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17.05.2013 04:18
rain seems to be a Lengjian antworten

> Rhythm of the rain outside next Spring really a bedroom. Www. qUanBen. The com move Wars, Lin Jiang Yue full thousands of rendezvous, because Jiang Yue female compatriots, insufficient physical Guanren to the shock on the startled,Jordan 3 Shoes, so the final ** Lin occupy the active position, directly Jiang teacher made a called off their feet. Forest moving look at Jiang Yue has sleeping issued a slight sound sleep soundly face, exposing a deep warm smile, fingers slowly stroking Jiang Yue curved Yuehmei. Lin dynamic transmission to look to the outside, smiled with a hint of interesting and conspiracy. Rain, has been under. Zhou Luo propped an umbrella standing in the rain, like a javelin. Cold, his face hidden inside the deep pain he know Lin Jiang Yue room. As for what to do, even with his big toe can think of. "I did not expect you'll be a lovestruck man, admirable respectable ah." The forest moving propped an umbrella like an outsider came to the front of the week Los, but the face of ridicule is so obvious, but unfortunately Your infatuation in my opinion is the most stupid, why only to lose will cherish it? "Zhou Luo's face is still extremely cold, but Lin move that word is like a knife deep plunging his heart, he felt the bones are trembling, he is not not treasure, but not cherish. Married, seven-year itch, could not help but derailed, but is such a return, Jiang Yue found, after Lin dynamic opportunity to gain, until now he is in a passive disadvantage, he believed in Finally, he will have the last laugh. Lin move for weeks Rockwell out is quite unexpected, this guy really is a little strong, but behind him is the origins of extremely strange, ah, five third week Los pull back from the brink of death, and then seems to be playing with blood, as in fighting to strengthen again and again, he has some sense of crisis, he has never been an arrogant person, but not loaded to force people loaded to force it is not impossible, the problem is to have absolute return of capital, if there is no capital installed 13 will be struck by lightning, forest move this time there is no Huqu startled week to do his own brother in Los distribute King of the gas, he spared, because until now Zhou Luo manifested a calm, excessive calm master style. Zhou Luo finally reveal a human-like smile: "I have in the back thinking about Jiang Yue and you are not happy, not being generous Jiang Yue give me a lot of woman in the world, Jiang Yue is not for you her age older than you, maybe over a decade, you will be tired of her, and I will not. "you will not because you're a eunuch." Lin said biting and harsh move, "Do you think I am wrong? guess not, as for me will be a decade after Jiang teacher not bad if you can wait until after 10 years, you talk about it. "Zhou Los cold looking at the forest move for a long time, said: "You tried to kill me?" Lin move do not deny that the idea, and is very strong: "I not only want to kill you, would like to Huishimieji. the last time you ran, by the way, this time that saved you people will come? very interested in would be him. "Zhou Luo eyes flashing strange cold light tonight, he is to lead forest move, Lo Lieh in the dark looking at him, as long as the forest automatically exposed the flaws of any point tonight is moving dates of death. Lin automatically exhaled a mouthful of hot air, rotating under the umbrella, smiled and said: "on a rainy day, do not know why my heart always, a very strong sense of murder, perhaps see you because of it. Honestly, I is not like rain too wet. "Zhou Luo or cold looking at the forest move, said:" when you die I'll take good care of Jiang Yue. "Lin action said:" Jiang Yue If you are not a man after what she would think,Air Jordan 8 UK, "Zhou Luo thought about this topic, if their own after robbing Yue Jiang from the side, Jiang Yue Should you notice he is not a man and then hate him, despise him, what can he do? Zhou Luo slowly deep said: "a blind man is not the man of my mind." His eyes expose the cruelty and pain of the color, really because of this, he would personally ruined Jiang Yue. "You're a real villain." Lin move to fight a Cold War, Zhou Luo actually ready for the worst. "But you do not have a few opportunities to" the forest move the body in the rain seems to be a Lengjian rapid fired at the front of the Zhou Luo. Zhou Luo at the moment seems to be some mysterious force, in the face of forest move this sudden attack, showing a calm and steady, right fist struck out the rain in the air seems to have his fist issued by the surging the Quan Shi scattered around. Lin moving ignorant of a challenge, obviously aware of the extremely tough week Los fist, did not take head-on. Flash pace, bending over to slip past the body from his ribs, umbrella in his hands rotodyne in mid-air. Zhou Luo just feel the ribs is bound to be a forest moving mighty force attacks, the fight is speed. His right hand quickly back, backhand to move the nape of the neck jinggu elbow to the forest. Lin automatically if interrupted his ribs ribs, Zhou Luo also be interrupted by the neck bones of the back of his neck. Suffer. Forest move sneer, this bastard actually Huochu the lives legs suddenly completely back almost ground to maintain a horizontal line, glide past. The umbrellas fell steadily moving hands of the forest. Some wet clothes back just touches the ground water. Saying Guests of three days, to sit up and take notice, I want to have doubts about this sentence, but not now. "Lin automatically recognizes the opponent's terrible, more terrible to stimulate the potential of his own body "But I'm still very confident,Air Jordan UK, knows why not?" Lin moving said Hollywood movie theme: "Justice will always be on my side." Zhou Luo Lin moving 狗嘴吐不出象牙 long been accustomed to , not saying a word, suddenly threw away the hands of the umbrella, the rapid channeling over, body like rain unlimited elongated. Fists issued a terrible Qijin. Zhensan surrounding rain. Lin move or not move, but a highly covert action only, right hand on the behind. The week Los fist had almost to a range of one meter. Lin move this time lightning right hand out from behind, do impressively a gleaming ax. He wants the spot Zhou Luo split in half. From the skull pixia. Pichu Pichu a blood brilliant. Ax in the air and made a stunning looked like the meteor radians. Amazing light flashed. <

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