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17.05.2013 02:53
direction of the front of antworten

> The forest dynamic manipulation of facing the rivers Eiko make the thing to do. www quaNBen com now he is not Liuxia, while there are some expectations in mind, mainly due to the rivers Eiko over the island. Grew up watching girl of island large Guanren the island has a very different feelings. He felt on an island sister on a female star more than a sense of accomplishment. This from why Aoi fans in China so many reasons. Lin move his hands quickly on the choice of surrender, a middle-aged man suddenly sat down opposite him. Lin has amazing intuition, if he had not mistaken a middle-aged man and Jiang Yue has a mysterious necklace, perhaps her relatives and the like. Forest move ourselves is a shameless evil bird, after all, is Jiang Yue loved ones, may also be the future of his loved ones, after reluctantly touched a Sea Eiko ass told her to leave first. Rivers Eiko do not mind squatting to help Lin move the blow horn. Lin sounds was a move a bit, but hold back,Air Jordan Store, waved his hand very Saying Good grief, facing the opposite man said: "drink what I please." "I am the brother of Jiang Yue, JIANG Wei-guo." JIANG Wei-guo eyes looking at the forest move said moving from just forest and rivers Eiko dialogue and before the the forest move liberties rivers Eiko point of view, he is an acquaintance, a man very familiar with the woman, and perhaps is not too much dude. It touches the Cuoguai forest and Guanren, pure forest action in some cases, just JIANG Wei-guo did not see it. JIANG Wei-guo long story short, said: and Jiang Yue feelings is not very good, but I am, after all, as his brother, I have the responsibility to talk to you. Leave Jiang Yue She is not for you,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, you do not suit her. " Lin moving slowly drank half a glass of beer, deliberately played a yawn, ease the tension, said: "this is not suitable I think we will consider, of course, you are a teacher Jiang's brother, I will respect your opinion. "respect normalized respect, but you want to leave Jiang Yue that is impossible. JIANG Wei-guo said: "How much?" Lin move strange and asked: "What?" JIANG Wei-guo long Lin automatically grouped into a dandy dandy, maybe he was short of money, said: "how much you need before leaving Jiang Yue, you put it out. "Lin move now understand Mr JIANG Wei-guo mean by, no matter what this one is the brother of the teacher Jiang, he still have great respect for him, said:" I am not missing money, well in fact, I lack of money I do not see good money activists and Jiang teacher. "JIANG Wei-guo said:" Zhou Luo problem I will deal with even though he and Zhou Luo divorced, you do not fit. "Lin move smiled, the smile is tightlipped kind: "Oh, you think so I do not fit Jiang Yue? JIANG Wei-guo said:" Do you like what Jiang Yue? stature? looks? her birthday ? her most like to see what movie? She likes to wear shoes like? what she likes to eat? you know? forest dynamic stunned, sorry that he really do not know. JIANG Wei-guo said: "So you want to leave Jiang Yue, did not know you even her most interested in and she only hurt each other." Lin move exhaled breath, admit that they have just lost one council, said: Even if I do not know Jiang teacher interest, but the interest can be developed, also can develop feelings. Brother Chiang should not have rejected me my age. "Lin moving to finish this sentence to JIANG Wei-guo handed a cigarette. JIANG Wei-guo did not take over the forest moving cigarette, he does not smoke, even if you smoke do not smoke smoke forest move, his heart automatically divided into the forest to another world, Jiang Yue is very comfortable environment, forestry move is absolutely not allowed to provide such an environment? The two fall in love? Nonsense. Took his own life, he'm betting on a the forest move like her sister's body and her money. Perhaps the forest move is a career cop and a Cowboy. Forest automatically JIANG Wei-guo mind do not know their identity and status so low. JIANG Wei-guo said: "I do not smoke." Forest move shrug Road: "call you a brother Jiang, I hope you give me this opportunity to opportunity." JIANG Wei-guo said: "I will not give you a check pressure on the table, leaving Jiang Yue hope we do not meet again. "JIANG Wei-guo left, Lin automatically pick up a check, one million. Smile, seems very valuable, one million. Lin did nothing sucker ripped to check,Air Jordan 13 Sale, and then very backbone shook a bag of spittle on the ground, it is over and the money can not afford. He will not be the kind of money to make life difficult for the bird. Check closing, Lin to move himself: "I also millionaires." Self-deprecating smile. "Just your performance break my opinion of you." Yuan Qing immediate concern from a direction of the front of the action of the forest, "What I mean is that you may not just the surface of a student." From just forest and people fight look look, said the the forest move is hard to believe that a student. Yuan Qing self-care smile, holding a wine glass on the table drinking. Her dress tonight is very cool, revealing two white lotus arm, fine white skin light reflection has a charming allure, her small navel is very nice, the following is the ultra-short lace ruffled skirts . Lin move smiled and said: "You see?" "A clear picture." Yuan Ching Road, changed the subject, "I sent you the information you see it?" Lin move and said: "See, but So far I quite satisfied with my life now. "Yuan Qing confidence to impress forest move, said the sentence:" You should live on another world and you do not like life. "under the Dayton said: "In fact, very eager to live such a life, you are my fulcrum." Lin move like dealing with such a direct girls. "From your feet to walk standing posture, you still at it?" Move also shifted the topic Road. Yuan Qing looked forest for two seconds, pondering the forest to move the meaning of this sentence, read some psychological magazine said some men particularly like the woman is at. Dry up interesting. Yuan Qing said: "I said I was, you believe it?" You say, and that is, I believe. "Lin move perhaps because few drinks, maybe they can reach out and skirt snake from the Yuan Qing bend into the inside of her thigh. Played Ji Ling Yuan Qing, followed by goose bumps, and then subconsciously want to throw a slap pervert. Lin moving fingers moved slightly, the lower the sound Yuan Qing said: "Your face looks a little angry?" <

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