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17.05.2013 02:33
which seems to snow a kind antworten

> "Pull your sister ah. The WWW! QUANbeN! The com" Lin move Guanren rage if their hair is plucked out that is not a white tiger men, like grass as a man, as a hastily healthier the bird plucked out is absolutely not acceptable. Although the Guanren rage, but thinking about the value of their combat effectiveness and explosiveness not this Hufu opponent, how should he face it? Husband moment think he seems to some impulse, should not a people come to Hong Fu? More should not be a person peeping Running in a bath, but this should not now regret too late. Da Guanren a calm tone said: "Why do not you let me go. Herring I went back and said she does not kill you." He felt that this proposal cattle cross, as he inferred Hong Fu The recuperate stage, must not provoke the TANTAI herring. The Hong Fu staring Guanren the eyes of the beholder absolutely shattered, Guanren this sentence stung her heart, does she would be afraid of the TANTAI herring? Not that combat effectiveness more than a little bit, he had not gotten hurt, it may not be afraid of TANTAI herring, she said: "You think I'm afraid?" Guanren see Hufu look I knew I had just said something wrong , can not wait to give yourself a mouth son, what Shamao said in front of a bitch, a bitch much, and this is not shooting itself in the foot you? Under the The Da Guanren straight body,Nike Jordan New School UK Sale, blood crest badly in the chest like the waves of ups and downs, visible just Hufu to kick his really heavy heavy Guanren waved his hand and said: "What I mean is that you not afraid of her, I think you should live in peace, a good sister. right, I heard you took away the snow pet, so that is not good. "" I like something I naturally want to take it over. " Running in his face sternly said, "This pet I have to take it over beck and call. snow simply does not deserve to have you." Guanren taken delaying tactics, hope herring TANTAI found themselves to easy for too long not and then go back out to look for him. Although this hope is very small, but the Guanren or to maintain a vision of hope, heard that Hong Fu said so overbearing, Guanren a smile, eyes can not seem to use common sense to deal with this fairy, said: "You're right, you like something you want to take it over, you will cherish it?" the Hong Fu giggle, said: "Do not worry, I will be as my pet pamper that you can asked obediently action said: "I level will be higher than it do?" Hong Fu said: "No, your level is the lowest, and so on." Lin dynamic smile: "That is to say, I could not even a birds are not as "Hong Fu said:" It's not a bird, it is a pet name. "Lin moving to see her face anger, immediately corrected himself and said:" I was wrong, I was wrong. obediently is a high waiting for my pet. "the Hong Fu sneer, no longer speak and Lin move. Lin move suddenly shouted: "herring Come and save me." The Hong Fu subconsciously looked back, the Guanren opportunity to Saya Zi ran resorted went to great lengths. The Hong Fu recovered to see speak Guanren of escape, just sneer, to to disdain a number of disdain, suddenly blew a loud whistle. Run in Guanren first heard a strange sound and then smelled a fishy taste, extremely pungent. The next second Guanren stopped himself, a dumbfounding look. Stopped in front of the Guanren a leopard, silver leopard. The leopard tightly staring at the Guanren body, ready to flutter over and killed his trend. Guanren back into the Hong Fu said: "Do not be so stingy Well, I just wanted to see if you can call up the pet only, ha ha ha,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, this leopard pet really sharp ah." Hong Fu Road: "run Ah, why do not you run? "It has four legs, I only have three legs to run, but." and the forest dynamic Guanren shrugged, sad eyes looking at the Hong Fu. "You're not two legs?" Hong Fu asked. "There is also regarded as a leg." Lin finger pointing between the legs of a leg. The Hong Fu chuckling up, it seems that this leg of the Guanren some interest: "You powerful legs?" Guanren evil laughs: "can make you very comfortable, very comfortable. "I was the most comfortable thing is to take a bath, take a bath in the sun next person slowly." Hong Fu said, I'm moving this pet is not running her palm, so he did not start attacking. Lin shake shaking his head, a contemptuous look, seriously: "No, no, you're wrong this is just your personal feeling it, my legs will make you more comfortable." Hong Fu is still very curious things unknown , which seems to snow a kind, said: "It's really so magical ability?" flair Guanren do a little hair in front of the forehead and said: "Have you ever seen such a leg?" would like to have seen. "Running in trying to remember, perhaps years too long ago, so can not remember. "This is a magical magical things." Said Lin move. "Then you show I look at the forest action said:" I own a person can not perform, you want two people performing the job. "" You and leopards performances. "Lin move almost vomit blood,nike air jordan, and a leopard? Are you kidding, he is a bird has to adhere to the bottom line, how can we engage with it and a leopard? And this is a male leopard. Lin moving resolutely said: "and leopards can not, only you can." Hong Fu said: "Why?" "Because it is tailored specifically for you." Hong Fu frowned and said: "I?" Lin move and said: "You is not said to me when your pet? you just said that you pamper your pet. Now I am ready to perform when your pet as long as you can make an artifact things unique skills for you to see. "Hong Fu asked:" From your looks, not like he was telling lies, all right. performances I agree with you. "as long as the forest there was anything wrong, she shot to kill the forest. For this, she is still extremely grasp. Lin enjoyed days, made completely preparedness look did not come to the front of the Hong Fu. Running in the cold looking at the forest move,'d like to see what this pet? Lin action said: "You will feel to die for." The Hong Fu sneer. Forest oculomotor confuse evil, sounds, learn hypnotist slowly low: "you sneer means do not believe me, I would have you believe my words, first you have to be easy, is to relax your body, imagine this sub-picture, a very happy bathing in the water, your hands slowly stroking every inch of your body, you will feel the world in the absence of a more beautiful and attractive woman touching your skin white, emitting light of jade your legs are slender and white, even the pet is really a heaven and earth to see the legs are drooling. "<

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