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16.05.2013 10:56
said the middle age repair antworten

> The civet beast, a kind of self-cultivation sector is extremely rare animals, and taking into account the abundance of trunk dolphin some similar than trunk dolphin-order goods to be much higher, adult to fourth order, many monks like to find it when Spirit of pet. A civet beast monks are rich, because they can find other monks can not find the genius Po, the reason is their spirit pet civet beast, civet beast nose is more sensitive than the same order of monks soul , they can be discovered not monks exploration. However, in front of the little civet beast adult body circulation is still the inner alchemy, far less to Changeling stage, is shaped dialects do not think it can see through the maker of heaven and earth. If the last of their own stature found that is only civet beast of credit, the dialect to believe, but just only a minor civet beast, you want to see through the maker of heaven and earth, dialect absolutely do not believe it is Changeling After that, it will not score more powerful God monks Otherwise, the the civet beast not only low-level monks favor the Spirit of pet. See the expression of the dialect, the pinnacle of hearts really panic: "predecessors, really civet beast induction." "Well, even if you're a the civet beast sensed, but you keep track of things I can not just forget dialects seem to give up the intention to be investigated, but say the words pinnacle quite scared. But now the situation is not as good as people, in the face of the repair is far higher than their own dialect, the pinnacle is to give vent to not outspoken, only softly asked: "predecessors commanded to say is" do not install such a Vice poor, holding While Jade simple, to help me find the spirit of grass. "dialect readily training and preparation of the pinnacle of a Yu-Jane. Pinnacle took the Yu-Jane, soul swept away, immediately Kusangzhuolian: "predecessors?" I will not let you suffer, these Lingcao as long as you got a, I will give you immortality, Novo , is this. "dialect readily gave it to the pinnacle of an alabaster jar. "Oh?" Pinnacle also known as a sound, this is the voice of surprise, shocking third-order given immortality Shendan dialect to him, only heard a pinnacle aware of their own spirit seems to be a hint of the . Dialects, but used to supplement the spirit of immortality, in the eyes of the pinnacle had become a practicing clergyman, not everyone dialect, the saver there Yuan Ying spirit level for his refinery, given Shendan this kinds of immortality, that is, to many late-saver, and even the early Yuan Ying monks, is also very useful in embedded Bluestar, the immortality of the goods order has been top immortality, even here, given Shendan not ordinary monks can be easily obtained. Pinnacle For dialects delivery to the Yu-Jane had not a cent to make life difficult for the meaning, but rather asked: "predecessors, only need these Lingcao you, do you still want something else, as long as you need, I must have got you." "You'd dare blanket, If you can not find your body as baby give me?" asked dialect stunned seeing. Pinnacle hear the dialect of this sentence, immediately silent, alabaster jar in hand is how can not bear to let go. Three will be considered my deposit, we can cobble together inside Lingcao, I have better things to you, "dialect to leave time and throw in a word, after saying floating in the air from Go. Shi Feng Zi Some can not believe their own with nothing to pay, before they can get a bottle of three precious immortality, three immortality Is the two-day auction, one will be able to buy dozens of stars Spirit stone, or the best man so at ease to yourself? After quite a while to recover the pinnacle of immortality away, he now understand each other a high repair absolutely not afraid of their own sleight of hand tricks that own these many pieces immortality misappropriated nothing, only at the man to come up with the expression of the time, we will know three immortality saw that it was a treasure, but for the other ordinary immortality nothing. Whether this person is who, leaving the pinnacle scared, the other obviously aware of another treasure for himself, many of the familiar and the pinnacle of monks know pinnacle of to a sensitive unusual civet beast, but no one know, it is the pinnacle of the reason often find something good, not really rely on civet beast, but otherwise rely on. Today a person to see, although not spelled out, but the pinnacle of know each other look out, if in the past, the pinnacle certainly will not stay another moment, but just that people's actions is the pinnacle of some hesitation, the other repair much higher than their own, although Redstone city non-fighting, but a high-level monks want to get something, these rules is far from bondage, but the other did not mean, but gave their own bottle of valuable immortality. Pinnacle eyes turn a few laps, it seems a bit hesitant, not to helping a mysterious high-level monks collecting these Lingcao Ordinarily, the spirit of grass-order goods is not high, only a few of them take some effort pinnacle of thought, has come up with the alabaster jar looked just put away, then they made their own decisions. The pinnacle of a wise man, leave the pinnacle of dialects are not worried about what decision to make the stone summit, just at auction have already seen the kind of scene, than poor Shendan the a big slice of immortality, there are many gold Dan the mid-and late monk loot. Pinnacle who otherwise what dialect do not want to ask a monk has their own secret, unless the other party to mess with their own dialect and did not inquire ** habits of others, just by bird civet beast can do their own The those Lingcao evens, dialects do not mind, as long as these Lingcao material can be found all to the pinnacle than given Shendan better things. No longer in the the street Guangdang, dialects return directly to their homes now, with the pinnacle of dialects do not intend to to go the saver monk auction luck is more as these are not useless, not to mention, that is, the pinnacle would definitely go buy for themselves. However, higher order of things is not the pinnacle of be able to find the only other monk Yuan Ying assembly time, dialect work out the rocket invited order looked at, there are half a month, he can also be closed off, spirit concise little, also need refining the few furnace set Shendan out. More than ten days after the dialect taken from the Chamber of Secrets, put away the matrix method, leaving the courtyard, walked toward Redstone north of the city direction out when no longer dialects really are, but a sallow monks. Redstone Jonan South Head, the north there is a North Head, South Head scattered repair, low-level monks inhabited the North Head is the Redstone in town sect monks, a place inhabited by high-level monks, red Shicheng the real boss, awe-inspiring cases cases also the North Head. Dialects destination of this trip is the north end of the mountain, little effort, the dialect will come to a high-rise, awe-inspiring building. A monk to see the the dialect straight toward you stand a gateway line, stopped in front of: "Friends of the Road, here today can not be accommodated outside the off, please forgive me fellow, if the fellow have what it takes, you can to the first floor to buy or sell. "dialect looked at the front of this late-saver monks, followed by rocket invited to eject the delivery of the past. To have an invitation order, is definitely on top of the repair Yuan Ying saver monks originally here to meet all predecessors to attend rallies,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, to see invited warrant, the monks immediately changed the look: "So is the predecessors driving. regret that younger Yanzhuo, this way please. "immediately turned around, led the dialect inward walked. Dialects did not speak saver monks not to say, just around freely the scene to the dialect briefly Road to little effort, they led dialects through several layers of prohibition came to a portal. Predecessors, which is the gathering place of the grateful seniors, juniors can only be sent to seniors here. "Saver monks hand salute back. Dialects pick up the invitation order, enter a magic, and instantly a fluctuation through the portal injection which, then a channel in front, to which there have been numerous monks, is not quite all the flavor of the Yuan Ying perceived through the channel dialect, which also has not less saver atmosphere, just do not know is the younger monk Yuan Ying, or the same as their own the convergence of the atmosphere, should have the two. Dialect move into the channel, we can see a circle of a dozen monks, men and women, old and young, tall, short, fat, thin, each tray sitting on a futon, there are several standing behind them gold Brother Dan. Round after round the soul sweep the probe over, it seems to dialect whole body seen through the general dialect did not mind, and went inside. "The fellow free to sit, and then half an hour began." Tsing Yi round face a middle-aged monk, to see come dialect, the eyes reveal a dash of a skeptical look, but also did not ask, as long as you have the invitation to make , is the guest. Here just monk Yuan Ying assembly, able to come up with the right stuff, is presided does not care about what kind of person to attend, many invited to make the monks that road is not necessarily to come to their own, or as a friend, or the same door, dialect look unfamiliar, but not too garish. The Dialect know their own thing, there is no one I knew, and even invited to make come halfway, nor talked to the people, free to find a space to sit down, wait after the Fair began. Come here, dialect naturally want to purchased a number of high-end materials, own magic-order goods increased by some, peach miasma A higher dialect defense will scale new heights, the most important is that we may try to leap farther interstellar Chuansong Zhen, large amyl Jian Zhen Needless to say, As for the days the soul of chess array dialects do not have that ability, even if only pushed want to enhance the power of refining, but it is little hope The technique is not distracted by the monks is a dialect can easily steal learning. There is also a hope is to be able to buy a starry sky fly evasive magic, the last almost trapped in equanimity Star dialects are fearful endless, be able to buy a starry sky fly evasive magic, even if later encountered In that case, he will not have to looking up to heaven, to turn to. Fly evasive magic of this Star-order goods is low, the worst is also above the spirit, but very few sellers, the most important thing is refining Star fly evasive magic is extremely difficult, in which the core material meteorite fine iron only extremely rare, or for the Wharf Road, Lu Nanzai two repair, trapped embedded the Bluestar years, how could I not thinking about refining a. Dialect sat there, eyes closed regardless of the surrounding things, just quietly waiting for the arrival of the Fair. No one thought a few soul hovering over himself, the door to the God of all knowledge exploration just habit, already seated,Nike Jordan Take Flight, still continue to inquire into some rude. The dialect Why was he did not enemies, but do not want to be so exploration, a few extremely weak soul, in particular, in which a dialect is carefully induction was aware of a trace of the early Yuan Ying repair monks difficult to find. Dialect refining a lot of pure evil spirit, spirit concise far more than the same order, just so much soul exploration, dialect did not want to find out one by one, to find these Road Profiler breath, the dialect soul a place all exploration own soul burst open, then they no longer turn a blind eye care. Breath master does not seem to expect a little dialect early Yuan Ying monks, actually dare to do so, for a time, surprised and bewildered, surprised look down dialect, only to see the eyes closed dialect quite some boxing in cotton Department so that the feeling of power. Soon, someone came in from the portal, Tsing Yi hearty voice of the middle-aged monk want to up. The dialect perceived around the monks soul flock to just come in two monks glance own even more than before, hearts will no longer care about before suffered. Just dialects still puzzled why this is so, these monk Yuan Ying, the same as the monk Yuan Ying is normal exploration, rarely do so, if it was not here, I'm afraid immediately from the normal battle. In the among these probes breath, the dialect is sensitive to the most secretive before a soul breath, the dialect then follow-soul looked, they saw a side of the trunk of the middle-aged monk standing just say hello young monk, thin face, dressed in tan clothes, holding a bun on a hairpin exudes a faint fluctuations, is actually a rare magic weapon to enhance the soul. Found in the dialect masters of the soul at the same time, the weight loss of young people to recover their own soul, the dialect only see him toward the side of the middle-aged monk whisper few times, it seems that in the report it something, then they see a middle-aged monk slightly shook his head, and broke into the opening, the original entrance and come in two monks. After the things dialect feel quite interesting, everyone came to be here everyone exploration about it, most people are free to exploration, of which only three soul, but it will come in a monk exploration again. Three, in addition to the emaciated young, there is a skinny old man, his face full of creases, in the hands of even leaning on an ebony cane, the last one was a beautiful woman, dressed in a coat of many colors, Gazing Hui, inadvertently into the eyes, thus revealing the the slightest charm of Italy. The cultivation the monks theory here In addition to the several saver attendant outside, which are not worse than the dialect, more two dialects from them aware of the deep feeling can not be made distracted monks may not, that they have even less distracted, I am afraid to Yuan Ying ultimate. Dialect clear that they are capable of sensing the three breath cultivation far higher than their own people will certainly also be found, maybe they also probe around the, dialect spirit concise do not leave, but that is compared to the same order of monks, The dialect also not so arrogant as to the late Yuan Ying monks Competition soul to the point where these people is to let God know dialect can not be induced. Dialect regardless of his personnel, few people seem to be looking for someone to guess, they settled down to how it will not own their own to this red rock star, but also is the first time, and that in addition to Luo Chi Xue Ran two some sort of connection, certainly not to provoke another monk Yuan Ying, the dialect is not that far away in the big soul star that they can affect here. The last came in a bald monk, the dialect see chaired by a wave of middle-aged monk, the number of road ban before the portal of that road, this fully enclosed. The Fair To start, the dialect awareness to that a few people seem slightly lost, especially that emaciated young man, made no secret of her disappointment in his eyes. "Dear fellow, thank you visit my awe-inspiring Court, grateful to his fellow some knowledge, some of the first meeting, here, let me introduce myself, I Youmeng, awe-inspiring cases Redstone Santo things,Nike Air Jordan 5 Sale, this is my Young cold fly. want to come, sirs, is not the first time a similar opportunity, the excess rules do not speak, the only one in here not the threat of force, everyone just by the hands of goods transactions, if the violation of this is awe-inspiring cases of the enemy. "said the middle age repair Shi Youmeng of still all smiles, and no trace of Lise, also, no one dared to patently offensive to the awe-inspiring cases of power and influence, that is, apart from awe-inspiring in, nor someone flagrant violation of the rules of this assembly of monks. "Ladies and gentlemen, the excess is not to say, individuals will want to trade something Come out, at the same time talk about the items they need, especially from the head first, right when the initiate." Yuehua Jian, Youmeng body appeared in front of a transparent alabaster jar, which suspended in a drop of blue. Dialect has not exploration, we heard came down around of the air we breath: "polar ice flame? Polar ice flame?" Polar ice flame? Dialect not seen, but the name of the polar ice flame, but outsize, and the dialects charged from the fire, the polar ice flame is real fire a Que Shibi from the fire for a more high-end, but also much more difficult, if we can refining control of a polar ice flame, there will be many incredible benefits. This and other treasures, the dialect naturally want to, but just look at the immediate around the eyes of many monks, the dialect they know what they want to get drops of polar ice flame, it is difficult. You Meng for many people you friendly knowledgeable, and is indeed polar ice flame, the flame is good, especially a little combination, if the fellow who can come up with a real fire in the same order, we can come to explore. " the reaction has long been expected, there is no procrastination, quickly put out their own terms. Hear conditions of Youmeng, the enthusiasm of the crowd is not so high, the high-end of the polar ice flame is not false, but compared to the same order, the fire is not much advantage, even after refining, unless there are special power law want pushed the Road real fire, the power will not be greater than other real fire, if Youmeng other magic material, better said, take the same order real fire enchant, but it is some worth when. Dialect heard it is a move in mind, the brain immediately find all the information about the polar ice flame. (Thanks to 'lard' fellow a reward support) <

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