yue left figure,Jordan SC 1 Sale, some lonely eyes, watching the strange people, dazzling lights, I suddenly felt old love. "I want to hear you sing that song." Jiang Yue turned to the forest Activity Road. Lin move is not so happy promised her, and said: "You have to promise me one condition." Chiang Yue refreshing: "you say." The forest move Zhengjingbabai Road: "You must have me confused ** radiance job , or I'll get you. "Jiang Yue hand wave:" Well, Nujia tonight I fight. "move slowly began to hum" wrote you a love song "When I was a teenager when I fell in love with your smile that it would last forever You gave me something I boiled a cup of poisoned wine if it is a lifetime commitment, I just want to singing such a song to you I am willing to try to go slowly for you change the dim light I believe in love just the light moths you walk away when I turn around in Guanghua time in the distance cycling jingling sound of men and women cheerful smile, I forgot your reasons for leaving in the evening after we meet to embrace a night began to tell of love is not easy muttering residence time under the sand flow through the footsteps of Trojan rotation just for you to find your happiness I've ever had until many years later, I came to understand that I am still waiting for you turn had left back your photos yellow you appear many years later <

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