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17.05.2013 02:25
children like holding a bra w antworten

Jiang teacher, and send you a bouquet of flowers. Www qUanbEN com "Jiang Yue is holding the children play diapers home from the supermarket to buy when I saw Lin dynamic look of the smile gone through, his hands holding a bouquet of flowers, handed it in front of her. Jiang Yue embrace the little obsessed with babbling cried, it seems very happy. To see your daughter see you more excited, you Mozi print-out. "Jiang Yue said with a smile, took over the forest move with one hand,Air Jordan Superfly, the other hand is the girl gave Lin move. "Eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows are like me, really worthy of my daughter." Lin move obsessed with holding a small, pinched her little nose, two pounds of it ? quite sink it. "" Well, just last month hospital for check-ups, just two pounds, our family small deeply trouble during the day, at night traumatic powerful. "Jiang Yue smiling face, a child is so much noise she when Tinghuo, but saw her reveal the kind of simple and honest and lovely playful Mo Yang playing mind happy. Call my dad called my father. "Lin automatically get their nose caress small forehead deeply, temptation Road" Dad gave you candy Oh. "" Oh, do not give her candy, the child is eight teeth, one day brought up-to-night snacking, refused to eat, sometimes I starve her. "Jiang Yue great experience when his mother," just go to the supermarket, but also grabbed a snack, I hastened to hold her leave, will now walk a little, her home would be all over. "" Come, walk a few steps to see. "Lin moving small obsessed down, walk a few steps to see." little obsessed with a shake flash strike onwards. Move Lin and Jiang Yue seen in a good mood. "Your daughter gave me no less trouble." The girl home, trouble not a kind. "Lin automatically laughed, seeing the small deeply about to fall, a stride put the copy. Small deeply Oh the laughs, holding a small hand to pinch forest action skinned. "Come on, come on, hurry home." After returning home, the forest move teasing girl playing. Jiang Yue do a little dish in the kitchen to the little obsessed with eating. "Teacher, you weaning?" Lin moving toward the kitchen Jiang Yue asked. Eight months when broken, and now eat milk. "Jiang Yue replied. Lin move some guilt, the kids weaned do not know. To feed her something to eat. "Sheng Jiang Yue, a small bowl of rice over. "I came to the future." Lin move took their jobs, the first said. Daughter, father over to feed you. "The forest called're playing Jenga obsessed over. Small obsessed side to side came. "Good Chiyikoufan to grow up quickly ... usually eat rice?" "Well, she is too fond of snacking, picky eaters, I can only let her eat rice, and occasionally to the point of bone porridge to her, but do not really like. "Lin automatically feed a few bites, small obsessed do not eat, you want to hold my mother. "Let me do it." Said Jiang Yue. Lin dynamic nod to the bowl Jiang Yue. "Teacher,Air Jordan 9, this is not a small obsessed birthday, I intend to to receive you Niangliang past, aunt is also very small deeply." Lin said the move took the opportunity to. "Well, I have long seen Ye Qing, wait a minute past?" "Yes." Lin automatically take advantage of when she fed into the Jiang Yue bedroom. The gesture of the bedroom very clean. Placed on the desk a lot of kids like to watch cartoons, there are a lot of mothers books. Lin move freely turn one. Jiang Yue feed a little obsessed with full packed luggage. "Come on." Forest holding obsessed downstairs. After more than an hour, the car came to Heshan City. Lin automatically buy in the supermarket when a yellow eel. Yue Jiang liked to eat fish, he always remember. Got home, Ye Qing,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, Yang has come back. "Ye Qing Jiang Yue." Two women warm greeting. "Little obsessed students, you do." Yang Ye looked stucco Yuzhuo obsessed hold back holding her. Aunt, teacher, time is a long way to go, or we go to the playground to play. Allow small deeply to see where the children. "Lin automatically offered. "OK, ah, today is the weekend, a lot of children." Jiang Yue agreed. Ten minutes later, the trio came play Plaza heshan. Weekend, many parents take their kids to play. Small little obsessed are not afraid of life, has been babbling excitedly cried to go to the past and the other kids say hello. "Obsessed, I'll take you to the open bumper cars." Yang Ye Qing along the way are holding the little obsessed, even changing diapers all made by her to. Small deeply did not eat Yang Yeh tofu, is like little hands touched her chest. The forest move whispered: "Teacher, sleep at night, this little guy is so in front of you?" Jiang Yue laugh: "Well, not so much difficult to sleep ah." "I have heard that some children like holding a bra what touch to sleep, appears to be true. "" eyes. "I also want to touch sleep. '" Which is cool to stay where to go. Jiang Yue's face to overfly flushed and red, this guy is thick-skinned, what say out move Lin and Jiang Yue Yang Ye Qing watching, little obsessed with the open bumper cars turning. "Promise, was a big girl red envelope, do not know how many there are. "Lin move that did not open the red envelope and handed Jiang Yue," after the to Zan girl when dowry. "Who. Jiang Yue asked. "Siniang, you do not know. Jiang Yue accept three anxious, I'm on the toilet. "I'm moving, laughing," I came back to me and you to sit pirate ship. Three hundred meters from a high-rise corner, a sniper is targeting Yang Ye Qinghuai hold little obsessed inside, showing a fraction of a grinning mouth. They just pull the trigger, then this little life must forever disappear in the Earth on he liked to see was painful way. snipers took out the phone made a call "Lu boss, I would like to get some money, do not know how you think? "What do you mean? '"You do not want me to kill that person, I saw his children." His children? I really like your message, I will give you a million.' "Lu boss really happy Let 's do, I will personally cut the man's headband back to you. "Good. Sniper put the phone back into the pocket, again aimed at the small deeply forehead. Stable and cold his index finger on the trigger. Slowly in force. "Do you think you can kill my daughter? "The people cold chicken skin up voice suddenly sounded, then a hand grabbed sniper collar, flung directly on the wall. Sniper was not seriously injured, the body hit the wall just short mind blank seconds only, he immediately rushed suddenly out to kill people out of an icy dagger, this person is actually moving forest. how could he get here? "This is a dagger? "Lin moving two fingers looked like pliers life and clamped a dagger stab. Snipers resorted to feeding effort pumping out. When a crash. Daggers broken into two parts. Forest dynamic kick to the sniper the lower abdomen. <

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