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17.05.2013 02:50
Could this ring is to develop antworten

> "My first wish is ..." Lin move suddenly some screenwriters, or go home showered again, what happened tonight too weird. Www. qUanBen. Com Lin specially after moving back home to wash a cold shower, and then he just really not dreaming, he looked down at the little finger of his right hand, Barbara real wearing a white jade ring, forest trying to put a ring take off, unfortunately, did not do so. Wishes and luck ring? If that person did not flicker, it should not flicker, or else a large living it just disappeared. "Lin move, he told himself,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, he now suddenly there is a pick up large ingot Je te dis merde, does the God of their own mighty Yan deliberately give him a ring? Lin moving moment sitting on the bed, thrown under the fingers, he remembered the man said two hours to reach their aspirations? If it is true, but he did not tell how to use ah? Lin dynamic BS-ing. He intends to stand up to pour a cup of boiling water,air jordan store, just stand up, body like an electric shock-like warmth fingers flashed, the next seconds forest move found himself in a white world, looking at the white vast, Hey, no, in front of a person, twenty five years old, back carrying a guitar, not a handsome face was filled with a hearty smile. Lin moving the sight of this man brain blank, this man's face, he too familiar. Wong Ka Kui. Did not he dead? A moment in heaven? Uncle, he did not slept with a woman have died? "You still did not die, but into the space of the white ring, you are welcome to come." The Kui smile explained. Yes, it must be just warm me into this ring? Lin move my heart so thinking, he felt Wong Ka Kui's eyes seemed to see through his inner thoughts. Wong Ka Kui said: "You are now in the second element space, your time here and the outside world is to have an analogy in here, in fact, the following two or three minutes., So you do not have to worry about you can not get out, At any time, you can go out, I'm dead, you see now is only my soul. "Lin move digested some mess idea of ​​the brain, calm him down:" The man said, This is a The pieces can bring luck and aspirations ring is not true? "" Yes, this is a desire to ring, have it you change your own destiny, that give you a ring called Don laughed, he also lived in this rings. "Don laugh? Lin moving mouth twitching, tramp Tang laugh? Five years ago Hurun list of richest man Tang laugh. Funny thing about Don is known from the television news and entertainment gossip, which grew up showing amazing business acumen, once under the tutelage of Warren Buffett, the the Huaxia Guo new generation of Warren, but die young, I heard died of cancer, though short lived twenty-five years soaked entertainment countless female star, called thousands of people cut. Lin move strangle their own impulses, his super rookie actually the first richest man screaming, it is no wonder, who knows he is the richest man? Lin automatically stabilized, asked: "can really achieve any desire to ring?" Yes. "" I want to have your unique voice and playing the guitar technology. "Lin automatically blurted out, kui singer also considered to fulfill a child a dream. "Can be, but only two hours of your time, two hours later, you will since become forest move." Explains Wong Ka Kui, "you want to achieve your desire before you through a series of test can only be labeled as the desire, there is no free lunch. "Lin automatically next come to understand, the world really is no free lunch, he asked a also felt stupid question:" If I pass the test? "Then sorry, you only have an hour of time." He did not see the eyes of Wong Ka Kui touch of playful smile. Lin moving secretly muttered: "an hour? That is all, is better than no good." Kui hear the words of Lin move him just Rao Fortunately, the idea is to strangle: "In fact, this one-hour, no special significance, perhaps your wishes in an hour is not it? "Lin dynamic face black, immediately kindled a fighting mood, anyway, such a ring in his hands,nike jordan outlet, he do not believe, however these test: "OK, I can begin to be put to the test now." Wong Ka Kui said: "You have 20 minutes of time to go through a test, goodbye." Lin move have not had time to say anything call him, mainly to ask you some questions problem, the next second he found that they appear in a tavern drinking tea, the inn men and women the elderly and children, some eating, some chat, some erhu. A kindly scenes, where everyone seems to be filled with a happy plain happy. If not before-Lin had prepared mind, at the moment certainly want to cross back to ancient times. "Could this ring is to develop in accordance with the game by upgrading the test the only sight aspirations?" Lin dynamic heart only wanted to say, it must be so. But he entered the game space in the end what to do tasks? He also played a lot of online games, one of the most favorite is Fantasy Westward Journey, rookie-level from low salaries, and now he is a super rookie. "Your task is to assassinate a member, with the information you need and some silver." Wong Ka Kui's voice again sounded, remind Lin dynamic, "pay attention to your time." Wine on the table a piece of paper and two silver. Lin pick up a piece of paper look. Name: Yan Hung Gender: Male Weapons: war days ax character: arrogant, arrogant, calm weaknesses: women, wine? "Lin move the urge to shout abuse, What kind of weakness, which men do not like women and drinking? Lin moving in the inn depressed for a few seconds and then checkout. Yan Hung live do not know where to kill ass ah, again take an ax weapons that sure was the more powerful war ax of days, your mother, which is himself into the fire pit. He is not Ximen said the murder of the murder. "For ah, I was a fool, maybe there is not necessarily Ximen, not Hitman Central Plains a little red into." Lin automatically swept away just depressed, immediately seize a ladies asked, "Aunt , Ximen, you know? "" do not know "that the Central Plains a little red." "Oh, in the next street." "Thank you, thank you." but to see Aunt older forest move really could not help live hug expressed his excitement. Inside that kill YAN Hong, did not say may not please kill? Ha ha ha ha, forest move could not help laughing, his smart or. Lin moving really street I saw a little red in the Central Plains. But the Central Plains a little red not the Central Plains a little red is one selling steamed buns signs. Because this boss to buy to do a bun will be the buns above point a red, so called Central Plains a little red. Lin move the nose should be spewing blood out, it seems there really is no free lunch. <

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