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also a fan of the Song Dynasty antworten

> Lin move carefully looked at Yang Ye Qing, aunt is not angry? Although this thing is a fait accompli, but to save the point of view is understandable, he also believes that the aunt is a person full of love. WWW QunabEN com Yang Ye Qing finally broke the silence, full more than a minute of silence, said: "Which girl is beautiful, right." Forest sounds no words between the lines, the Ice is a beauty, but are not because of the beauty of the relationship, but the question about her father, he was a bit embarrassed scratched his head Road: "aunt, who looks decent, but compared to the aunt still not quite the distance." Yang Ye Qing smiled said: "You've grown up, you will know what to do." Lin dynamic feel the Yang Ye Qing Some unlike the usual style, said: "Well, aunt, I know what you're doing." "a clear conscience so can do, the aunt will support you. "Yang Ye Qing lightly," Tomorrow you bring the girl I look at the forest action said: "That to aunt me first to go take a bath to bed, some too busy Yang Ye Qing nodded. Lin move as if to get prisoners released on the spot like immediately escape the general returned to the bedroom. The aunt look is a little strange, that seemed a little strange, also,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, he should talk about this in advance and aunt Ice things. This all happened too suddenly. Lin automatically think of this engagement absolutely do not allow Jiang Yue know, or in accordance with Jiang Yue patience will certainly be sad to look at him, maybe give him a slap in the face. The forest automatically bath on the bed lying down. Ready to sleep, remember to send a text message to Chiang teacher every day. Lin automatically pick up the phone sent her a good night text messages. Jiang teacher will soon return to me that you forget it. The forest move back to the teacher, I want to play heartbeat games to 12 points, is not no arithmetic. Jiang teacher back to the operator. About Tang Chuangshang? Forest move back is lying in bed, a little lonely, or I still sleeping and teachers, help the teacher warm bed. Jiang Yue made the expression of a bomb over. Forest move made the expression of a kiss, I take liberties with that warm bed, warm people,Air Jordan Superfly, they do not work tired. Jiang Yue made a picture of a dagger I to waste your little brother, Ah you think this old topic. Lin move a little smile, talk with the teacher a few times on the bed. Once again woke up to see the day dawn, he made a strange dream. A dream of a woman. This woman kept calling his name, but he did not know this bitch. This is a rather strange dream. Forest move can only explain so. Is this indicates that in the coming days, they will love at first sight bitch? Or girl down close to the. Lin move so self-explained. He still maintained a good habit. Morning run. In the park when he met the ice to morning run. Both as the one standing there looking at each other. Lin automatically want to say something, the words to the mouth do not know what to say. Ice also want to say something, and can not be fully expressed. Lin automatically cough, squeezed out a smile: "Good morning." Ice squeezed out a smile: "Good morning." Today the weather is good. "" Ah. "" Today he wanted to go to the hospital to see your dad it? "" You want to go, "as a future son-in-law, is necessary." "That noon, I'll give you a call." "I'll wait for you over the phone." "I will go back." Ice from the forest moving around ran, leaving a burst faint scent of woman. Lin move deeply sniffed, looking up at the sky. And then also learn to have ice with a little indifferent look to leave the park. Noon Ice driving a police car came to Lin dynamic live in the district. Lin move has long been waiting downstairs. Two said nothing superfluous nonsense way to some repressed atmosphere, great master blows when the death-like quiet. Ice's father seems color, presumably the joy of feeling that they are so much better than yesterday. It seems that joyous or some benefits. Lin move and he talked, they talk about the history of the topic, Lin move this guy for the three oldest sterile, so their own unique insights and theories in the history of the Three Kingdoms, very cold father surprised. Zhesi very the Yi Zhongtian history of the Three Kingdoms kind of humor. Ice is a bit surprised, be regarded with admiration, I did not expect Lin automatically keep such a hand. He is not a useless person,Air Jordan 3, at least in the dialogue on the issue of history and father. The father was also a Three fans, this time two Xiangfenghenwan. Two chatted in the ward was enjoying themselves, have forgotten the existence of the Ice. Ice rare smile looking at the forest move pointing country. More than an hour after moving forest and Ice from the ward. "Thank you." Thank you Ice this time more weight than the last time, "Imagine that you are a fan of the Three Kingdoms." "I am also a fan of the Song Dynasty, my favorite is the Song, especially Liu Yong, he and the woman can be mixed together and let the women hate him. "Lin said it installed thirteen recited one of Liu Yong word. The extremely rich recitation almost applause. Ice Center to just give you the steps, you will jump to sing and dance, do not know the humble. "Do not you think I do not humble." Lin move, "In fact, this is not necessary, I can not be modest in this regard, otherwise I will look down on you." Ice Road: "Really?" you eat beer duck, you should not eat lunch near a Ice said: "You treat." this amount of money I can afford. "Lin move far with ice came beer duck at a running mate. This partner is designed to do beer duck, delicious, duck is shipped over from the field. On a beer Duck. Lin automatically bluntly said: "I first hands, you do not mention it." "I will not be polite." Ice Road, she will naturally not mention it, because it is really hungry. Ice and forest move suddenly as the one, then two chopsticks instantly toward the duck clip in the past. Eat very wanton. The last piece of duck, the forest move the chopsticks and Ice chopsticks comparable to stick together. Ice: "come up with your man demeanor." Lin move: "no grace at all on the table." Ice: "That is Shoudexia pinpointing?" Lin move: "We are finally to a duel when." both at the same time force, and two pairs of chopsticks like butterflies flying in the air. You come to me, bustling into my sudden, you have me, I have you. Lin move suddenly said: "stick your chopsticks my saliva." This is a bomb Ice shock. She left some gaps. Lin took the opportunity to start move directly to the duck feed itself in the face. "Well shameless." Ice suddenly stood up, and walked away, hand wiping away the corners of the mouth. "That is not not afford it?" Lin the creditors keep pace with. "Wait a minute, you will not leave me here." Lin automatically see Ice bitch car was gone quickly and loudly. Ice ignoring the forest howling, car and leave. <

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