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17.05.2013 02:17
forest action to prevent antworten

> A slight sigh reached the ears of the sniper, he unconsciously with his eyes glanced behind, the amazing discovery of a shadow behind the fear and shock reflection on the arm, then the whole body, he I want to pick up the sniper rifle on the ground when I heard the voice of the latter: "You'd better not to move wWw.QUanBEN.CoM or I'll kick you to go downstairs." snipers know this man has control of the the whole situation, he now only take orders from the sudden blaze,Air Jordan 14, immediately raised his hands, pretending to be calm, said: "Man, you can be really powerful, what is up?" Lin went to move the people behind with more muffled voice said: "just come up, so you do not be afraid and do not care too much, you meet me you the bad times." snipers hit a Ji Ling, listen to these words mean man to start, said : "You are who? Why is there here?" Lin moving hand on sniper shoulder, knowing that person means to notify the other sniper, but he did not have the opportunity to: "Did not you have been waiting for me ,? sniper Yiziyizi said: "You are forest move, boss Thorne our people." Lin move nodded, infuriating penetrate into the body of this man's organ, which is not to attack it: "Yes, I am your boss Thorne person, you wait a lot of time into it." a sniper feel one biting cold float from the soles of the feet, like a small piece of the leaf, and then slowly turned into can not see the outline, he felt that their breathing is slowly reduced, said: "What you do to me?" Lin move slowly count: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... I know that can not be reconciled, but only your destiny, I hope you see God's time with a happy time, your friends will soon allow them to stay with you. "snipers would like to place a call, would like to remind yourself those peers, but his mouth open only breath, he knew that a life of its own is slowly reduced the China forest move, he admit defeat, efforts the tough turned around and want to take a look at this it is in the end the long Mo Yang, know the people of China on the afternoon of disapproval, but now he knew was wrong, horribly wrong, own sniper rifle did not kill him, but let him silently kill. "You can not see me,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, because I do not like you. Forest moving his head pass in the past," If there is heaven when you looked above me. "Sniper ashen face, and then did not hear any sound. Sniper slowly, slowly weakening heartbeat can not hear the heartbeat when the last time, his body limp under the ground. The last one second time he saw a pair of shoes, did not see the forest action. Easily kill a sniper, Lin came to the location of the second sniper moving at full speed, the sniper is full of vigilance, stature shadowy forest move, however, is still not a cent of the capacity for resistance directly moving palm forest printed on the edge of the heart of man, and then the heart of the sniper seems to land cracks, dense blood vessels burst suddenly thrust directly into the blood. Third, the fourth snipers are Lin utilized the same another way to get rid of. Lin automatically get rid of these four snipers back in the car, the Yang Ye Qing is placed soothing music listening. Yang Ye Qing said: "After listening to two songs of the time you come back, things done?" Lin automatically answered with a smile: "four snipers kill silence, can not fail to kill them, I will try to the following police get faint ...... Although this is a bit difficult, but I like to meet the challenges "Yang Yeh clutching forest moving hand the circle one finger in the palm of his hand:" I believe you can be done to make "Lin move winking asked:" aunt, how when you become so lovely? even have to spend this trick. "Yang Ye back to before the temper imparting instruction:" Occasionally, it is late Go, for the Holy See will be closed by 12:00, when we want to go to some difficult. "Lin move the face Qinliaoyikou Yang Ye Qing, heavy, said:" enough to allow small handed down immediately "Damn, this drunk again." see that plainclothes police officers in the car again to rickety forest move came over, his face looking angry, to pull out the gun to move to get rid of the forest. "No, here is the Holy See, and can not be shot." This time the captain responsible for the arrest of the forest action to prevent said, "taught a good lesson he can plug him into the trash inside." "Yes, Captain." Plainclothes The police opened the door to go down, move over forest waved and shouted: "Sir, come here." Lin moving unsteadily walked over, like drunk exclaimed: "You called me to come over to apologize but you have just the thing ... .. You are welcome to the money on it. "plainclothes police officers stepped forward to grab forest move took him into not far from the trash inside, there is no plainclothes police approached, Lin action figure a sudden flash, and plainclothes police definitely did not expect the forest move suddenly behind him, was about to subconsciously say what he'll do when the forest dynamic punch shattered his neck joint, plainclothes police officers shocked fell to the ground. Lin move directly rushed into the police car, neat and quick inside four police unconscious, before some police, but temporarily transferred, so I'm moving effortlessly put unconscious. Aunt, can. "Lin moving to the aunt call. Yang Ye Qing, quickly came to the police car, looked under the coma police, smiled and said: "The action is very fast what." The forest move said: "This is just some small means to an end, small concubine kind of forest dynamic and Yang Ye Qing to the front of the main entrance of the Holy See. Yang Ye Qing, a halt: "there may be some people ..... they want to stop us ......" Lin move deeply laughed: "I will stop our people one by one removed .... .. because I know aunt come here will have a purpose. "Yang Ye Qing, blinking eyes:" Oh,Jordan Spizike Sale, you know? "Lin move shook his head:" I do not know. "Yang Ye looked up at the night lights reflected in the Holy See, she his face a look of indescribable. Lin move a slight frown, aunt this melancholy is hard to see, pay close attention to the aunt's hand, did not see the aunt, he has to do something with real action. "Nothing can stop us forward." <

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