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said unlike I recognize my beautiful antworten

> Somewhere quarters. Www! QUaNBEN! Com a certain large trees. Lin weeks Title looked at his face smile came to Lin dynamic, some frown, this kid really is lingering, and asked: "If you convince me to let Zhou Yusheng under children, you'd better go." moving or smiled and sat down in front of the Week Title not mention Zhou problem: "I heard that you always play chess very powerful, as we come to the next several dishes how?" Zhou Title dip in chess, but for some years , many experts, but if even a brat but, it seemed to be somewhat justified, elderly chess contest last year he held in the city is to get first place, this is more than a thousand elderly registration, and finally he stood to the podium, so he is still very confident of their chess level. The Title does have self-confidence, said: "Do you play chess with me? Young man, you play chess for years?" Lin move seriously thought, to be honest Road: "seems to be a very small time will be, probably in elementary school , but no next time, "he said definitely the truth, this child and aunt under a little bit, and then found this chess really can not compare because of who ah, to peek at girls more interested in the toilet so deserted down. Title week reveal a smile: "I will let you a son." "Do not weeks old, you let me not, I like a fair fight." The forest action to prevent the elderly let the child. Stroll around a few of the elderly see the week Title and a young man playing chess, come around immediately. "Well, I'll take a look at your level of chess." The weeks immediately gracefully Title chess. Lin dynamic smiling, ready to pinch the child chess ask: "weeks old, we have a winning or losing it, if I do not accidentally win, you promise me things." Week Title mouth twitched under this kid is in the end self-confident or arrogant? Week Title front Lin move: "If you really win under me, I will consider the dialogue before us. Forest dynamic heart smiled, everyone has weaknesses, he is now just the right medicine:" Please. " you are a guest, you first call. "" I will not stand on ceremony. "Lin dynamic playing style coin a phrase, vista, often when people least expect a surprise move,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, his level of chess is not high, this talk about fair in war that is absolutely anti-anti step chess thought of three steps, always own the right path, and others the right path to be blocked. The past two years he has always been self-cultivation, the realm of the heart reaches the level of maintaining the status quo, do any one thing as long as the heart to calm down, then you will not see the game better. The beginning of the week Title thought Lin move just a little technical, but also seen a lot of young players, the next few minutes, he knew he encountered opponent, the opponent with a fall between the end is strange, board on the outcome of the split-second decisions. The Week Title Faced with such a rival for step-by-step camp, Bubuxiaoxin, go one step further step is also considered. From nine o'clock in the morning, the two men have been down to 11:00, a full under two hours, and old people watching chess is one stared at the two men Illustrating. Two pieces are each other not able to eat much, but the more last more test a person's patience and courage. Lin moving the phone vibrates. "Hey, Who forest move did not see who it was. "Han Yu Die, what did you do?" Forest "and an old man playing chess, some stubborn old man, I have to beat him to it a success." Move loudly, "Oh, did you miss me? Estimates were you last night on could not sleep, I certainly insomnia around. "" Fuck you, I was not so boring, where are you? I find you. "Lin told her address. Weeks old, and so will my girlfriend to come to me, we will speed up the progress bar ...... Zhou thing I'm afraid you agreed to, do not you also think of the grandchildren? I can help you forget hanging Zhou Yusheng boys. "Title Zhou looked up at the forest move, this kid mouth shut. The Week Title mind from the little waves, but he soon these waves forbear down. He is now to be calm in order to beat the forest move. After a few minutes, Korea Yudie on came to the district. True in chess? ", Korea Yudie do not know what watching chess without a word true gentleman what one see the forest move asked, grinning. "That is, do you think I lie to you ah? I can be honest." Lin move looked up at her,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, "today wear so sexy? Seduce me?" Korean Yudie wearing a hot skirt, laughing said: "Yeah, you intend to drain I went back week old, you can make it clear, ah, if you lose, this is the quest for a grandson, the best of both worlds.," Title frown weeks, the command calm, be calm, or do not know what to take this step. It took another five minutes. Lin move: "General, you lose." Zhou Title stared looking at the chessboard, lost? Really so lost, walk one more step, he generals forest move. Lin automatically stand up: "Art of War said above, if a person is too focused on the success or failure, then the mind will not calm." Title Zhou looked at the forest move and the the Korean Yudie both leave the figure, some absences. He lost not chess, but state of mind. "The old man is Who? Makes you so hard to win?" Promised others thing so you have done, "Lin moving lazy smile, a hand Gouzhuo Korean Yudie shoulder, join in the face in the past, "I know you want me." Korea Yudie does not admit: "Nonsense, what proof do you have?" Lin move seriously said: "First of all, your heart rate, your blood pressure, , your pupil dilating, said unlike I recognize my beautiful. "the Korean Yudie served:" OK, OK, count your charm, I just have so little thought you, you are so proud to do what? "Why am I not proud of? but big star, If I were sudden, and you sex scandal, I'll make a big Korean Yudie white one this guy, there is no a decent go it, go to the aquarium. "" Now? "Of course, I have two days to go back, go and see." Han Yu Die drove away toward the aquarium. "Sister Yudie, you're old sister okay?" Lin dynamic asked. "Well, the television Tai Zhuzi." "I quite like her ..... is not, I think she has much room for development." The Korean Yudie said: "Do you want to seduce my sister?" How can ah I do not have such a big ambition and sisters notice. "all right, you could have to seduce, she did not have a boyfriend, you have a chance, but you first come, first served." Lin automatically became a good man: "No, no sisters flower thing, I have to consult the leadership of my house. "forget and you say my night to go where you eat" Han Yudie said, "my to Yeh sister, say hello to the." "so ah, I'll have to cook. "Powerade Road," for a long time and you did not drink. "" Your cooking progress. "" My cooking has been in top form. "Han Yudie phone rings . Ringtones forest move that song my time. Lin moving heart like Fury. "Who?" Korean Yudie see strange number asked. "Miss Han, I was too serious, I still remember me? Charity gala before met her?" Han Yudie brain search, smiled and said: "Now the original words total, hello, is there any thing ? "" Miss Han song is very appealing, I do not know if you have not empty himself to me alone I sing the first few? "exaggerating to say, the price of a good talk." "Words total, really sorry, I have something , so next time. "strongly worded and some unpleasant:" Miss Han,Jordan 6 Sale, my words but the spirit of sincere heart you sing, you are sure to agree. "Korean Yudie know these local veterans mouth to talk about nice songs without actually want to own drink, and then go to bed: words total, I did not mean, just really things first. "<

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