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17.05.2013 04:02
Jupiter is not a branch line plot antworten

Zhu Xing facing such a difficult choice, on reflection, he finally chose obediently to head out let dirty rotten lung Ji ā n Shang king the LORD God brutally slaughter. He did not choose to open his own single scenario world. He was afraid. This is in fact the Jupiter in the hands of a B class branch line plot, 1 D class branch line plot and 6000 bonus points for, if at this moment Jupiter is not a branch line plot no reward points, poor * * silk pocket than face clean,Nike Jordan 6 Sale, so, in the huge death y ī n shadow the fear of death itself, in the extreme, he is very probably throw the helve after the hatchet to open his own single story world, will not fear the single player in the world it's dangerous x ì ng, huge but, when his pocket with branch line plot and reward points quite spectacular, the extreme fear death, but let him very dangerous x ì ng to open the single player world's choice and step back! This is actually the art book, a story is most frequent, around three. Means that when the attack, lay siege to three and only missed one side,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, to let the person does not have no way out of despair, and once you have to live life feeling, mind is not pure, fought desperately idea or weak fraction. Similarly, the best example, fight to win or die cut off all means of retreat is the complex of human X ì ng reverse use, is to rely on a variety of means will all retreat people of all cut off, leaving only the most simple life or death of a choice, either to kill the enemy live, or to die. Zhu Xing read novels for infinite, heart x ì ng problem which is also very important, therefore, when he crossed the first story world, then put one's foot down to choose the same great danger x ì ng trials for intensive, and therefore was handsomely rewarded, but, this time when he in the choice of whether to open a single story world, whether to choose is the LORD God kill a sword on this issue, but hesitated, back, this is at the heart of X ì ng, why the sages have said 'we have R ì reflect on oneself three times a day', because people's minds, complicated, hard to fathom, before "biochemical crisis" in the death of pressure is too big too real, this makes the Jupiter throw the helve after the hatchet, and "alien" scene is in the premise of his preparation for the full, easy ride, even a little fart injury are not, psychological pressure nature is not the first story of the world is so big, plus have so many reward point and branch line plot, will naturally not to throw the helve after the hatchet to fight. Draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages, these four words are generally used as a pejorative, used to describe bad root x ì ng,Nike Jordan After Game UK Sale, human yet, but you have to admit, this is human the X ì ng! Zhu Xing since decided, obediently to head out to the LORD God kill a sword, naturally put personal story world thing opened behind, attentive to read the LORD God where all the magic exchange option. "Purple Ying sword. A branch line plot 1, 6000 point bonus points." "Green cable sword. A branch line plot 1, 5000 point bonus points." "Xuanyuan >

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