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16.05.2013 10:59
Zhou Xing devil Qiankun antworten

> This road did not encounter any character, all the way very well, four days after the dialect parked in front of their own homes ink Ling were rain peak. Www! QuanBEn! Com has just returned to Mexico and Ling were discovered some unusual atmosphere, and they see themselves in pointing dialects do not know what happened, but also did not mind too much, went back to his own homes. Someone? Dialect entered the room they found a hint of something wrong, the guardian front of the door and there is no exception, but the house there are other traces, like appear out of thin air in the house over the same dialect carefully check it for a long time, to find the house no one have left these traces is not in the house. It is what people came to my house? Dialect sitting on the futon with himself, certainly not Ji Yaoguang and month exquisite, few people know in ink Ling were the Qin Yang Feng Yan in the vast mountain familiar, they do not know where to live, say there is no reason to come to his house. In addition to the trio, the Palace Mu Nan Gong Yu siblings, but they Why did you come here,air jordan sale, looking for red cicada eggs? The idiot also know certainly such an important thing to carry, the dialect think long time thought out what they were, simply no longer ignore. Dialect soon as I knew I would like to avoid been spared dialect sat down no small half hour large doorstep messaging flashes while the dialect out are found to come did not know. The brothers, but to find the next? "Dialect Young, is looking for you." "I do not know how to call brothers, Why?" Ink Lingfeng Wu Zhiguo, dialects trip with me to ink Ling peak, Ji Elder Elder snow, also there, as to what was going on, you know the dialect confused with the back of the Wu Zhiguo, a few tentative opening Wu Zhiguo with the past, knows from his little things simply do not ask. Many see the dialect of Wu Zhiguo behind the same door, do not know is a expression,Air Jordan After Game UK Sale, sorry? Fortunately? Qi Bing palm to teach, rain peak dialect to the. Duo stopped at the the ink the Lingfeng a main hall before, Wu Zhiguo advanced to Tongbing the the cry. "Let him come." Dialect hear the sound move into the main hall, what is the thing even alerted the palm to teach adults, That was one more step on the end of Dan monks, they are but a just getting started six months Lianqi of his disciples, in any case should not be and palm to teach what relevance. Into the house of dialects found not only rain and sulfur Yue Ji down the two elders, the Qing Wei Feng Lu elders also do not know there is a dialect, evidently should be purple, purple Raymond Lin elders, several elders sitting left hand in a row, the dialect surprising the opposite one sitting, and behind him stood a man know it is a dialect, Wet Land asked. Dialect heart slightly Deng cry, and think of even ask to see a certain dress that is too one of the elders and the like Wet Land. "Disciples dialect seen palm to teach adults, seen Members elders." Several elders are looked dialect that is not ink Tsing Yi Ling were monks, to recognize several dialects surprised, she was shocked to dialect cultivation and growth of a lot, do not know the dialect of the length of the flue and purple elders that some wonder, Lianqi five-repair is how to a Lianqi the ten stories of monks killed, even if the attack is not should ah, not to mention the next one Lianqi ten layers of Wet Land asked. The one too Angiogenic some surprisingly, turned to ask Wet Land asked: "You may be sure, this man killed my grandson Zhou Xing?" The dialect heard this I realized that this is pro-grandfather of Zhou Star Angiogenic dialects do not know , Angiogenic more than 100 years old have a grandson, usually own grandson Zhou Xing favorite for revenge to Zhou Xing, in ink Ling were already spent three days, "he is, the attack killed the week Young. "to hear fire long questioning, Wet Land asked immediately called up. Dialect has just entered into the temple, the Wet Land asked to look at the loss of so many things, in the vast mountain Wet Land asked often think of the heart more than blood. Wet Land asked not to tell the truth Angiogenic, saying only that the dialect attack succeeded, and he was seriously injured, dialect four or five bees Beast pet, lost under, he was evacuated, so go back, have not seen dialects trace , As for dialect snatched something, mentioning no mention, not even think about a lifetime and then looked up with the door know a Lianqi the five-story monks grab something. See in front of several people, listening to Wet Land asked, dialect suddenly understand the way the public eye to what it means, that they already know what the people waiting for their own, but the dialect or not, ink Ling were to make their so pay out. Palm to teach adults, Ji elders, calls disciples to why things. "Hear the dialect questioning, Ji rain seems some can not bear turned away and did not answer. Fire a head opening: "dialect, in the vast mountain kill one too a disciple?" Is his, Shizu, be sure to take revenge for the week Young Wet Land dialect but you are afraid to tell the truth, he did not know his blow did not kill Zhou Xing, Zhou Xing eventually died in the hands of the dialect, so he was told the truth. See Kyi rain attitude, bad dialect Anjiao soon, it seems that the ink Ling were want to sacrifice their own dialect of the time do not know exactly what happened. Six months of comprehension career, dialect naturally know too one is a large door than ink Ling were a lot of powerful, but too a potential, but that does not mean so, ah, even immediate concern ink Ling were sect to beg for own, if they have been taken away, that ink Ling were grateful to the elders how to convince the public, how to explain to the younger disciples are not afraid of people cold? "Palm to teach adults, Ji elders, Elder Snow, Rong-I said a word, that Zhou Xing I did not kill." Dialect just to speak, suddenly felt a tight body, covered with magic seems to be locked in general, he completely unable to running a half hours, and even can not speak, only stood upright. This time, but also quibble, the thought that you are a personal matter, can not think could be so soft bones. Long path of fire, some of his fellow, Thank you for your hospitality, which is rising to the decision I took, I promise you not going to kill him would not kill him, but the cultivation of his imprisonment, two weeks later, I too a knot Dan gift, but also hope to participate, say good-bye. "dialect word scared uttered a cold sweat Wet Land asked, was about to continue to shout, we can see the dialect has been Angiogenic imprisonment,Jordan 5 Sale, the reigning breath, heart and said: "Boy, Shizu say kill you, I do not kill you, but go back, me something I must take it up again, people do not know how rich you a Lianqi five monks, but I know of, not only my Qiankun Dai, even Zhou Xing devil Qiankun Dai also you. cultivation was being detained, only a few second spirit pet, I see how you can. "dialect naturally do not know at the moment Wet Land asked what they thought, could not move, he was able to hear extremely elders voices, that was it, but is a Ministry of Law tactic, ink Ling were will sell themselves, dialect and did not feel hate, just feel self-cultivation sector is too practical, the value of his life is a law formula, do not know that Albatron decision is part of what of the power law, even a few elders agreed to betray his disciples in exchange. Just send exquisite gift prepared for Ji Yaoguang month does not go out, Qin Yang brothers said move around often, it seems that there is no chance. Dialect cases for ink Spirit and there is not much sense of belonging addition to exquisite Ji Yaoguang month two and not a close person, listening to the man's tone does not seem ready to kill themselves, if you want to survive today, everything will redouble take come back. Just do not know the Zhouxiu Shi will be how to deal with their own, and his grandson to refining the soul, no matter what, he is now nothing can be done, just heard his junction Dan gift, original guitar Dan monks Results Brother Dan is so powerful? He did not feel the magic fluctuations would have been Qinzhu. The Angiogenic finished, a wave, a leaf instruments used his hand and dialects in one hand Wet Land asked, soon left the ink Ling were ink Lingfeng. Looked far away Angiogenic, several elders and some depressed, but then again, a look at the the Albatron decision of the hands of the fire a head, a trace of dissatisfaction immediately vanished. "Go, several Young, we went to study a Albatron decision after the Chamber of Secrets." "Well, Brother, please." No return. "Wu Zhiguo, you go out and announced to the disciples, rain peak disciples dialect of betrayal Munekado and injure peers, has been expelled from Mexico and Ling were later ink Ling were disciples should take this as a warning, if it is found, and punished. "(book support collection) <

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