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almost equal to their heart jitter antworten

"God, this is the power of the people?" Alice elders you actually China the baton to take away the. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM "" God, God ah. "Alice elders behind stopping him is how to bring China to the spike gorgeous scenes, but the outcome is too shocked and cruel. Alice elders, but the Holy See which apart from a few bishops when the outsiders outside the most powerful people. Can such a person was the forest action single hand to grab the token. Alice elders arm seems soft seems to have been hit. This is incredible. Alice is with the toes did not think so his defeat at the hands of the forest action, lost temper. He never feel lost in front of a China to such a point where, in his eyes, has been convinced that the Chinese people are fake kung fu, so-called martial arts are deceitful, deceiving those people. Just see the forest move from his eyes flashed by, he clearly can punch the edge of his heart, but I'm moving no. He just grab the symbol of the authority of the token. Lin moving look at his face ashen Alice, smiling like a blade: "hard token? Incarnation of rights, right?" Lin moving head held high, staring at Alice elders, one-handed directly to the token twist broken into two parts, throw on the ground a Sugar Palm bang. Years by the priests scared some pale. Alice elders cold stare forest move, do not speak, he was already a vanquished. Right, then go back and go to bed earlier, do not disgrace here, "Lin said the move very seriously. Alice said: "No, we will not back down, will not go back, we want you out." Said Alice, holding high a hand,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, burst out from the body bone extremely full of spirit, incitement, said: "I years of courage, faith Father God, you years of blood, immortal body to get rid of the devil from the East. told this man, we are not afraid of this man, we have God's presence, God will stand by our on one side, the final victory will be ours, we want to defeat the devil, with our hands on our chest. "Alice behind the priests immediately exposed excited, passionate, a popular indignation like forest should be moving to get rid of the Holy See, not afraid of death to defend God. Yang Ye Qing looked at, full of marvel, said: "The people of faith is the most terrible, nothing to do foolish." Lin automatically agree with, this is scary religion, only in a foreign country only this even the dead are not afraid of religion beliefs, Gee said: "Yes, aunt, religion is a very magical thing that allows a timid and cowardly people can suddenly become the incarnation of the brave peace with justice." Yang Ye Qing, turned around and asked Lin move with interest and said: "Oh,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, that your faith? you have faith?" Lin move smiled, a bit embarrassed Road: "My belief is actually very small, a small fart, is to protect the aunt, caring aunt, sister-in-law, then we must listen, aunt, then to do everything aunt, this is my personal belief. "Yang Ye Qing Lin moving ass name looks do not know, said:" This is a family beliefs, I know you behind some efforts to reach the faith. "Alice elders can not listen to two people Lovers intercession spirit here, shouting:" The brave men, my dear warriors for faith, kill the heresy devil. "years by the priests did not hesitate to rush to the forest move. Alice elders to remain intact, a person in the back looked at the priest approached rushed into. Lin move no mercy, if this is the case, the injured, who has been brainwashed guy is crazy, treat madman, only to wring their necks to see God completely. Not of swords, not call days Hansha. Some just cool to kill, swinging a dagger, a priest to God. Lin moving hand did not stop to move, kill one after another priest, are just being a knife, the poor priest fighting for all these years has been the face of forest dynamic Tigers skill, waiting only to be killed by the parts. Alice elders do not know when to go where? Just slogans and defender long vanished. Those impulses blood priest poured in a pool of blood, some did not die immediately, quivering slightly. Like a veteran man put his hand on the quivering thigh without personnel girls. A pool beach red blood mark to record changes in the silent historical vicissitudes of the Holy See. Yang Ye Qing, a slight frown, or excessive murder and murder is the most greatest gift and salvation, but in this kind of thing. Lin move dagger only a drop of blood. Red blood. Take this dagger all the way to the front of God. Take this dagger all the way and aunt went to the front of the Pope. He wanted to tell the Pope. He Lin move, come from China, he wanted the Pope to remember his name. Lin, Lin Lin moving moving moving. Alice elders indeed run, but not run out of the Holy See, he was going to tell the other elders, but a hideous demon came to the Holy See. Move Lin and Yang Ye Qing, all the way to walk side by side. Time of Fr rushing. Kill. Holy See's pro-Guard guns. Kill! Was blocked in front. Kill! Kill for Pianjiabuliu! Alice elders quickly convened a three elders of the Holy See the three Presbyterian Holy See few appearances, but if the Vatican significant things when they will come out. The three elders are angry face, they are young one greater than the temper than a hot. Any who saw his followers were killed, they would fly into a rage. Especially the forest the way to move this knife murder. Read on chilling. Read on anger sky. Alice elders sits of this qualification generational stronger than his elders, obvious emboldened enough, the tone has become cold, before the lack of confidence: "I'm moving, you thought kill the priest can? Holy See priests, we absolutely followers, you can never kill endless. "the murderous one amazing burst out, Lin hands pointing to some of the elders, said:" I will kill you is sufficient. "Lin move, You're a conceited formidable opponent, no wonder Apollo bishops do look up to. "elders indifference of an intermediate said calmly, from the beginning to see the anger anger of Hindus were killed, slowly transformed into a cool, calm to restraint inner demon to kill Lin move, "but he missed the best time of kill you, If I had in China he had killed you, I'm afraid you will not come to the Holy See to run wild." forest mobile laughed: "Lord Apollo but a master Yang Tiger, I'm afraid he is so powerful day, the elders you, you may be wrong Apollo bishop." Lin move, I know that you are Kunlun disciples, but even so you thought the nine-word mantra invincible world? "elders coldly said," Western swordsmanship and Knight may not be lost to you. "" Your Western swordsmanship very powerful? "Lin asked,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, moving , "your uncle, you say these words is not to say wait for the next duel and I do not use the nine-word mantra on the line, say what words do." elders a red face, did not think I said so obscure , Lin moving heard, but it's better this way, but can not admit: "Is it? do you think you Western swordsmanship makes it good?" bare hands. "the forest moving his hands to make a twisted neck action," Come on, you three old do not understand. "" Let me come. "the right of the elders is a big step forward, imposing octahedral Road, is the token of the weapons in his hands. To his stage, with a token and use fencing is a reason. Maintaining the status quo! "If you can withstand Zhe Yiquan, I leave immediately." The forest moving eyes firmly Road, mouth sneer. Elders said: "I am far more than to resist you Zhe Yiquan, I would also like you nailed on the cross." Then you go to hell. "Lin move said, stature rushing punch. Said punch punch. Boxing epoch-making momentum. Like thousands of Tigers Tigers into the air. Like Master and Pentium. The elders just feel the dough issued strange changes, the entire body trembling, he was not even a show of hands had no chance. Lin move Zhe Yiquan enveloped him live, let alone move the body, even the eyebrows could not move. Around two elders also feel the momentum that is terrible is Life, was almost equal to their heart jitter, broken. But can not tolerate forest move so killed. The two elders thundered loudly, transported from the full force of the body, the baton hit on forest rushing move. "You can Naiwo!" Token chest hit the forest move. But he still can not block the way. Punch put the elders fly bombers flying out. Fly. In the. Air. His body bone came the hula hula sound. When the when the elders floor, no sound, his body turned into cotton. All the bones of the body inside the play became a smash, no little weight. Died on the spot. The two token elders failed to pierce the forest moving chest, but his force Zhenfei out. An arm never resorted to force, a head against the wall, into a lunatic. Punch, a death, an injury, a madman. Those who relied on three elders put the forest move to kill the priest is supposed to direct scared and fled. Lin automatically looked down under his clothes, shook his head: "go back and get the laundry, aunt." "It does not matter, I like to wash." "Hand wash it?" Yes. "" I like those who fled Fr one purring. "The devil comes, run." "The devil came ah!" "Aunt, in front of the main hall, which is said to have the statue of the God of the world!" Oh you mean? "Lin automatically turned around and smile style : "to the inside to say." When Lin dynamic and Yang Ye Qing finally came to the most central of the church when he saw Jesus nailed to the cross above. Aunt, as we get married, the wedding of two of us. "Lin move turned around and asked, a little excited, a little nervous, a bit nervous. Yang Ye Qing, with practical action on behalf of what she said. Kiss Lin dynamic. Kissed Lin moving lips. "Well ... amount ... I want to stifle, I want to stifle ....." forest action single foot tilted up, seems to be a very imposing monkey tail. Yang Ye Qing finally let go of the moving lips of the forest, holding hands, his face, said: "When you have words for many years." Lin automatically laugh. A smile. Some faint traces of tears in the corner of the eye. <

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