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17.05.2013 04:08
providing bulletproof vest is my antworten

Although Zhu Xing is the home department of biology, although he never went out to work,Jordan 7 Shoes, but he has a supermarket to do, for the traditional code of conduct or have a certain understanding, to understand their own physical condition is not suitable for an armed to the teeth when the former top meat shield tank, he focused on the novels of Zheng Zha in Zhongzhou's MT, though, some style of Zheng Zha is not what he likes, but, what is more than a natural with the grand master hate rings MT, the top is also important in front of him? In the pass the mountains, is the most like Jupiter, don't worry about Crazy output hatred transfer! Therefore, Zhu star sees Zheng Zha first said hello to him, he would be more happy! Because, he need not bow, don't lose face! A burst of the heaven and the earth, as boundless as the sea and sky chitchat, Zhu Xing and Zheng Zha two people just cut the head burn yellow paper sworn brothers, however, Zhu star heart know, the two of them is more like university students, looking at the close, even closer than his brothers, but the level of intimacy, just only the two of them own heart clear. At least, Zhu Xing themselves very sure, help each other, to pull together in times of trouble, or borrow some reward point and branch line plot, this is no problem, but, want to let yourself go against the charges suicide bomb bunker, or Huang Jiguang to block the loopholes, such heroism, he was beg to be excused, absolutely not to do! As for what Zheng Zha thinks, Zhu star doesn't know, he didn't want to know. Zhu Xing looked at Zheng Zha with excitement, and, from time to time from passing through Lolita body full of happiness and longing eyes, let him understand, Zheng Zha this fall or completely addicted to love of man, perhaps already in the illusion, to return to the real world of home later, and how parents tell Lolita revive, and also take her as his wife this thing. "Oh, a simple man! People falling in love, iq...... It is too horrible to look at. Also no wonder when the Chu Xuan design is adulterated off the water, so angry! Well, it's none of my business, providing bulletproof vest is my sincerity, I can not understand Chu senior colonel and he is the two circle of the facts, so it's up to him." Continue to Zhu Xing side mouth and Zheng Zha Hu Kan, on the side of secretly thinking. In fact, it seems in their Jupiter, Chu Xuan this person has serious self-destructive tendencies, speak according to the novel, if it were not for the creation of his nominal father, research projects, for he made several not completed, as the goal of his life, I'm afraid Chu Daxiao early Dutch act. Such a serious self-destructive tendencies, is very terrible, because, he had nothing left to live for, the world is not able to control his fetters obsession, in other words, such a person has no constraints on the ethics of any, also not subject to legal rules, is simply a removed the insurance grenades,Jordan 10 Sale, ready to explode! But Chu Xuan, senior officers of the IQ of 220, is more dangerous than grenades,jordan online sale, he is more like a state of activation of nuclear warheads! Nuclear warheads Zhu Xingke does not take the initiative to provoke such a will explode at any moment, he can not think >

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