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> Forest with this mood to play, exposed a Zhengjingbabai look, can not wait to touch his hands on the the Korean Yudie two white snowball. www quaNBen, com Han Yudie know Lin moving style, long accustomed to his shameless, this time is not to make too much of the reaction, but said: "look at the trash can." Lin automatically think of words extremely strange, but still sweep a trash can, and then saw his heart is very tangled things: "Why?" aunt sanitary napkins. Han Yudie proud smile, proud smile: "Why? I do not know, ah, so you go out and shut the door, thank you, Mr. Lin Dong." There is no reason to put a prey to the mouth, but this prey to the aunt, but it is not too cruel man, we going to windward. He is cool, the other side is certainly uncomfortable to do this kind of thing can not be a man, to be cool with everyone cool. Lin think crotch buddy can not account for what is cheap, and can only be changed to take advantage of the way: "You wash you, I touch my, you see this line does not." Han Yudie eyebrow cocked, said: "line of your sister, if you pee when I play you, you can not?" Lin moving, blinking the eyes, this is not enough, but do not have the heart to be reconciled so reluctantly turned around and ah, how nostalgia cover the feeling of the hands of the chest, said: "You wash, I'll help you rub the back, so the total can, in fact, I was a foot division, or else I'll give you a foot massage it "Han Yudie hum sneered:" Do you think I would believe you? "Lin action cited evidence:" You have to believe me, I can observe the condition of your body through your foot, you believe I Han Yudie sneer. Lin Activity Road: "you sneer meaning do not believe that." Korea Yudie: "I do not believe forest action said:" essential two in one flesh, you give me a look, if you can not say, I immediately out, you see this line does not? "Han Yudie feel good this another way, if the forest could not move to go? His words has always been like a fart, said: "If you do not go?" Lin action said: "I guarantee that my man's reputation." Korea Yudie agreed to move another way of the forest, bathroom sitting in the bath lift his legs. Lin moving eyes stuck in a deep dark hole that is leading to a bright hope. "See a hair ah, hurry up to see, is not never seen, there is a lot of raw footage." Han Yudie powerful Road, a little shy look. Forest move smiled and said: "raw footage is very realistic, but this is a true force in front, the overall browsing the" Korea Yudie to: "your sister, you want to see I'll let you see your fill see it,Nike Air Jordan, you see, and his aging mother was so generous. Lin automatically Road: "Yudie sister has always been bold, I finally saw a niche to admire. Of Korea Yudie:" admire fell not, do you think anyone can see, his aging mother forced not who can see, do not you when I the waves * goods. "Lin moving cautiously said:" niche not the idea. Lin dynamic said pinch Han Yudie ankle, carefully looked under her paws Lin automatically looked ten seconds so touched his nose, wanted to fortune-telling feeling the beard , but no beard, on a whim touched his nose. the Korean Yudie said: "Well. I'm symptoms. "Lin move slowly:" recent Yudie sister sleep is not very good. It, "Korea Yudie Road:" You say in, but my work has always been sleep can not guarantee that you say is nonsense. "Lin move then said:" Yudie sister occasional headache, the symptoms are about twelve minutes, Am I right? "Han Yudie, under some surprise move immediately with incredible watching Lin, her headaches many years ago, which has a habit of naughty, a child fell out of bed, just head first to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination are normal, but then there is the headache problems, especially in the rainy days, more frequently, but often attack quickly, and go is painful, kind of like Life is born with a needle into, she went to the world's best Brain Hospital to see do not see why they come, so I'm moving talk about this when she was extremely surprised this time Lin in Korea Yudie eyes becomes become a demigod, Korea Yudie: "how do you know? "Lin move said:" look out, showing that I have a certain skill. "Korea Yudie Road:" there are ways to cure? "The authority of the forest action is not a medical expert, only said:" I do not know. "Korean Yudie speed connection:" Well, you scratch my back, I do not rush you out. "Korean Yudie thought Lin move helped her Chopping hands robbing at least will touch the chest, but this kid seems to have become a Liuxia the same, and what a holy look, holding The bath balls helped slowly rubbing his back. Korean Yudie feel like going back to the child's parents helped her rub the back of enjoyment, she turned to look at sitting in the bathtub face look very calm forest Activity Road: " What are you thinking, "Lin action said:" In what can nothing can cure your headaches? "Korean Yudie silence for a few seconds, are looking at forest dynamic sound with a little trembling and said:" Can you not to me so friendly. "Why not?" "If you do not like me then you do not tell me so well. Treat me well, I will like, I hate you, I'm afraid you are too good to me, I will things wrong. I like you, but you do not like me, this is unrequited love. We are looked down to see the rise. "Lin move stared at Korea Yudie, she is a very powerful-looking bitch, but the heart is not so tough. Every girl has a romantic dream of love, the Korean Yudie no exception. Forest action laugh laugh, did not speak. "sister Yudie, good. "Thank you. Forest move out of the bathroom, the first time without ** do not know is lucky or not lucky it? Forestry action is not known. "To you. "Korean Yudie drying my hair, put on a very fashionable clothes two concert tickets and handed Lin move," and the girlfriend you like to see. "Herring TANTAI? Lin move looked under the name on the ticket, the name great range of children, like where heard, but I could not remember. "Herring TANTAI, Korea is the most popular and best years ever, and the influence of huge The international superstar is the only Asian people boarded the Journal of the American music pioneer, a woman so strong, several hundred years of difficulties, it is a pity that Korean. She is a violinist, but also musicians, this time held in China individual performances,Jordan UK sale, I will also sing a song as one of the guest performers. "Han Yudie eyes full of respect," My dream is to become like her woman, her sex scandal basically insulated, up to now are not her boyfriend in South Korea, you can not know who is the South Korean President, but she You must know the name of, or you're falling behind. Forest moving look at the face of the ticket that a makeup woman, smiled: "sister Yudie, your starting point is high, ah, the first time and this superstar cooperation can be an instant hit. "Han Yudie smiled, which is develop their own intentions, Tantai herring violin performances of world attention blockbuster, and then packaged,Air Jordan SC 1, probably the strategy of the company as well, so TANTAI herring can say that they a gentleman, for this opportunity, she Korean Yudie of how can we not grasp it. "said she did not have a boyfriend? Really? Lin utilized some tone suspected Road, "they can also be hidden marriage unknowingly married, maybe people would have been a man on, you do not know. "Replied Lin moving Han Yudie directly pinched his neck." You can insult me, but do not insult my idol, or blame me unkind to you. "Yudie, I was wrong, I was wrong. "Lin dynamic feel the Korean Yudie, but really want under the black hands to strangle themselves." Spared you. "The Korean Yudie release Lin-action neck." It seems fanatical fans really terrible, I see Michael Jackson concert was collapsed still do not believe, I believe, the idol is really a world full of magic words. "You know like. "Han Yudie hum loudly and said that tonight I will look at your performance was, I would like to see your idol in the end is not a lot of magic. "I first went to the company. "Korean Yudie left, move Lin also began to prepare, take a shower, bath half suddenly come out, open the computer, search the TANTAI herring individual works most famous violin works" in Paris Night ", won the Italian violin highest honor the world works point to open the" Paris by night ", Lin move into the bathroom to take a bath. the melodious violin sounds like heaven on earth lengthy sounded. forest moving slowly humming songs very carefully listening to the violin his violin do not know, but he thinks that good music is both highbrow or low class can resonate. 7 o'clock in the evening, the forest dynamic concert hall in the city waiting for Jiang Ling. Jiang Ling Lin is about to become Amah Rock came not a moment too soon, ponytail, white tank top, black shorts, skirt below, but fortunately did not wear stockings, or again Guanren to give the town a town. not to say that watching movies? Jiang Ling asked "TANTAI herring performances, you should like it. "What, TANTAI herring? "Jiang Ling what is very excited," I have three days before the tickets online, but are sold out, from where you get a ticket? I am like TANTAI herring. "Jiang Ling also her fans, it seems this time the bet to, and gave it to her seat ticket:" Through a friend get. "Front position. "Jiang Ling not believe some of this online, but sold five thousand. "Five thousand so much? "Lin action said," Then I sold someone else. "" This is my ticket. Jiang Ling contempt looked at the forest move. "The most expensive tickets in the VIP seats, but that is to some local celebrities. "Jiang Ling said," We sit in the front is very good. Move Lin and Jiang Ling walked into the concert hall, the huge concert hall was almost filled with people they find their seats, Jiang Ling looked around the next. "What to see," the news said many stars come when the guest performers. "Of Jiangling An Chennai could not excited," the first time I Zero stars. "Watch the herring TANTAI acting was mostly a little spare cash men and women, more upper class people. Violin has always been a more highbrow, this time TANTAI herring broke the fastest online from ticket sales to the mainland performances the distance. concert hall can accommodate 10,000 people, and is now packed audience seats are literacy, very quiet in the waiting time of the show. superstar concert lively and Shan Hu tsunami applause and calls of time passes slowly, and finally in the reciprocal of the host into the countdown stage lighting suddenly plunged into darkness, and then slowly turn the center of the stage to waves of people linger day do not feel bored violin music. Chhnang and sadness with a faint memories of a white figure took the violin in the center of the stage lights or not open in the dark, forest action against the strong saw the vision to see the stage and took violin TANTAI herring, a makeup overturned girl, an ordinary clothes to wear on her body like shine, is bound to be an eye-catching star. darkness small alley in the violin sound with distant memories of the audience closer to the time slowly memories of the past at a young age, interesting childhood. forest move never think of a violin can pull so emotional and full of strong personal color looks easy, but to do it is hard the obvious TANTAI herring personal style seems boarded the Journal of the American music pioneer Asian extremely tough Generally those are the violin highbrow, but now listen to TANTAI herring is very low class. anything can understand, to narrow the distance between forest move also brought back interesting childhood, slowly closed his eyes silence in the distant memories , the experience of the passage of time, the experience of a happy childhood. <

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