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17.05.2013 02:31
Zhou Yang is really antworten

> Week my mother looked at the forest move, the first impression is okay, not the kind of rogue Asan, she knew the girl in the bar part of everyday work place, in Meeting friends who do not have a regular job, but very rare Zhou Yang with her friends back, and this time take the initiative to bring back, as a mother, she guessed, she certainly called forest action is certainly not the girl's boyfriend, is Zhou Yang pull exile . Www qUanbEN com "Auntie, hello." Wenjin carrying valuable health care products upstairs face smiles on their faces. "Zhou Yang, this is what I said to you Wenjin, he was back in the UK." Zhou mother's expression turned into joy from just indifferent. "Mom, oh, people are graduating from abroad come back, so you laugh ah?" Zhou Yang said some dissatisfaction, "my friend is a graduate,Nike Air Jordan 7, you will not laugh." You speak. "Week mother stare and said, "Man Kam To, come, come." the week mother warm greeting Wenjin come. Move Lin and Zhou Yang into the living room. The week Title soon came out of the study, see the forest moving froze for a moment, this kid is not really so stubborn up to convince him? Soon, Zhou Title discovered Zhou Yang and Lin move like today is somewhat different, to Zhou Yang like Shanglinhu move? They are not the relationship between the employees and the boss? Title Zhou most annoying is the rabbit to eat the grass edge, like secretary and manager, is always some impure relationship. "Zhou Shushu, Wenjin forward, courtesy cried. Wenjin, you are Wenjin Zhou Title smiled and said, "Hello." Weeks "old man, I go to cook - you're going to talk to them." Mother to her old man, and then pull the next forest , "Kobayashi, you have come to help out now." She intends to the forest move Zhizou the, Zhou Yang and Wenjin a good talk about, to understand each other. "I?" Lin move stunned this week aunt too obvious a little, smiled and stood up, "Zhou Yang, I went in to help. Chat with you." Zhou Yang also stand up: "I have to help Daddy, would you Wenjin chat mother Zhou strong pull Zhou Yang to sit down, said: "Zhou Yang, Wenjin Zhou friends, his father is a friend of your father, what you is not an outsider, you have a good stay with him." "Mom Zhou Yang some frustration watching my mom, mother too dynamic forest as an outsider now, hope the boss will not be angry, to the forest move an apologetic expression. Lin laughed and shook his head and motioned that she does not mind. Kobayashi, Zhou Yang and you are in the bar know it. "Cross-examination of the week my mother in the kitchen Lin moving, sometimes turned to look at the living room Wenjin, the more we looked the more we like, Man Kam To the best son-in-law, looks, car, room, or manager of the company, Zhou Yang looked like. But now it is worried that some of this Wenjin despise their daughter, must be good to sell the girl for the job. Lin move the old man's demeanor see in the eyes, smiled and said: "Well, we met in a bar." Zhou's mother nodded and said: "I see that Kobayashi is a sense of justice, this time Zhou Yang that crazy girl no less trouble you, before I hit a lot of phone calls you want her to come back, she is back, and this time there is no way. "Lin tempted elderly eye poison, one will know that he is a fake boyfriend , said: "Auntie, it was no trouble, really. Zhou Yang is a good girl." "is not reassuring, from small to large no less by her father to play." week some mother lamented that, "If she listen to some of the better, may not fall to the end. "Lin automatically try to say:" In fact, her work in the bar's nothing wrong, I am very happy to see her at the bar, to do their own things to be happy is not very good Well? "Mama weeks LIN move over people's eyes:" Kobayashi, happy is very important, but life is more important, you years of think free happy is good, unfettered, want to do what to do , but this does not work. "Zhou's mother said solemnly:" People always want to grow up, a few years you are old, you will not think so, girls home or want to have children, a family, social life. "Lin move could only nod, he did nothing to refute, Zhou Yang has a good mother, no matter what, to her daughter's happiness. Week my mother found In fact, the Kobayashi was a boy, the person is still very polite, Taikang, not ironic and the elderly. Kobayashi, your father and mother do? "Zhou asked the mother. The forest action said: "I did not Mom and Dad, no small, my aunt handedly brought." Zhou mother accidentally glanced at him, thought it should be a very hard life, sympathy, said: "Kobayashi , all right, now you grow up, I'm alive is the best return on your parents. "" aunt. "Kobayashi, in fact, I think you were very good." Zhou's mother said, "it should be and Zhou Yang almost the same age? have a girlfriend yet? "....." Lin move hesitated a moment. "Wife." Mama week froze, the wife? I did not expect ah, called A wise, Zhou Yang is really people when boyfriend actually looking for a wife to be his wife saw that a lot more, they might lead to family conflicts, The reality is there are many such cases. "Lin move, my father told you." Said Zhou Yang ran in front of the forest action. "Oh." Lin move out of the kitchen. "Zhou Yang, you come." Zhou mother see Zhou Yang to escape, some angry, said,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, "you what is going on?" "Mom, I do not know if you say anything?" Said Zhou Yang dumb, " can clearly some? "" you told me fool, you're looking for a boyfriend to find a single, you find such a family man, his wife saw you know the consequences of it? "Zhou mother said severely," You're too mischief the "second boss looks too not to force the mother to entangle the words, Zhou Yang Xipixiaolian said:" Mom, did not you put it in serious , if you are so kind, I would have her to be expelled. "" You, What do you mean? "The week mother feel Huazhongyouhua the. "No, no, ah." Zhou Yang is subconsciously blurted out, so I quickly shut up. Week mother inquisitive: "Zhou Yang, you give me honest account, that person in the end and what is the relationship?" Do not worry, ah, I said, I said Zhou Yang really afraid Mom and elevated blood pressure, said, "He is our bar owner, his wife is also the owner of the bar, she knew me. "Mama weeks not only easy, but is more serious, said:" your boss is not a crush on you? "Zhou Yang press his forehead reluctantly said: "Mom, you are not more drama? old thought the worst case, our boss is very nice, and his wife is also very good, we know you are worried about the situation does not appear ..... even if I want to be the third, people will not want to. "" You said what? "Mama weeks moment did not catch. Zhou Yang said, "No, no mother,cheap jordan shoes, in short, he is our boss, I told him I was scared Wenjin is to help, in a word, two words, I do not like him."

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