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you what is what antworten

> Lin move food stalls to find a quiet place to sit down, and then a few dishes, a few bottles of wine. www,Nike Jordan 7 Shoes, quaNBen com snacks up, he turned under the phone's address book, looking for a person to solve boredom, talk. Series to the three people on the phone, no one time. Forest have a lonely feeling, as it is now also strongly too. Now looking for someone to drink, not even a person to find not seen. What birds truth. Lin move directly to the phone off to a one world. Lin move a person from the drink drink food stalls nearly two hours, and then go to the old boy Bar wandering around, Xiao Wei did not come, even the proprietress. He felt do ye things today was not very good. Ridicule of the bar and several sister to sell beer Lin move out of the bar. "Really? Spider-Man?" Lin move looked up at the night sky ready to cursed the dog days of the moon, why not come out, saw a great Spider-Man style guy in the wall of a building close to the "so cattle forks? "Lin thinking about home Nothing is better to look at this so-called Spider-Man is a loud noise type? Yuansen Group? Lin move to this one up to 100 meters of the building was slightly shocked, this Yuansen Pingjin most famous company, Spider-Man is it to steal your money? Perhaps what diamond like? Yuan Sen Group, a corridor elevator suddenly issued when the heard. "Go out and see." Security room, a security guard ordered against the two men. The two security heard nodded,Jordan 11 Sale, reluctantly stood up from front of Kan Maopian computer out to see what happens. Inside the elevator only put a red high-heeled shoes, no one. Extremely strange,Air Jordan Shoes, no one will be how high heels? Alone just sound audible why the walls enough to confusing. In both security is being confused when a shadow fell from the sky, palms into a knife to cut the back of the neck of the two security. It turned out that people actually rely on their hands and feet shore on both sides, hiding in the ceiling of the elevator. Two security with Menheng sound and not issued, it fell to the ground, unconscious. That shadows fall firmly on the floor of the elevator, followed by two coma security onto the front of the chair. Such as the scene in order, figure flashed into the office area. This so-called Spider-Man is a woman, it seems the office are very familiar with. Stun two security simply did not turn on the lights along the aisle, she reached the door of the Office of the Chairman. A wire into the keyhole and gently turning, the door was opened. She turned into the room, went to the edge of the desk, and continue to pry the lock of each drawer. The woman's action is very agile, but act very structured. Ten minutes later, the dynamic have been moving through each drawer file all back in place after the read, it looks just like the status quo. Came out, the door is locked again. Went to the office area, she put the iron box, re-enter the elevator, leaving only two down on a chair unconscious security. Maybe wait until they wake up, do not understand what happened. After the looting of some placid, office area as the like, do not want to end up showing two figures in the dark. "This chick it very bold, even our group to steal things." Another person sneered: "If she can walk out of the door of the Yuan Sen Group is regarded as ability." Lin move further afield watching this : "This is the real oriole in the post not think this bitch is Ice bitch not that she had some kind of ability, and then start a Spider-Man, but unfortunately the ideal forever is so lofty, but the reality is so skinny. "" Hurry. "" Even our group you dare to come to steal brave enough. "the two burly man strapped to a woman walking. Came to the front door of an inner room. "Boss, we bring a" a deep, heavy sound coming from the room: "She brought." Get command, two men Ice push the room. Swallow a look to this room. Room brightly lit, obese man sitting in the middle of a 40-year-old up and down. Thinly a few people standing at his side. She Lueyisisuo to conclude that these people she had never seen before. Put a rectangular table in the room above was empty. The various instruments of torture hanging on the wall, ropes, chains, whips, Ice experience, to see that this is a torture chamber, that table is a simple torture Taiwan. Circulation of her eyes, and suddenly, a huge black bats hanging on the left wall came to her eyes. Beiping-Tianjin City as a remote southwest of the city, various sizes gang everywhere, the demise of the newborn, alternating back and forth, are common, Ice had undercover in a gang, and eventually exterminated. So many gang to the number of bats, the most mysterious of this gang. Police only little is known about the bat, even the other lane gang also do not quite understand. Perhaps because of this, the ebb and flow of being, the only bat survive. The bat, the police will of course peep has been for a long time, but can not find traces of it have been, naturally can not find the opportunity to start, I did not expect the Ice'll bump into here. Thinking, and Ice face pretending to reveal a little fear, said: "You ... you what is what? Why should I caught here?" The man sitting in the middle of the housing sneered: " you do not know who we are? cold police officer, do not joke, you are the elite of the police, the imposing gold medal undercover in his Infernal Affairs. "Ice heart startled, originally pretend panic expression suddenly stiff. If you know her true identity, it may be loss of life here. Each other how to learn of her up tonight steal some files? Have a lot of doubt in her heart. When she steal files after being unconscious from behind the silent attack, two men wake up Jiazhu come here. She was injected with an anesthetic. The body becomes soft. Ice subtle changes in his face and did not escape the attention of the Lei Sanrui Lee, the obese man sent a burst of satisfaction long laugh. He looked straight into each other eyes sweep back and forth. Ice wore a short-sleeved T-shirt, a dark red horizontal stripes the hem just over waist, lower body is dark blue jeans, appears to be very fit on her petite body. Her hair in the back of the head free to tie a braid face Pang Qingxiu pretty, healthy skin is light against the background showing a faint yellow candle. She sets barefoot white sandals, the upper instep sandals and jeans pants cover, revealing only ten neat toes. Ray three stood up, went to the front of her and asked: "Is not it strange? You first came here to work a week I really undercover?" Ice said: "I'm not undercover, I think you got the wrong person the mine face sank, and grabbed her left arm, pulling her body, according to her upper body look down at that table. Ice alone is a martial arts, but little effort of the whole body, and naturally can not be an effective resistance. The man single-handedly according to the female police officer hands and wrists tied behind their backs, a hand grabbed her ponytail. The Ice face sideways to the left, right cheek close to the desktop. Bending the upper body of the tops behind the hem up shrink from exposing a smooth skin of the lower back is extremely sexy. "You want to kill and rape, or killed after rape, or side to kill the side of rape." Ray three exposed cruel look. <

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