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forest move to get out antworten

> Lin moving to the sinister heart of a gentleman's belly: "a good place? But I do not like your elderly aunt and I put him under house arrest, we have no way out. WWW QUanbEN com" Satan laughed: "Sister , you think I would do such a thing do? If want to have this idea, also have such strength, are not you? you if and forest dynamic join forces, then I'm afraid no half points opportunities. "Yang Ye Qing nodded, Satan was not wrong, if she and Lin move teamed up he had no chance, but her self-confidence Satan would not do that, move to the forest, said: "We heard Satan." Satan soon called on a car Along the way, does have police interrogations, but the sight of Satan immediately respectful car to leave. Ten minutes after Satan's car came to a private villa which Satan explains: "This villa is one of my friends, he is currently in the United States, you can stay one night." Move Lin and Yang Ye Qing on as a It seems Satan or the self-confidence, and no two reservoirs to seeing the light. Satan see Yang Ye Qing, had been holding the hands of a token'd like to touch on the first touch, after all this is the token of the Pope, he is also in the Vatican spent a lot of years, every time I saw the Pope a right the rod when the heart is always kind of want to take the urge to take. Yang Ye aiming a Satan, see this human eyes have been staring at her the baton, did not care, directly to the token handed Satan: "If you want to look at, to give you." Satan stunned, asked: " Sister, you trust me so much? "Yang Ye Qing told Satan a cold reality:" No, this is not a question of trust, holding a scepter not running how far the forest move to catch up with you in an instant, I believe he the strength of the forest moving on one side is seriously said: "ah, aunt said right, you can look, touch, but they can not take away." Satan smiled, really can not take away ah, Lin move The very casual Vice stood, but he knew that as long as they have the slightest movement, then wait for the forest move violent attack. Satan some regret: "I had and you should not learn the martial art?" Lin move laughed: "regret? Eat the world does not regret it, I'd very grateful to you and to learn when to tell some of my experiences. "Satan said:" I'm just asking for trouble. "He touched token every inch of the place, fingers trembling slightly, but this dream token has a token, so is the Pope, can control thousands of the Holy See Pope, no one dared to contend with. No wonder Apollo forbear so many years until the forest move to the Vatican, even as early as Yang Ye Qing called Lin moving to Vatican Pope wounded. Apollo just does not think the forest move so brisk token robbed in the past, this is his failure. Satan Za mouth, reluctantly gave token Yang Ye Qing: "Really, I would like to have, but pregnant bi guilty I know that Apollo will come to me questioning, so this token you safest hands ...... Mr Lin move was right, maybe one day I will find you jointly deal with Apollo you do not want to say that you do not have enemies, you're promised the Hainajinfu people, they must not forget Iga family and Apollo relations are very good, especially Iga a thousand words, this woman was and Apollo looked at me and Lo Lieh Battle in the Kunlun Mountains, she thought I do not know, really underestimate me. forest move to hear the Lo Lieh name remembered something, immediately asked: "Yes, I have things to ask you, why some priests have bat Ring Could Lo Lieh is the Holy See?" Satan shook his head Lin said: "No, Lo Lieh is not the Holy See, but he has a working relationship and Apollo, Apollo want to control the number of followers, so will want to Lo Lieh ring to him to bat, so you can control the priest." move this come to understand and asked: "Lo Lieh? in the end he go?" Lo Lieh Kunlun Seven most worth pondering, until now he has not figure out the strength of this man, this is a very terrible thing. Satan said: "I do not know exactly where Lo Lieh? Perhaps only Apollo understand In fact, Lo Lieh the seal in another space world, why in the real world, only one reason, and that is the Apollo seal to break to let the Lo Lieh out. I wanted to come to the world only the ability, so you have to be looking Lo Lieh,Air Jordan UK, must go first to the Apollo, but you are not necessarily the Apollo opponent, and his strength is a mystery. " Lin moving deep that it is indeed the Apollo is a strength of the terrorist guy can Lo Lieh pulled from a seal space in this world, horrible, he has not foolproof,air jordan store, on Apollo's grasp. Not fully grasp that he would not have shot. Yang Ye Qing is also in doubt: "the Luo Young murderous too heavy to be Master seal into the Kunlun Mountains ....... in the Kunlun Seven Luo Young is actually very talented at that time Master the most promising people, teach the palm of the place just around the corner, the last Master position to Lin Linlin This led Luo Young dissatisfaction, left Kunlun ..... where Master did not say, and then to see Luo Young when he was Master seal. "Satan said:" Sister,Air Jordan 2, I go first, or Apollo doubt me, here I allow no one to come. "" Good. "Satan leave , Yang Ye Qing, put a token handed Lin: "Your task is to take good care of this token." Lin a blasphemy pleasure: "aunt, peeing in the above, you can not? want to know the right stick but a symbol teach Ting Huihuang history. "Yang Ye Qing stare and said:" knew something this stupid idea, Freeze. "Lin action said:" Well, I went to the toilet, sleeping with a token, do not worry even if I put my from a lost will not lose the token. "" did not you say so serious, I know you'll take good care of. "Yang Ye Qing transfer the topic, some apologetic eyes," Do you think I did not you tell the truth? "Lin moving look at of Yang Ye Qing Yi Zizi said:" I just feel regret and feel bad ... so many years you over? I was not able to accompany you around, this is the life the biggest regret Yang Ye Qing heart warm, in the end she came to the real world, how many years, she not remember exactly, in the forest moving day, she a person to eat, sleep, work, what is a person . Live one after another, and others will not have deep feelings. She has been waiting for Linlin Lin's reincarnation, wait until she grew up watching this guy called Lin dynamic growth. Sometimes, she is also looking at the forest a weird feeling, this person is Lin Linlin of the year, the time to really get good luck ah. Yang Ye Qing voice choked, the first move in the forest in front of some human feelings: "I know you will understand me ...... I do not have, Solitude's nothing wrong, so as to better take care of themselves, good care of their own, has been waiting for you. "" In the future, I will stay with you to keep going, aunt. "forest action can not help but embrace Yang Ye Qing. "Well, I know we will go." That night, there is no so-called intimate contact, but said the night of a private message is Yang Ye Qing said, forest sounds, he wanted to hear any one thing about the aunt. , Yang Ye Qing and Lin move did not go to bed until daybreak. Hugged and slept. Woke up, move Lin found embrace Yang Ye Qing, a small woman, the mouth hung brilliant smile and would like to imagine the goblins or so years by, never an old face. Forest dynamic the mouth wiping away a smile, his eyes suddenly hands shot into the middle of the aunt's chest, slowly rubbing. "Uh." Yang Ye Qing, the touch of his hand was awake, hazy eyes and asked, "how when awake?" Just. "Lin did nothing out of hand, has been rubbing, soft feel his fascination. Yang Ye Qing, a hands on chin and said: "What time is it is not up to cook breakfast, Satan should be a little breakfast, I'm hungry." "I'm hungry." Lin move Serious Road, hungry to eat you go. "the Yang Ye Qing Oh smile, wrinkly nose, eyes should not see, and the forest moving, laughing, nose and aunt rubbed his nose. "Aunt" "Well." "Aunt." Ah. "" Aunt. "Ah." Both portrait fool the same answer, answer. Laugh. Lin dynamic touch tweak. Yang Ye Qing, also followed touch tweak. Aunt, hungry, ah. "" I went to look at the refrigerator. "Under hungry, ah, flute flute not?" Forest with unparalleled excitement and asked: "This is a dream, before hand, times now, ah, but old husband and wife. "flute ... ah ... I could not really ah ..... does not care to place bites ....." "I did not say I did not say anything." Lin automatically scared to get out of bed immediately. "Do not go, I try to blow." "No, not the future I'll give you to Kan Maopian you first look, I was as guinea pigs feel dangerous." Yang Ye Qing sighed: "Well, first say the forest move to get out of bed, wash, to see some things in the refrigerator to find. Eat breakfast after, Satan called me and said the Vatican three-way in the sea, land and air are strictly controlled, all Chinese people can not go out. "Aunt, you will shifty power, right?" Lin asked, moving, it can only use this another way to sneak it, but it needs two additional passport. This matter can only let Satan have to do. "Will." Lin moving pleased said: "This is much easier to handle, the last time I will do this another way secretly returned to China, but this token to take out on the trouble." Token of about one meter How long, in order to take out so will be very troublesome. Yang Ye want do to bring token the Vatican is very troublesome, at least wait until the wind to come back for the past: "put the token on here, the most dangerous place is the safest, if you're not careful Satan to find met, he would find us. "Lin automatically agree with this advice:" OK, I find a place to hide. "the forest automatically possession of a good token after notification Satan, this mixed with shifty work out another way to say next. Satan is agreed, saying the passport immediately send past. Satan passport sent over, move Lin and Yang Ye Qingli shifty power has a face-lift, eyes turn blue. Satan also tut praise: "If you tell me, I really do not know ..... token it?" Lin move whispered: "hidden in a safe place, you never know, we after three days is going to be. "he pretending to be mysterious gesture Satan some ideas - punch this guy labeled a fool. "Satan to you, then we do this too, see Milan." Lin automatically waving. Milan see. "<

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