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> Lin moving to laugh, this mantis really refuse to give up until all hope is gone ah Xiong Road in front to hide behind: "Young Eric came out to meet your big brother, this is your last time we met. WWw.QUAnbEN com "Xiong feet Dousuo the, do not understand some forest move him out here to do, although he is an ambitious man, but this mantis, after all, his former Big Brother, or more than the prestige there. he say so not mantis eyes to kill strange. Mantis see Xiong sneaky from eating to come out the other side, his eyes staring, eyes Shaodao Zi Xiong not cried: "Mantis Big Brother." "Good, good, nice, Xiong you eat outside guy, you dare joint others to kill me? "mantis Nusheng the Road," Xiong, Hello great courage. "Xiong feet soft, it is necessary to help the knees down, Lin fixed a clutch live his shoulder, lift, gentle smiles: a male, he is dying, and you are afraid of what I call the shots here to give you. "Xiong to swallow the saliva, fighting back stricken by the psychological, said: "mantis, I did not betray you, provoke you should not mess with, you're dead, you're dead." the forest shake shaking his head, not emboldened guy, facing Xiong Road kidding: "In order to prove that you really want to be a big brother, your past mantis kill, so you are not afraid of him." mantis laughed: "alone, he also wanted to be a big brother? do I? "No, I do not joke." the Lin for fixed Zhengjingbabai said, to Jiao Exiong went to the front of the praying mantis. Mantis mouth a spit out a pack of saliva. Roll, I will not let you. "Xiong's face flashed complex look, he is afraid mantis, but Lin move here, with what looked like before so afraid he,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, Mantis has not survive . The Young Eric courage up a fan fiercely fan mantis face, then shouted: "What kind of stuff, so how can you be the boss, I can not." Mantis look really bite to kill Xiong afraid, But Xiong after a fan was thinking anyway, have played, and then crushed. Xiong is a slap in the act, mantis face edema, the seepage mouth out with blood. Lin move in while fanning the flames and said: "Well, Xiong, play well, I appreciate your tone, the kings rather a kind of peace? What he can when the boss, you will not be able to?" Xiong hit after two fans feel the air feet, hand pain, heart cool to use words to say so, he kicked the mantis kicked the side, said loudly; "I tell you, I not only mantis when Brother, I still want to pursue your woman is no peace in hell below. "mantis in Heshan aspect, ten years from did not think so humiliating day, his lungs to be ripped, can be chosen to do nothing. Lin moving in the side of the creditors, this is the good guy, big brother dare to unseat their own Big Brother. Seems Xiong is not nothing. Mantis things on this, before I call that a cat thrown into the septic tanks inside, you go to hell with him. "Lin move good people do in the end, the Buddha to the West. "If you kill me,Air Jordan 7, I have absolutely no complaints, but I want to know is, who are you?" Mantis do not want to die in a face hands of people who do not know. Xiong is also strange that the forest move in the end What is the name. Lin dynamic aiming a very wasted step mantis, walked in front of him, knelt down, can hear the sound of a mantis, said: "My name is Lin move, if you know my name, then you are very unlucky, because you are the first one I kill people in Heshan City, I assure you go to hell. "mantis exposed a shocking look,Nike Air Jordan 9, he is Lin move? He is the star Lin? Forest move intended to death two years ago so many people regret. Xiong, throw him down. "Lin automatically looked up at Xiong. "Yes." Xiong grabbed the ankle mantis hands dragging. Five minutes later, a male driving a car traveling in the back to the city on the road. Xiong, also want to know my name? "Lin dynamic asked. Young Eric shook his head: "No, no, I do not want to know your name, I have a fear of death." Xiong told myself feel that if the forest move, it is perhaps time dead. "Oh, looks like you're still a little smart, know that when I will tell you." "Yes." "After you call me big boss." "Big boss, you kill mantis, I ... .. I'm afraid to take their own position before the instability mantis ..... there are a lot of people below him, the seafood business I may be too busy. "Oh, you said I know, so be it, you these threats to your people together, and I personally to deal with. "Xiong listening to the big boss casually some shiver:" Boss, you kill them? "No, I'm not the executioner, I think of a good living in this city, you do not have to worry about. "" Yes, boss. "" stop here, remember my number? can find me. "" Yes. "Lin move from Xiong car down, read the next time, more than eight, aunt up, went to get breakfast before breakfast is cold. Second boss, a coincidence? "Lin to move first entered into wonton shop saw Zhou Yang. "Zhou sister, as early as ah, you come here to eat ravioli?" "Ah, here ravioli listen to good food, well known for the second boss, what are you?" "I have to play a bowl of wonton." Zhou Yang understands like: "understand, you know, it must be to play it to the big boss, second boss, really good man." "Oh, that is, that she likes to eat here ravioli, I came over to play a bowl "" line, that'll see you tonight. "" Good. "Lin move in future we drove home after the ravioli. Aunt, eat ravioli, fresh ravioli, delicious. "Lin dynamic warm yelling into the bedroom. Yang Ye Qing is wearing a thin pajamas animation art back to the forest. Aunt, painting what is it? "Lin automatically go up behind, looked at the drawings, the rising sun ... there are a few birds ..... ah, drawings, sketched lines clear turn God . "" You are flattering, flattering morning afraid of me and under not eat ravioli? "Lin move a little smile, his arms round the aunt, aunt's shoulder pad head:" aunt, one day is not flattering uncomfortable, Feeling Awful it. "" ah ... Boy, are you doing it? "out so meal effort, I think we left for centuries ..... do something." "I'm in the picture painting ..... "you can while painting, I side from behind, do not delay things." <

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