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17.05.2013 03:53
Zhu star play house Department of biological antworten

Zhu Xing now mood ah, with common language sentence on the network to express, that is...... That is not very good, that is quite good! The next few days, Zhu star play house Department of biological foundation gift - - house belongs to X ì ng, basically in addition to exchange the necessary, can not go to the LORD God space platform or to find Zheng Zha and Zhang Jie or Zhan Lan the three of them, is to stay in their own private space, than to CS scene made a special training sh è strike site, using manufactured firearms and bullets, started to train their own firearms proficiency in CS sh è hit game appearance, he is not aware of their role, not that it is a natural ability, namely ripe, and sh è strike this technology, in addition to the innate ability, that is only one of the most stupid way - - - - - with countless shot sh è strike, with countless bullets heap that miracles like sh è J ī ng accuracy! Moreover, in this period, Zhu Xing also found a private space of the secret, that is, the private space is not only with those that master the details of the scene or the machine, but also increase the private space of a whole or partial gravity coefficient, even...... Can also delay the private space of the flow of time! This is why Zhu Xing house in the private space, one of the reasons for not with Zhang Jie and Zheng Zha who contact! He didn't want to waste his time, he is not Zhang Jie itself is half man and half guide to the BUG, but with a class, or read power J ī ng God ability,Air Jordan Outlet, it can be said that in the infinite space of the horror story, as long as he does not cause the LORD God, greatly change plot difficulty, so on him, terrorist plot and there is not much difficulty; and Zheng Zha,air jordan outlet, he is the protagonist, even in the LORD God space trimming ten days, just run a few circle,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK, may Khan not flow drops, go to accompany Lolita OOXX** did, however, people's strength is not fade because R ì this comfortable, even exponentially increased, Zhan LAN and Zheng Zha about the situation, they are made of the female lead position, natural need not worry, training intensity is not enough to cause the strength of discount, but, Zhan Lan people even strength greatly reduced, will never die. However, Jupiter is not the same, he is not created by training, he can not guarantee them a die aura! Zhu Xing in the know in private space velocity can lag time after time, immediately to their own private space velocity of thirty times the minimum flow rate, the private space and the LORD God space of different flow of time, also let Jupiter in the entrance of the two space, has great discomfort, and such severe discomfort, he is also in these days to stay at the private space of the main reason. After changing their private space within the flow of time in Jupiter, Lord God the space of a day is equivalent to thirty days of his own private space! The dressing time Lord God space is a total of ten days, after which he adjusted his own private space within the flow of time, will the ten day become nearly three hundred days, or nearly ten months is almost a >

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