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> Lin move to come out from the bathroom and came out naked, seemingly very impulsive sex movement is necessary to go to bed and Liu Jiahui,Jordan After Game Shoes, came to the bedside when the first sit down at the moment, Liu Jiahui has been lying in bed, not stripped himself, it's still just the dress, but more light on seduce ambiguous charm. www. quANBen. com Liu Jiahui the face of the forest exposed undisguised ** look, my heart began to have a smile, she is not a Department, is a place, she would have to seduce the forest move, of course, more good results and forest automatically have a perfect development, forest move of understanding Han Yudie and TANTAI herring people. Especially herring TANTAI, simply elegant, elegant, Han Yu Die was a little-known singer, but one and TANTAI herring after the same chorus - to become Internet and media celebrities, like Liu Xiang, the night before burst of red in the whole of China, from the old man down to the children already know him toward. TANTAI herring is a fashion of celebrities, said she was the big sister of the fashion industry, no one does not agree, she has a good talent, violin sister in the top of the pyramid, and TANTAI herring tower on the relationship, her stardom can imagine how hot it is. Natural, which is a certain strength, she confirmed that they have the strength, the strength of the Canadian line and elegant along, does not want large red heaven tolerate, add your own can be considered a beauty. Liu Jiahui Some can not wait to move and forest sex. Forest move it touches not reveal the kind of see the beauty impulse, of course he is a little impulsive, Liu Jiahui eyes and body posture are motioned him over, lie down, and then do exercise. Lin move suddenly turn off the lamp on the table. This action startled Liu Jiahui town, the VCR can not so high pixels, the lamp again open hand on the thigh of the forest action, paddled circle, blowing shells can be broken cheek revealing a style smile: "I do like to turn on the lights, turn on the lights for me more pleasure and a sense of accomplishment," Lin automatically tick a faint smile on her lips, the smile with some strange, but in the excitement among Liu Jiahui not aware. Liu Jiahui Misty hand to touch the forest moving the inner thigh, and then slowly toward his crotch guy, no, no hurry do not slow, very provocative potential. Forest move polite, do, what is there to consider. He advantage of the opportunity to lie down, neat and quick extra clothes to put on the body of Liu Jiahui stripped Cheng Lu in front of him is a little sheep estrus. Liu Jiahui can not wait Gouzhuo forest action neck, legs cross-forest move thigh, she has at full speed to the small underwear took off. The forest move chuckle: "You are so impatient, do not rush, take your time." Liu Jiahui said: "This kind of thing is not slower." Lin automatically take the offensive posture, the pressure on her body, directly mentioning gun battle. Liu Jiahui battle index than the forest and the imagination to a height some called a Rulangsihu, very crazy, very wild. A lonely girl perfect performance. Lin move all comers, and finally she exclaimed to send her a happy world. Woke up the next day, Liu Jiahui subconsciously touch the under side of the forest move, empty. She immediately opened my eyes. Lin move. "Liu Jiahui called out, thought Lin in the bathroom. This time was more than six minutes, Lin move not so back. No response. Liu Jiahui determine forest move has left her first comfortable stretch, and then hit a yawn, great shots last night was shot down, as long as they publish a small part to the Internet, and her name will burst red. Liu Jiahui bare in that warm body out of bed and opened the closet, her face with a proud smile to turn on the VCR. Three seconds later, Liu Jiahui face becomes like eating flies just as bad. VCR nothing? This is what might be? Last night, she and Lin moving bed thing to do it? VCR she was sure not bad, but did not shoot record is blank. Is Lin automatic discovery, then early in the morning to put inside the video to remove impossible ah. Liu Jiahui shook his head, Lin move is not immortal, will know what she was the VCR hidden in the closet. What are the reasons to explain the supernatural events? Liu Jiahui think going mad, she called crazy a few times, does not help, last night efforts were in vain. At the moment forest move Guanren is extremely coquettish morning run in the park, as an experienced bird, Liu Jiahui kind of relationship, trick, how can fool Guanren the eyes that have long known the closet hidden DV, but not at all not in a hurry to drink Liu Jiahui sex, taking advantage of Liu Jiahui did not wake up when he put those Pornographic deleted. Engage people removed Pornographic, the forest move Guanren of this is the big bad guys. Lin is now in a thinking this time Liu Jiahui should get up, and then when she found that the VCR is actually nothing, that his face look like it? He suddenly very interested to see, natural Guanren now can not go back. Once again the ice meet by chance, they pass without saying a word, as if a stranger. Ice ran one hundred meters of thinking he would not stop to talk, so she turned around and looked under the forest move. Lin move still ran, did not mean to stop, turn around, then run, with a little bit disappointed. Lin move ran 150 meters thinking about the Ice this bitch will not be so cold it does not speak for itself right, then stopped himself, turned and looked. Ice running. Lin moving his face filled with a deep sense of disappointment, revealing a self-ridicule, followed by a morning run. After returning home, Lin automatically wash the a comfortable cold water bath, the body and mind are removed. At 7 o'clock, Yuan Qing knock on the door on time. "I know you come back, so long been ready." Lin automatically open the door and saw Yuan Qing revealing a bright smile. And Yuan Qing downstairs. Yuan Qing think Lin dynamic mood very Hi skin, but also as a gossip, she is not afraid Lin automatically bad cop Road: "A lot of people say you have a small white face." Lin dynamic faint smiles: "little white face? But flattering . said I was not through TANTAI herring upper looks like I do not have to enter the entertainment business, into fear is the eighth generation of ancestors must be dug up. "Yuan Qing glance at Lin dynamic,Nike Air Jordan 12, very plain words, very dull tone, if you do change the average person, for fear that this time has long been crazy music, but no forest move. He is an excessive aging people, and sometimes she can not see unclear forest and in the end is what kind of a person facing him, said: "Although there is no into the entertainment business, but reporters know that you participate in the singing contest period, So your concern about what improved, others will be more high. "Lin automatically with a clear head, smiled and said:" Maybe the jury despise me, or is jealous of me, after all, I is China first photo and TANTAI herring small white face. fact,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, I think that the small white face nothing, not anyone are can when a small white face, in particular, need a good bed technology, do you think? "Yuan Qing is also a serious Road:" I know your bed technology has reached the top of the tree, you do not need to show off. "the forest move a little touches to show off the tone, so calm Road:" I was just talking about the fact. "Lin moving mouth evoke a hint of sneer, followed by a tail, two, guess good entertainment reporter. He just want no reporter to disturb the aunt can, he does not matter. "That man is the forest move." That small white face. "" I heard that he and TANTAI herring and Korea Yudie the love triangle? "The Jie Dilian." In vain. "Came when the the forest move and Yuan Qing the television door when I saw a lot of people pointing to him, most of all the years of people. "Our TANTAI herring will not be moving and forest relations." "Herring TANTAI is our goddess, you do not insult." Both men immediately plunged into a war of words. Yuan Qing with forest into the station inside. There are several entertainment reporters want to visit the following forest move, this is a scoop, until now no one knows what is the relationship between the three men before? Yuan Qing play a broker's obligations facing the entertainment reporter Road Lin moving broker, if there is anything you can ask me, this is my phone number, can call me. The two walked into a test hall, Lin automatically find a lot of people sitting on the chair below, including a man he is familiar with, LIU Shao wind. He was not the last semi-finals of the judges? Advance look at his performance, as well as some of the people should be a little social status. The second round of the competition decade, the number of forest dynamic is the fifth. Yuan Qing had to ask him to make-up artist makeup but Lin moving said no make-up, people can not see. "Lin move." Liu Jiahui is the third number, saw the the forest move on over to say hello, just walked into the television station heard and saw some action messages about forest. "Joy," Lin move with a little bit of intrigue and Liu Jiahui smiles, do not know Liu Jiahui not on tonight once again send text messages to their own. "You are number?" Liu Jiahui sitting on the side of the forest move. Fifth. How about you, "I was third, ahead of time than you." Liu Jiahui Road, Yuan Qing, think of you when Lin moving broker. "Yuan Qing said:" Lin move is a potential stock , so I would have signed him in black and white. "Liu Jiahui with a little envy, said:" Lin move, or you powerful ah, those of us who participate in the competition, you first broker. "Lin move modest, this kind of thing must be humble, or have to be someone that big, said: "This is no way, I owe a lot of money Yuan Qing, and she also liked a broker." "Then I prepared to go to. "Liu Jiahui simple chat under arose. She just got up and left. Shao Feng came to the the forest moving around a place to sit. Yuan Qing can not help but pretend not to see, to greet said: seniors, you have to watch the second round. "Shao wind exposed a little smile, haughty looking at a forest move, Lin move this kid do not even greet him? What to say to his predecessors and a prestigious reputation, this guy do not think that when the small white face so lawless. Shao Feng is envy and jealousy extremely herring TANTAI is also his dream goddess, this time she came to China, his company would like to offer and TANTAI herring chorus of a song, but TANTAI herring to argue back. Therefore, some secretly hate Lin move actually stepped Je te dis merde. He has not figure out this forest in the end what the know TANTAI herring? The Han Yudie he know that Hua Yi signing singer. And he is a the West film company's artists, the relationship between the two is not bad, there are a lot of cooperation projects. Saw him one Han Yudie, really is a very talented and have a pretty girl, singing good, but also high academic qualifications, Harvard graduate and come back, speak four languages. Is clearly the the Huayi future cash cow. However, he felt Han Yudie future may not be on the red, so do not mind too much, not think, and TANTAI herring sang a song after the explosion of red herring argument of TANTAI in China only Han Yudie a friend Her attention has reached a boiling point, many Korean TANTAI herring fans are concerned about Han Yudie the latest developments. Shao Feng see moving like a stone in front of him did not speak, and my heart anger, but his face with a smile: "Oh, I listen to a jury said Lin dynamic vocals are good, very talented, so I come to see Lin moving to hear him say this, turned around and looked at the smile pondering. Shao Feng then said: "Yuan Qing, you become a forest moving broker? Was very libel they must be ambiguous relationship, mother, can not think Yuanqing Cheng Lin dynamic woman, but his own Yuan Qing some ideas, but Yuan Qing is one-third of five refused, hate and hate. Yuan Qing got up and said: "I go to the toilet." Move to the forest to fight a look, schematic Lin not to bicker and Shao Feng, this one is the famous narrow-minded, not a gas. First-class after the departure of Yuan Qing Jiang Shaofeng just put gas face to the torn Anyway, now only forest move just one person, sneered: "Do not think you TANTAI herring pictured lawless, you red just curious others , do you think you really popular north and south, "move still did not speak, did not seem to hear Shao wind. Shao wind can not get involved, did not dare to get involved, then sneered: "I tell you, herring TANTAI not you a world of people, you'd better recognize your role, you are a company into the entertainment. "Lin moving silence. Shao Feng forbear urge to curse: "You are dumb? Do not speak. Forest move, even if you pass this one game, a rematch talk you through it, because I was one of the judges." Lin moving to speak, But before he spoke, he first very carefully directly to a pack of saliva spray to the face of Shao Feng. "Do you want to ban me not? Do not look at you Who the hell do not think jealous of a TV series, sang a few song cattle cross, ass Alice heaven, your ass decision in your head position. "Lin move is called a mean to speak, and what is not to face," Do not fuckin nothing good in the end you are not a man? "you?" Shao wind actually face to face Lin automatically spit a bag of spittle to the face , the entire face is black, black iron, shape into a fist you want to hit the go. "If you a man, then hit me." Lin moving with a smile and gentle tone Road, "If the cowards get out." Shao wind no guts, seen the horrors of the forest action side after he was too careless, as early as automatically enroll in the competition to speak on the use of their relationships to erase his name in the forest, so there will not be standing here he insulted today. "Do not fight?" Lin automatically reveal a disappointed look, "Come on then, what gross stuff." Shao Feng put down the hard words: "You wait, I will not let you into the entertainment business." Lin movement erected a middle finger. Yuan Qing toilet back and asked: "he?" "I'm angry to go." "You did not do anything to him, right?" Is to spit a bag of saliva. "Yuan Qing almost bounced the chair , incredible watching, move, and then worry about: "finished, his rematch judges, if he use the relationship to fight you, you're done, you too impulsive." move a little touches do not worry about it, Road "is not a ten judges and dozens of media, Shao wind all a person bribed? say this is not a mobile phone SMS voting, did not he able to control so many people outside." Yuan Qing think that he worried over, said: "Yes, he should not have this ability." So you do not have to worry about, well I triumphant return. "Yuan Qing now move the future and forest is full of hope, said: I believe you will have the last laugh. "the re-examination of the second round of the game better than the first round, and finally nothing Xifeng like, to sing extremely out of tune to make trouble. A singer attracted the attention of forest, is a lot like Andy Lau, this person's real name is Liu Hui, a junior, had a habit of Andy Lau, often imitate Andy Lau, imitation is also good, Youku also his impersonations. The reason why his face like Andy is through cosmetic surgery, eight like. Liu Hui vocals does Andy imitate like a "practice" sang touching, got some applause. However, when asked the judges what you look like is a natural or cosmetic little accident. Liu Hui said: "cosmetic surgery, because Andy is my idol, I have always liked Andy." Judge: "But there is only one Andy, why not do it? You do not want to get more attention, perhaps Mr. Andy Lau will personally look at this game. "Liu Hui:" This is my freedom. "Judge:" If everyone cosmetic star, then the world is a mess. "Liu Hui: 'this is not I thing the judges said: "I'm sorry, I can not give you through." Liu Hui said: "Your mother." the judges said: "What do you curse, you have no quality?" Liu Hui: "Your mother." judges fire : "This is what quality," Liu Hui: "Your mother." <

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