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should have had from the dialect antworten

The existence of two distracted monks to speak, while the other two seem to agree They also revealed to Dan prohibition much stronger than the average large array but chongdan door was home even more prominent as this prohibition is not sufficient to guard the gate, but do not leave, the prohibition of Dan here should be chongdan door punishment cases. wWw, quaNBen, COm found here is not expected before chongdan door gate, several distracted monks immediately before so cautious, Yuehua Jian relaxed. Dan Green door, the land of the cases, and not enough into some of discernment distracted monks, but there is a coagulation of the blood of the Spirit vines, the total is still some insight, the condensate spirit vegetation of the soul and spirit of the beast, certain abnormal body hard, this material is succeeded enough to refining the magic wand, but also live up to this trip. Distracted monks shot, a few people did not cost anything pneumatic, Dan across the prohibition to enter the blood vines throughout the matrix method. See here throughout the blood vines distracted monks no Harmonia Wave will cut off numerous, all the remaining blood vines seem to have sensed distracted Big Brother is no resist breath, have to shrink back, not any offense. Langshan blood vines of condensate Spirit is here? "Chinese ancestors pointed to the bottom of casually toward behind Langshan asked. "Yes ancestors, is here." Chinese Langshan respectfully replied, for Chinese family ancestors, all Hua Jiazai brother has a very reverence admiration, even if it is late Yuan Ying Hua Langshan is no exception, This time he stumbled upon this place the suspected chongdan door actually found is not really where the gate, so that Chinese Langshan quite some frustration. Some of his fellow Chinese a polite "Chinese ancestors toward soul were two large statue of a hand said. 100 soul of reality, color soul fairy naturally will not stop, which is distracted monks tacit Chinese ancestors Such a stance that he is in the blood vines, and these at Dong Fu left soul cases, condensate Ling blood vines value is not low, but compared to a land, or is there not as good as, unless blood vines spirit be charged, but this kind of thing, even if distracted monks also extremely difficult to do, easy to kill, can be difficult to receive. Chinese ancestors thinking big soul were weakness, and barren sand Taoist this is to back the Chinese ancestors Zhu Quan, will not say anything, what the Chinese ancestors had promised him that things will not change. "Duh." Chinese ancestors Di heard, in the eyes of springing a naked towering into the sky, then a Jianguang, beheaded down toward the bottom, the twinkling of an eye, which Jianguang break open the layers of tactical deployment of space, not into I do not know name the depths of the matrix method. Have seen the power and influence of the Chinese Langshan of Jiangyong stone fall Shan, at the moment to see the same source, the power of the big ten times more than the Jianguang, hearts are aghast, but waved Chinese ancestors, it will have such power and influence two of their own to face the Chinese Langshan, the power of a spell, met distracted repair ancestors, a move down or not, but think about your own master two also relieved. "Drink" heard a dull sound of the shout came from the depths of which could not conceal his rage, horror, originally on the blank place, suddenly filled with dramatic fluctuations, a Shu Zhang thick blood vines eventually forced by the Chinese ancestors. Around those small vines are sensitive to distraction breath, the only condensate spirit blood vines naturally found early to the enemy strong, the Euro RSCG blood vines already give birth, how can we not know distracted monks powerful, otherwise it not escape it does not come forward, by means of the matrix method to hide the atmosphere, you know, here, but its site. Just ancestors Jianguang is too hot, is the blood vines hide itself to the depths of the matrix method, but also stand up to this Jianguang beheaded,Air Jordan Take Flight Sale, break open the tactical deployment of space, it had to take hold enemy. And before the face of three monk Yuan Ying, blood vines, just take hold immediately play their full Vaillant, all vines around this moment are moving up, dozens, hundreds of intertwined, cemented a thick vines, the Morning Glory ancestors volume killed in the past, the power and influence no less than the Chinese ancestors. The Jiangyong stone fall Shan Langshan are exposed look of dismay, before this blood vines to use such means to deal with themselves, afraid that they had utilized the law of life insurance for the big break my bones, can not escape or two said. Chinese ancestors did not move, right hand and waved a dim light flashed, only to hear the click, bang, surrounded by hundreds of thick blood vines entangled together was swept away. Hua Jianguang? Chinese ancestors actually repair has become such supernatural powers? "This trick one is distracted by several monks also some moving. Chinese ancestors spent their supernatural powers and the art of the twinkling of an eye, they hear a hoarse Canhu the sound came out, and everyone saw a figure on top of the giant vine instantly scattered into a thousand pieces, then dissipate seen, see Chinese ancestors waved his hands, the length of a little knowledge, the Shu Zhang crude giant vine extracted from below the twinkling of an eye by the Chinese ancestors close up. Immediately, his shadow flash, fled toward the depths of the matrix method, few people know that the Chinese ancestors is to look for that the blood laced body to the comparison, the body than this giant vine precious more . Little effort, the Chinese ancestors back to his eyes, revealing a little satisfaction, the crowd glance he succeeded, the blood vines around a little while will withered little effort, the large bones of the dead in the ground, is the original As presence of blood wisteria fertilizer,Nike Jordan Flight The Power, the number of interest, there is no condensate Ling blood laced matrix method sluggish 90%, want to restore the previous scene, but also not short time, but this is the understanding of things, big soul two cases respect no unpleasant. Distracted by several monks to hand over to congratulate the side of the stone fall Shan a cold heart before the dialect most likely to go to that place where the blood vines body, just as Chinese ancestors hands fast, he has not had time to and from Master and dialects, he would have been beheaded blood vines, even to receive the body of blood vines, is it really dialect that blood vines kill? Thought here, stone fall Shan took a step forward, broke and said: "China predecessors, I am afraid the younger generation take the liberty, the younger generation there is one thing-phase inquiry." "Well?" Chinese ancestors look stone fall Shan, then the color Piaopiao soul fairy found color soul fairy is an unwitting way, it touches their younger Chinese Langshan and another Yuan Ying younger generation Jiangyong revealing a clear understanding look. Before Jiang Yong returned message Langshan returned message just mentioned chongdan door, and no person mentioned dialect Ding Li, a result of you distracted monks did not know before. "I do not know the Friends would like to ask what is going on?" Chinese ancestors asked. Predecessors in blood vines body, can be seen a monk or monks to be signs? "The stone falls Shan immediately back to. Monks? "Chinese ancestors did not expect stone fall Shan actually ask this question, immediately replied, but the hearts of surprised actually enter the matrix method at the core of that blood Tengluo body where? Speak at the same time they heard a soul down the younger Chinese Langshan. Hear the ancestors to speak Chinese Langshan a loose heart, that dialect is certainly kill, though not beheaded, his son the Huatian Yu Qiu finally reported, the blood vines matrix method were destroyed, the soul can pass Chinese Langshan when upcoming dialects message incoming ancestors into the soul. Color soul fairy passed a soul in the minds of his disciples: "drop-Shan, who join you here?" Dialect "dialect is the Road and uncles have been looking for." The stone falls Shan side of Morning Glory The old the Zu Hangli Back side pass back and forth, then towards his master. 100 soul of reality from Jiangyong dialects message. For dialect, Jiangyong stone fall Shan know, and not that much, of hundred soul reality and color soul fairy actually do not know how many, but several times Wharf Road and performance can be seen, he dialect this small monks grateful, or a mere saver brother, how could into Hogan distracted monks. Heard that dialect is very likely to fall here, one hundred souls and human and color soul fairy showing a trace of Harmonia, but also not too concerned about, no matter how dialect end baby or saver worth mentioning, for them, and there is no The difference is, if it is Wharf Road and the things that they simply did not care about a casual repair the early Yuan Ying monks. Several soul slightly distracted big brother exchanges, will no longer be referred to this matter, away toward a platform has been revealed, that is, before the dialect few people into the Dong Fu platform, just blood vines matrix method is dissipated, the platform will be completely revealed. The Chinese ancestors and barren sand Taoist no further action, 100 soul Taoist with pointing a Rune not into the platform, was then a continuous seven runes flash does not interest more than half the time, emitting a light on the platform, enveloped the crowd, the power of a space, a pedestrian entered the Dong Fu. Big soul were two distracted monks to expand the knowledge of God, took the entire space in the twinkling of an eye glanced again, then color the soul of fairy go toward several Basilica line, one hundred souls and human is no action, accompanied Chinese ancestors and barren sand Taoist stand at the side of casual conversation. After a while, the color soul fairy sent a soul back, toward the 100-soul reality. Two fellow, "said a hundred soul live Morning Glory ancestors and barren sand Taoist a hand. Long before reached a tacit understanding, where space seems somewhat contrary to the expectations of the two, Chinese ancestors and barren sand Taoist may not be coveted, but not a large soul were fell out, hear the words of one hundred souls and human , no more words to the first time to leave this place Dong Fu. Dong Fu, Chinese ancestors and barren sand Taoist know the big soul were two statues sure you want to here re-set battle formation, even Chuan Songzhen, since then, here is a practice place of the the big soul were younger disciples , they did not stay away immediately got up to leave. Lodged in the valley, the Chinese ancestors Suddenly there is a soul to the Chinese Langshan: "the Langshan, you say that people do not kill him should have a length of condensate Ling blood vines body, you keep around for some time , other big soul were a few people left, the monks find revenge for your child, him that cut blood vines you can keep it. "" What? he did not kill condensate Ling blood vines? can also check the length of body? "hear the words of the ancestors is extremely worship of ancestors, Chinese Langshan not by the asks messages, too incredible, he is a late Yuan Ying monks in the blood before the vines The force only parry, dialect repair obvious, how will survive. "Do not doubt, if I receive a blood vines, sensitive to the slightest fluctuations, he did not even conceal passed, but it was not his own ability, it should be cut blood laced instinct, well, with this Road breath, go ahead. "Chinese ancestors said the two a beckoned Chinese Langshan left, he and the barren sand Taoist said two sentences, piercing away. Chinese Langshan dare not too close, but there the two distraction great respect in Yes, but the words of the ancestors, the two statue will not be long before departure, Jiang Yong and stone fall Shan will not stay here . Just the dialect is really not kill? While meditating wait, Chinese Langshan hearts also pondered. After an hour, the Chinese Langshan set up the Jianguang escape back that at the top of the valley surrounded by mountains the, big soul were Morohito as he wished, have already left, the fog of the valley below than the first one came in when the light many have begun to stabilize, no further dissipate down. Chinese Langshan understand that this is a big soul were two new respect for Dan's ban pushed, but no piece of condensate Ling blood vines, this prohibition too much power than poor. Chinese Langshan looked thin probe again, and finally settled down, and not much change in the whole valley, in addition to a not yet started Chuan Songzhen wanted to come to the big soul were two large statues do not want to waste energy in person here , just waiting to return to the big soul were to start the at Chuan Songzhen, it would let the Yuan Ying sits cultivation of the disciples. It was only a few hour time to search for the man, thought of this, Chinese Langshan immediately pushed into the power law toward the prohibition among the entire prohibition of high-level Hunshou casualties to an empty, corrosion decline atmosphere is also very weak, Chinese Langshan no fee What strength through the prohibition of Dan, to the the original blood Tengluo matrix method in, and sure enough, the the blood vines here a little renewed vigor, has long been just one big soul were the mark. Found Langshan breath, weak blood around vines seem to want the action, for the these blood Tengluo, Chinese Langshan slightest fear, but have no interest beheaded them, no reason to mess with a big soul were not happy, he is not the slightest delay immediately the ancestors given a breath out. The blood laced breath is a condensate spirit one, to positions of power instinct, the blood vines also just around the corner immediately shrink back. Chinese Langshan carefully induction Road atmosphere started in the twinkling of an eye, he perceived a faint contact coming from the foot, and she ancestors said, there are a length of blood vines ontological, otherwise the flavor of the Road does not such a response. Chinese Langshan about pushed the power law came from the bottom toward the bottom of the probe to go, suddenly aware of one magic fluctuations, the momentary channel fluctuation beheaded countless blood vines: "Well? Out? Exactly." Chinese Langshan stop action, staring at the bottom of the fluctuations, dialect, he did not mind, if not before Jiang Yong and the stone fall Shan slightly blocking, they encountered the prohibition of that Dan, have long had dialect beheaded. Huh? Chinese Langshan stopped suddenly found the following fluctuations forward, actually found me? How is this possible? Happen to? Soon, Chinese Langshan not what happened to the bottom, there has been movement, no longer previously windy Mana, but a void fluctuations. "Actually pushed the Nether fly escape magic?" Chinese Langshan hearts hate, in the hands of bombers kill that step fluctuations Department immediately bombers to go, but unfortunately, Chinese Langshan ear heard a voice: "Chinese Langshan, The power of a die, the future will certainly visit "is not a dialect is. Chinese Langshan bombers kill without the slightest left hand, but still not the dialect left, after a moment, Chinese Langshan looked a mess of blood vines matrix method, and just leave a little void magic breath not help Anhen, then remembered something, hit a shivering, immediately pushed the power law escape from here. Fly evasive soul reality suddenly a little meal: "Well? Actually it was a coincidence to go there?" But he did not take too much notice, you want to break open the defense of the Chuan Songzhen around is not difficult,air jordan store, but the soul of a continent which monks will not recognize soul of set Chuansong Zhen, no people dare to positive provocation big soul were, Chuan Songzhen still, that place is the site of the soul were ten ** What is the soul The beast sensed where fluctuations rush. The big soul were a few people escape back to the door were not mentioned, said it had just been Chinese Langshan H the kill had pushed streamer wing fled to void dialect moment once again in danger. "Grandma, how will encounter this kind of thing, almost blood vines kill, I do not know why, if it is Dan Ling Bi suddenly flashed Vaillant, I am afraid that they have fallen, just escaped met Chinese Langshan more think, he has been worried about the void fly evasive finally out of the problem, actually really met bombard the void high-level Hunshou of originally should have had from the dialect once again into the void turbulence at the moment, a look of fatigue color the dialect is trying to control their own bodies to escape the bombardment of the surrounding turbulence level attained last more intractable, the surrounding void turbulence countless dialects did not even see one, even if it is slightly more stable void channels, each one is fleeting. Dialect of the body will not have much mana, but now they only rely on the powerful body to withstand the void turbulence from time to time swept kill. Dialect into the body is not outgoing bursts of volatility, there are things in the continuing impact on the dialect of the body. "Purple Spirit work harder, if blood vines rushed out, you and I should be killed." Blood Tengluo? The dialect actually blood vines captured? Early should the Chinese ancestors beheaded fishes ah, even the body have been taken away, even a small part of it, is not enough to make it survive fishes. Suddenly, the dialect found in front of a space-time channel, although the atmosphere is very disorder, but compared to the surrounding, has stabilized a lot, you do not bet? Induction yourself running out of mana, and then cast a probe in a circle, the twinkling of an eye, the dialect they made the decision, the Vatican tactic forging operation is pushed to the extreme, and spirit with a little magic armor all resorted to a Mengzha will enter the piece of Nether channel. Only aware of the whole body instantly came pain, Rao is the the Yuan Ying repair dialect almost unable to withstand, after a moment, the dialect just feel a light body, mind immediately relieved, slightly glance, waving queen beast and red cicada threw it out, and then they turn a blind eye to recover. (Thanks to 'sleeping do not wake up'' a promise'' the Internet Kid' three addicts a reward to encourage the other, some of his fellow seems to be low V, if you can ascend into the high V subscription can save a lot of vertical and horizontal currency. Baisha gratitude today was a holiday, I wish a happy holiday) <

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