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17.05.2013 02:56
Can you change a beauty I'm antworten

> Lin dynamic hands crossed in the back of the head, tilted his legs, it is conceivable to Lin Linlin pull the wind in the siege kind of bird-like, the strength of the birds are the real bird, the bird did not have the strength to only shot and killed by the hunter's fate. The www, qUAnBEn com listen to the rain Lin Linlin century tragedy to be thrown into the flesh fragmented. But his soul remains good, then future generations, nonsense,Nike Jordan Spizike Shoes, nonsense is really super, but the beauty that appear in the game and real in reality a collision forest dynamic to the bizarre to the extreme. This ring is full of magic and strange. Lin automatically amused eyes of a pair of slender, turned to look at the demon also sleep in their own side, he has a doubt that this demon is also Linlin Lin to take off? Demon during his lifetime like in the end is what? Among the beautiful cave demon like it. Lin automatically do not see the demon to sleep what? Demon eyes, but it is estimated demon will not sleep. Forest move shake a few hands in the eyes of the demon. The demon turned and said: "Master, I did not sleep." Lin move embarrassed smile, always feel that since one seems to be laughing at a disabled, not the demon is a dead man, asked: " demon asked you something, ah, that three women and what relationship? the Wa, rain, and Gan true. "demon replied:" the relationship between the enemy. "enemy relationship?" Lin almost automatically from the lawn bounce, and beautiful women who hate is not worth it, is hatred of beauty are often the longer this hatred is more concentrated. Could not understand why Linlin Lin and three beautiful hatred? Lin move made a gesture with both hands, some sorry, said: "I have any grudges against them is not because I take them on?" Dayton the next channel, "I heard what the treaty, they and I, what kind of Treaty? "demon answered:" Master, they are the Meizu three most formidable internal forces woman, once you play, and then because of boredom Meizu peep into their bath, so the three of you pursued , but they could not reach the owner, the owner also could not reach them. encountered after the tragedy so you find them you want to help law enforcement, too much tragedy, your physical body was dead, and they had laid down the reincarnation Treaty in this one if they have any one to leave, then that will be reincarnation six the forest move now come to understand was such, but also contempt Linlin Lin, actually just peep such a bitch., why not Overlord hard on bow? Demon then said: "The reason why they are obedient because the owner of the appearance of their bathing photos down." "I have pictures down?" Lin automatically think Pornographic, he animal blood boiling, very good, very , demon, you look for to know where? "back to the owner, I do not know the owner time to do these things are a single person." "grass." forest move scolded, forget own have fully recovered memory will always think of it, but he really is Linlin Lin Guanren's future generations do? Demon, we started the training. "" Now? "Demon somewhat different feel that the owner, the owner never trained in the evening. "Yes, now." Lin move seems to be filled with the endless Jin, earlier return to the real world, he must overcome any difficulties and hard training. "This time hundred pounds or stones?" Demon asked. Lin action said: "I first try to and can breath carrying a stone to finish the lap." Lin move this time is very crisp and take up a stone, hold your breath, one for gas carrying a large stone to run around the lake completed a circle. "Ha ha ha ha ha." Lin dynamic proud laugh, above the lake, forest move his head and hands, very open up the Renduermo peerless master of style. Lin moving to laugh burst of flair back into the demon said: "I can now Advanced training of the next step." The demon said: "Next time is two pounds of stone, step by step." Demon moved to two pounds of stone on the forest to move in front. Lin move Zama step, shouted,Air Jordan Shoes, his hands clinging to the stone, can make a feeding fresh vigor still hold up. "Master." The voice of the demon temptation to move into the forest road. Lin move looked back, winking, play beauty temptation, or TANTAI herring, but some of his cattle fork contempt and said: "Can you change a beauty I'm tired." Demon made a snap of his fingers: "No problem "leapt to the top of a stone, and instantly turned into a look of snow. Lin looked up, into the first sight of his eyes the beautiful deep below the snow white tiger cave, and then the two Everest, snow white the forest nosebleed sets erupted. His brother salute inexplicable force, suddenly raised the teeth of the two hundred pounds of stone slowly lifted. The standing stones demon said: "Master, Come on, I'll wait for you, oh." Said deliberately slowly opened his legs, Lin dynamic feel some warm blood in the nose to stay. Directly next to go down. Count you vicious. "Restored as demon went in front of the forest moving:" Master, how? "Lin automatically sat up,Air Jordan 4 Sale, stretching:" No problem, nothing quite tempted me. "Lin moving again hold from the two hundred pounds of stone, first adhere to ten seconds, and the second is 15 seconds, slowly he adhere to 30 seconds, the last one minute. Of course, this case is to stay put. The demon had been standing forest move looked behind him and encourage him. The night passed, forestry action stomach did not feel hungry, they began holding a stone, and this time he put two pounds of stone adhere held to one and a half minutes. Lin automatically repeated mechanical action, do not know how long, he felt that he can hold the stone walk. Took off his coat, Lin move exposing Jingzhuang chest, arm is thick, picked up a stone, shouted, straighten the waist, walked step by step. Demon follow step-by-step followed. "Master, hold on, imagine in front of so many beautiful women waiting for you, they are dressed in sexy uniforms to tempt you, nurses, teachers, flight attendants, Pakistan sister, Xiaohua, right, this way, to adhere to them a full style in your bed waiting for you for coming. "evil demon demagogic sound inciting the forest move Guanren heart, soon, Lin move as if to see countless a beautiful naked thin ring of fat Yan lined up in a big bed, a call for him to come. <

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