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17.05.2013 04:17
this is he now where the idiot antworten

"Boy, let's go! On the ground, these undead closer to y ī n cold earth, so, they will be more and more furious madness, Earth Shield, the little things, the amount you have to face the undead will be more! If you don't go, or as in the roof so, stand still, will not have the opportunity to go!" Highlord Mograine see Jupiter again used x ì ng stood motionless with his enemy, immediately by J ī ng God link that jupiter. Zhu Xing swinging suddenly one Zhi, his face could not help showing a little embarrassed, this is he now where the idiot, although he fusion of ancient Terran from soul level will to fight stigma, however, this fusion can let him out of the combat experience, however, the combat experience and not just let he attain the highest level in one step, become a completely experienced numerous times after the life and death fight, has the experienced fighter. In some very subtle,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale, Jupiter will appear this kind of looks very idiot missed! Of course, these minor inaccuracies, as long as the experience of the baptism of time, as long as he personally to experience life and death fight, these small mistakes, will gradually disappear, and only at that moment, he truly, thoroughly will those from ancient times the strong gift, will be those who experienced a long the river of time scouring after baptism, the eternal will to fight stigma, complete digestion, fully integrated into your own soul, Jupiter will be the will to fight stigma really into their own, into their own things. Although, Zhu stars don't know what is going on, but, he in the fusion of those fighting will mark their own strength, after inflation, he vaguely felt some wrong, but now the situation is very urgent, have no time, let him think carefully about what went wrong. Identify the direction, Zhu star turned to ghost Kayako haunted house direction in the past. This time, every step he took, Jupiter takes a lot of effort, this is not only because the streets a dead-alive person and number of air semi-transparent ghost too much, but also because these undead is too violent, his' Retribution Aura 'in the area of the light intensity had no difference attack it is not very high, after the release of bully' Holy Shield, 'holy knot attack x ì ng light strength decreased significantly, the' Retribution Aura 'to the light barrier against x ì ng infinite close to zero, therefore,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale,' punishment aura 'for the fury of the undead, fundamental unlike in the apartment building, can be greatly limited the undead. One step, one step one step, difficult to walk,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale, Jupiter every step should be cut to kill off ten, twenty with a dead-alive person and number equal to the ghost, and even kill the undead, but he still go very hard, the undead too crazy...... He cut a undead, there are two undead rushed. He cut ten undead, there are twenty undead rushed. "Devotion aura!" When he was very difficult to go out of the large circular pits, >

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