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the middle of something antworten

> "You in the end what is going on?" Lu standard anger steaming asked Red Hat man sitting in front of tea water, this man these days move in fishing and forest, he forgotten his task? "You have to remember I want you to kill the forest move, rather than the two of you together fishing the the WWW! QUANbeN! Com" Lu standard wait shot hit a hole in his brain, have waited a week, did not see action in this man, and he thought that this person is to Pianchipianhe. Red Hat man smiled and said: "Lu lord, you are so angry what to do? Kill a technology not saying that murder is murder, even the enemy's weakness you did not get a clear idea of ​​you to kill only blindly to die, you know what I mean? "Lu Biao said:" You say these principles are clear, but you can not give me a time? I do not want too much waiting, my son or a disabled person, the most late tomorrow night, you want to give me a result, this business do not become "red hats men exposed a confident smile:" Lu classic line, it tomorrow night.'s head I will bring you. "Lu standard sneered: "I hope the time you keep your promise." He has already done the worst, if tomorrow this person may not be able to Lin move to kill, then he will have to kill myself can someone , they also can buy a gun, regarded pushed desperate, he will dog bites. Red Hat man said: "Lu master, you still do not get angry, so, waiting for my good news." Lu Standard frown looked at the man to come out of their sight. Lu Ye, not to track this person "Rudas could not understand the red hat man like an arrogant self-confidence. Lu standard waved and said: "No, tomorrow night no news to kill him, would help me with my money work, freeload, kill." Rudas said: "Yes, Lou Lord,Jordan 8 Sale, the people I have been arranged to ensure that this person will not escape. "Lu Standard nodded:" You work very stable, this thing on to you follow the above. "Lu Lord, that I will go on." red hat man After returning home, put the curtain to fall, his room into darkness. Lu standard back a woman looked at him in horror, what he'll do? This woman thought he brought back the first night she was ruthlessly ravaged man, surprisingly this man when she was a guest of honor on the move along. She seems at home here,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, in addition to freedom, she can do anything. Fattened sheep can finally eat. "Red Hat man revealing a strange smile facing the woman said," I know why I've been waiting for today? "The woman exposed not understand the color. Red Hat man holds all the woman's chin: "because I want to wait for this day to kill." He bared his fangs like smile. "You are my sheep, rest assured, I will not have to kill you, I will let you go back." Red Hat indifferent man said. He has a strange habit that ravage the woman should be ready to kill time, other people may have a good rest to meditate, but he was not the same after he finished that he myself full of energy . This one is no exception, in order to kill the forest move, he deliberately series and Lin move together fishing, do not talk to, but he has been secretly observe forest move every move, he did not even forest every minute blink 25 times a Seiji Chu, some small detail is the key to success. So this week he has always been moving and forest in the fishing, look boring, in fact, extremely thrilling. Found his attempt because if the forest is moving, it is bound to be an uphill battle. Lin is a very tough move, he can control the heart rate,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, can also control the breath and Qimai, so in order to ensure their own hands foolproof that time he should everything survey clearly. The most dangerous are not enemies, but from the people around him and forest action for six days, "a friend, his confidence began to kill their own forest moving him back should a woman do this thing, the more ferocious dry, the more he is strong and a woman called the more fierce, the more he force, the more brutal he and the woman in the bedroom from the morning to do the evening, the middle of something, the woman can not stand, begging, Red Hat man did not give her something to eat, and more vicious nine o'clock the next morning, Red Hat man finally no longer do things, he began to eat breakfast, eat a delicious breakfast, wash a cold water bath, and then meditate for half an hour half an hour time to restore calm his mood, his eyes become unprecedented calm and cruel that look like in front of a ferocious tiger, he can punch the tiger killed a woman has been no effort to move, lying in bed. "me out, you can go back, Thank you for your service to this day, very thoughtful. "Red Hat man said politely. The woman barely said:" You're welcome, this is what I should do. "Your heart must hate me. "No, do not hate. "It does not matter, you are not the first, nor the last. Red Hat gentle man said with a smile, from the ground up, just like to travel the river. Sunny. Suitable for fishing. Suitable for murder. The weather was just right! "You seem to come earlier. "Lin moving head without looking back, smiled and said:" No, you are a little late. "Red Hat said:" some traffic jams on the road. "Lin automatically nod red hat man sat down:" Today's fish should have a lot. "Lin action said:" You then some more. "" Yes, I dreaded not say, since there is no chance I'm afraid. "I'm moving to laugh, he turned:" Oh, is it? I got sick? Or travel? Illness and death are natural things look on some. "She spoke cried:" fish bait. "He flick of the wrist, then said:" There is no bait fishing, fish at least a couple of pounds more. "Red Hat man said:" Yes, I have the bait but could not catch any fish. "Maybe this is the so-called character issues. "Red Hat laugh. Forest action said:" It seems that you must be very happy thing, these years are board a face. "Yes. The "red hats and other forest move to ask but I'm moving to remain silent about the Red Hat can not help but ask:" You do not ask. "You will say, you are the one to let others share the joy. "Yes, I will do a sacred thing people share my joy, whoever he is. , "Red Hat said meaningfully. <

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