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> It Like attracts people into groups ah. Www. quANBEn. Com always beautiful and beauty come together. If a beautiful woman and an ugly walk together, or made a friend. This ugly fully play the role of a nonsense. This woman is Su Xiaorong, she one to Korea Yudie side more than an animal,Jordan Take Flight Sale, a playful smile. Whispered teasing prevent forest and Han Yudie, to a warm embrace Oh automatically have heard that it was said: "Do you like that is too small? Did adult." Han Yudie said: "Do not say you can not say." Soon there are two women graceful step before moving to the forest, and four women around him directly, regardless of the opinions of others, seemingly very interested in looking at this is too small Korean Yudie bring. Lin found the zoo monkeys, monkey wearing clothes. Night always missing son of Columbia, some son of a brother flies around in the past, but seeing that the eyes of half a day, then failed to get the beauty of a deliberate, that did not wear formal dress birds come in four beautiful directly around him,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, which made them very jealous. The master tonight Su Xiaorong parents formal appearance, the Su Xiaorong first returned to their parents, say hello to all visitors. "I have money, I want to do a big party." Lin move a bit to eat sour grapes mean, of course, the party is organized to help aunt, to see how much he is the sister-in-law is always kept in mind. Korea Yudie seems Su Xiaorong parents are quite familiar with and follow up. The Guanren not like to join in this lively, do not know anyone. We can not find a few rich woman. His music was clean, stood to one side, pick up a glass of wine, to linger, although less likely to drink, but the alcohol content of the wine is not high, but also sweet. "Independence Better Together" a son of the brother smiles came and forest action speak, "Cheers." Another face has a son of unruly pockmarked face also followed up. Some look good. Move Lin and his toast. "Are you familiar with them?" Lin moving casually: "regarded as" the truth, you have many possessions? "Forest Powerade true so that her face incident ah, faint smiles:" hundreds of pieces! "was not actually compare with, say mind than, really no better place than ah, how much time is larger than the Imperial woman? In those son of the brother stepped forward to find a forest move, another person also saw him, it was a middle-aged man, a trim black suit, she is quite sturdy, some meaning, it seems Yan brother, I was not wrong about this boy. Land Rover's eyes flash the banter of color in the eyes, where upper-class party to see him. Linda Guan those around the son of the brother seems to chat with him, but the sentence ridiculed the Guanren withstand very powerful anti-hit ability, naturally take it lightly. The Land Rover pace steady step to the son of the brother behind, facing the forest action said: "But here also run into you." Those son of a brother turned around and saw a Land Rover soon became polite greeting. "Road boss, Nice to meet you!" Miss owner of the company is said to be available next month? "" My company listed what pishi you. "Land Rover has always have something to say against the one going to the gallant son of Columbia Road. That the son of the brother face look dark. "I did not expect so clever ah uncle is here." Lin a bright smile. Uncle? The word son brother called bitter shock startled, Land Rover called Uncle estimated that few? "Boy, your brain Slayers, who he is you know?" A son of the brother going to the record straight. "I was originally uncle, nothing rolled to one side line and tube to go." Land Rover domineering exposed Road tone is very Senhan, completely the look of a mafia boss. Son of man to engage not understand the Land Rover and forest dynamic relationship. "Uncle, then it is a classic." Lin Powerade Road. "My words has always been the case, you do not see outside, the gang What kind of bird son of Columbia not that long relied I have money eyes to the head, pushed forward three decades, I have of you may be a pauper. Tonight who would dare look down upon you, my first one off the hook his head! "Land Rover went to Lin the moving Ling around, very friendly hand to the Dazhu his shoulder, a nephew or two look like Road. All are incredible watching Land Rover has always been high-handed means extremely hard, even so would not know where to emerge from the kid so good. Lin dynamic first impression Land Rover is really the vulgar a bird, but he is very happy to deal with this bird. At least not those son of a brother so sarcastic ah. Move Lin is also a claim to be any grudges revenge, and the backing of the Land Rover, regarded cattle fork figures come a son smiling in front of the brother and asked: "Do you think this uncle sawed?" This son of Columbia do not understand Lin move these words mean. Forest move and asked: "Can you mess with him?" Untouchables. "Is humiliated answer, but still honest answer the forest moving. "He gave me the backing I also untouchables your father is not a Gang, my uncle Gang Niu * forced." Lin move this son of Columbia said, took the cup directly poured into the chest from his collar. "You ......" "Do what you, or else you face to face on her face now." Lin move smiled, the fart went back to the uncle's side, "Uncle, I borrow your name is imposing one." That son directly bow leave. Lin move wells did not forget who dug the well, and said: "Uncle, do not mind me calling you, you are older than me. Way, Yan brother did not come." "Do not mind." Land Rover Road, "Yan brother, things did not come. "Lu brother." Su Xiaorong father So and his wife came over, as a small businessman from selling appliances become Gome, Suning Appliance China Electric King So in terms of has Too many legends. Can be written in a book or write a novel. "Congratulations Su brother birthday tonight." Land Rover So handshake laughed. Lu Shushu. "Su Xiaorong follow come say hello. Land Rover is a friend of the father and the business field, and occasionally came to our house channeling the door, familiar with Su Xiaorong. Lin move to introduce you to a local electrical king. "Land Rover forest moving Introducing to So So Su brother, his electrical absolutely comparable to Gome and Suning." "Miss Big Brother flattering,Air Jordan 9 Sale, flattering "Although modest, but So very confident smiles," For both home appliance giant still some distance. turned out he is the old man of Su Xiaorong the most famous of the local electrical King, Lin moving remember one time watching TV I interviewed him, so some impressions.

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