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> A year ago, the mid-Yuan Ying Xiao hate the water couple many fellow comrades puzzled eyes, into the soul of days to kill the environment, almost everyone thought the two of them crazy. Www. QuAnBeN. com days the soul to kill the environment can stimulate false monks potential, but that the probability of success is too low, the dead students were trapped for thousands of years, only those realm breakthrough hopeless people would opt for this route is These people are also holding mortal aspirations away. Xiao hate water the couple to enter the realm of the mid-Yuan Ying less than a thousand years, from the end of its life still early, step-by-step practice, the most likely to break through to the late Yuan Ying Before that, they chose to kill soul into the day environment of choice for many people puzzled. Only a few befriend people know in order things their son desolate, it seems that also involved the distraction of the ancestors, but this thing does not spread open, few people know little things, but it is not clear specific details, Xiao hate water couple monk Yuan Ying actually several times a saver monks escaped, naturally not at preach. Before anyone else would not have thought a mere year, Xiao hate water will begin from the day the soul to kill the environment Destroys out, step out of the soul of days to kill the environment Xiao hate water, shaking murderous, flickering, the sense of sharp killing breath, just exposed the soul shock that he would inquire around back. They are still shocked at Xiao hate for the repair of the water surge, has forgotten the original into the soul of days to kill the environment Xiao hate water couple, now take only Xiao hate water. Xiao hate his face a look of calm water, and no one cares to inquire into the breath of the soul, to kill environment at the outlet in the days of the soul, just paused, then quickly escape from. Twinkling of an eye, Ge Road from the couple in front of a figure of the Hsiao hate water. "Hate water, too busy to do?" White piano monks saw cultivation was promoted to the late Yuan Ying Xiao hate water is surprised, but soon noticed that his apprentice ice no time without a trace. Ice no time certainly did not fall, her own path God card is still safe and sound in the soul tower, but there's no hate Xiao water a white piano aware of a trace of anxiety, the side of the Ge Road from scanned own disciples Xiao hate water one, but did not ask, what seems to see. Wife, no time to well, just need some time to re-awakening. "Xiao hate the water to hear his wife white piano monks questioning, without the slightest hesitation, immediately return to the Road. "Well? Hate water, no time to use the God of God clutch tactic?" White piano seems to have thought of what immediately asked sharply. "Yes, my wife is still a calm look, Xiao whispered hate water. "Why, why,Nike Jordan Flight 9?" White piano look angry, drink loudly asked, the life of white piano neither son nor female, the apprentice only ice no time a synthesizer, the remaining number of disciples before the end baby even before they fall saver ice no time is the heritage of the people of the white piano, now confirmed the news, how it is not anger. Harp, Moji, God clutch body tactic, not fall, there is always restore the strength of the day, that time even more in the past maybe, not a last resort, hate water and no time will be spent and how such exercises, hate water, no time now in Huang Ling umbrella? "" Yes, Master. "for his Master guess the truth of the matter, Xiao hate water does not have the slightest surprised. "Do you go to that 100 to kill?" Ge Road from opening asked. The soul of days to kill the environment, GE Road from Although there is no real depth which, but one of the places or understand, his apprentice, but a one-year effort begins with the day of soul kill environment, impressively growth cultivation of a step, the normal practice is not immune successfully in hundreds of thousands of years, coupled with the flawless ice damage in the flesh, soon, Ge Road from they guessed his apprentice experience. To hear husband asked Initials, Finals, white piano look tight, do not hate the water is really out there to kill? If so, no time to spend clutch of God God tactic is not surprising. 100 killed, Xiao hate water just heard the name, his eyes suddenly closed, but it is an murderous suddenly vacated, after quite a while, this murderous shares have slowly dispersed, Xiao hate water re-opened eyes and said: "Master Ming-jian, disciples couple into a hundred to kill." hear the words of the Hsiao hate water, Ge Road from white piano are surprised guess one thing to hear Xiao hate water himself admitted the same thing, really kill from the 100 to kill the day the soul to kill the environment, second only to the territory million kill. Xiao hate water was able to safely blaze, also cultivation sophisticated, even if there is no time to ice down his life to help solve the problem, the probability of success is less than one hundred thousand This alone, Xiao hate achievements after the water is limitless, further also unknown. A little slow slow, GE Road from and said: "hate water, but you also wanted to man?" Xiao hate water paused immediately after the firm said: "Yes, Master, Road breath also enough? "Ge Road from hand strokes, smooth side of bronze mirrors in his front lock of days Moon Shadow Mirror, Ge Road from the breath no longer consume the spirit of exploration dialect, a hand tactics played, a ray of weak the evil spirits Leiguang breath, count Rune seal lasing out from the mirror. Hate water, remaining silk breath, not enough exploration to the man's whereabouts, as a teacher has the seal, you just go to the middle of nowhere with this strand of breath every time to open a seal, if the other party in million miles, it will react, but this thread atmosphere is very weak, that is, the presence of a seal, and also supports not last long, take it. "hate water, regardless of success or failure, just this once, come back , it is time to find the right to send the soul body, Huang Ling umbrella is good, but is not a long time to send the soul, a long time, it will affect the fundamental spirit future think of recovery can be difficult, that may not only go spiritual path, the "white piano no longer complain about things before, and hate towards the following Xiao said the water, meaning a full tone look forward to being. Xiao hate water no more talking, took the Road seal the evil spirits Leiguang atmosphere, and salute bade farewell to the wife of his master, he turned away. "The word is near, to hate water line little serious." White piano paused asked. "Do not hate the water, even if it is from 100 to kill the blaze, after the achievement may be limited, and say, Who can believe that a small saver actually turned into a mid-Yuan Ying even late brother's heart magic where, but I hope to be able to be fulfilled. else nothing down, if they let the man kill in the middle of nowhere, even Lunan Zi brothers could not say anything, only worry is, do not know the man hiding place, strands of breath, but could not hold it how long. hate the safety of the water, his cultivation to the late Yuan Ying, the day the soul on the continent, in addition to a few people, who can easily win, go to the middle of nowhere late Yuan Ying repair, but to probe the whereabouts of the small saver monks do not need the depth of which, as long as it does not provoke the soul of the beast to that more than a few sixth-order, and how will be problems. "mentioned Xiao hate water Ge Road as the one from the couple, but it is mutually understand each other's meaning, his apprentice repair of great progress is a good thing, but so soon to the late Yuan Ying, or that they have felt an indescribable feeling. But think about that 100 kill the two no longer think, Xiao hate water couple daring to step into and kill one hundred outside year, and kill one hundred is a hundred years, a hundred years in a row if we can Wing the face of endless killing, as long as the undead, as long as they come out alive, the repair is not so sophisticated impossible, just that 100 to kill How can it be as easy to pass through? Even if GE Road from the couple not to rush into them, so it is also only his disciples had a little inexplicable feelings. The next minute, the two are no longer speak, each jet out of a black and white two breath, the two began to practice. Xiao hate to get a breath of water no stop flying immediately lodged in the the day soul were core to enter the day the soul floor, soon to leave the soul Floor, toward the the day soul outside Chuan Songzhen direction away. Xiao hate the water trace of did not expect to be in the days of the soul of the city to open the seal scout, he would never think of the original saver monks has long been the Yuan Ying repair, if it is from 100 to kill the rage out, repair up to the late Yuan Ying, now meet, what is the situation in doubt, dialects, but there are three levels Yuan Ying men. Just all assume, Xiao hate water do not know their looking for in a soul City Inn Chamber of Secrets, alchemy practice living in the Chamber of Secrets dialects do not know in a moment ago, he has been to avoid any less than Xiao hate water just from overhead. Xiao hate water to leave the soul of the city, the dialect is also immersed in the refining immortality, promotion Yuan Ying, the same way they have the same effect, dialect real fire control at the moment around the front of Dan furnace body side is stocked with bottles of Yun panacea. More clever than that day, no phase mart see Yun panacea the Yun panacea than their previous refining also high-end multi-even and than Ryukyu $ Dan also almost only, at least equivalent to 80% of the Dan force. Dialect now the Yuan Ying repair is sulfur dan can not also added one-third of the mana Yun silver bullets will also be able to add a quarter of Bale, or when not Dayong, only used for emergency . With time and time again pushed real fire, refining immortality dialect for their own physical strength control of more and more subtle, not just real fire, including soul, magic, alchemy is not like a battle of wits, not the power the bigger the better , the need is precisely controlled the original saver when smooth refining Yun panacea to end baby, a few times and it almost point failure, is because dialect inadvertently increase the strength. A little while, dialect hand flying out of an alabaster jar of Dan furnace condensate Yun panacea to receive a space, another furnace Yun panacea refining success. "Yun silver bullets have enough refining down is not much effect of exercise, calculate the time saver monks Auction after two days, although they desperately want something, but can go and see, at least some of the spirit of grass can be shot down, and prepare for their future refining immortality, and a few months time, maybe what high-end items which dialect waving the whole body more than a dozen bottle Yun panacea folded, in turn the two spiritual pet wind slave away, stepping left the chamber, went out, and waved the matrix method pushed dialect leased for a year, and now the time has yet to be , the auction will have to come back out of the inn, a few steps is the concept of re-building, and the last, and out of almost all of the saver monks, from the early to the Great Perfection,Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, hundreds of come and go, this is just a moment, dialect area of ​​strength has been re-feelings before the big soul House never seen so many saver monks, but the auction will be to want to come will not saver monks gathered so much. happens, the dialect just entered here, still looked round, I heard the sound of hello: "Yandao You are welcome. "It is before the dialect in the concept of re-building, has received his deacons disciples, impressed last dialect to his to see dialect meet up. The dialect also trying to find a people inquire about and see stopped after the deacon disciples: "Luan addicts coincidence. "Oh, I would have is the view of the complex floor deacon disciples, the auction will now be held on duty, this right here, but I did not expect to come across Yandao You auction two days, fellow so early, does what magic weapon material you want to auction? Deacon disciples spoke dialects have been only want to inquire about the auction the things they need, hear the deacon discourse, but it is a move in mind, this time refining Yun panacea Yun panacea certainly impossible, that is, other people want to use, can be refined out at any time after it touches the immortality at auction. dialect buy liuwei scattered Lingshi has enough, but if you really encountered Feizhou this kind of thing, you want to buy or lack began with the original dialect is intended grass with the spirit, because many high-level immortality, dialect refining cost is even higher than the value of immortality, immortality for instead is not worthwhile, but now Yun panacea different dialects into Dan reached a staggering 80%, compared to to Lingcao, the value pulls out ten times more than a little to think is dialect decided to sell: "is with this intention, Luan fellow, look at whether strict immortality can be used to auction. "Then, dialects and handed Luan deacons an alabaster jar, which is three Yun panacea Luan deacon mid-saver is about to break through to the latter part of the high-level monks, this concept of re-building through whom I do not know how many high-end Dan drugs, though not understanding the dialect come up with Yun silver bullets, but only slightly resolution, put the efficacy of immortality guess somewhat: "Yandao You, this is supplementary magic immortality? I do not know how much to supplement Mana. "Self-cultivation sector supplement Mana spirit of things very much, there are many varieties of immortality, after all, the most important mana for a monk, so this immortality is not uncommon dialects smiled and said:" Road-friendly vision, and indeed complement Mana immortality, between the number of interest to add all the magic powers of the full one-saver Dzogchen monks. "" Well? Hear the dialect words, Luan deacon in turn soul probe into the alabaster box, after a while children looked up and said: "Yandao You not Luan a the unbelief the Ren Daoyou, just come up with this fellow immortality Luan never seen, not to jump to conclusions, if this were the fellow said to number between interest rates supplement full-saver Dzogchen monks Mana, there is the best Mishina immortality want to come there will be many people these immortality interest. Dialect naturally know each other's meaning Anyway, the thing is to prove that this immortality Dan job, Yun silver bullets of the the dialect first refining out, he does not know is normal, therefore, dialect does not have the slightest displeasure: "Luan Daoyou, can make a try, a mere immortality, still nothing. Hear the dialect words, Luan deacon is no action, but alabaster jar back cover: "Yandao You Can by step to speak, this immortality, Luan also not immediately determine, only the door predecessors trip. Dialect respectful discourse, even superior, without him, because in the hands of this bottle immortality can be refined out of order senior immortality monks, they can be called alchemy master, compared to a saver Dzogchen monks and even a monk Yuan Ying, a master alchemy for a sect of meaning more significant, after all, the monk Yuan Ying and then, only his own superior strength, and can teach up to a few disciples, the master alchemy is not, refining system out of immortality, for everyone to benefit everyone, if there are several strange Denmark, that can greatly enhance the sect strength, speech perceived dialect immortality seems to be out of refining the the Luan deacon immediately give birth to a win over the meaning, just immortality is not really as dialect said, he also needs to confirm Please sect predecessors only used this auction without, but if you want to draw dialect, would be compelled to do so. dialect is also aware of the intention of Luan deacon, but did not point out, but said: "anyway, the fellow take is, to strict an illustrated catalog Yu-Jane,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, a strict just random around here. "Luan deacon touches did not expect dialect so trust your own bottle of immortality so handed over to their disposal, but this is more determined in his mind the idea of ​​a Yu-Jane pulled out and handed the dialect, the arch of the hand, will leave towards the higher-level view of the complex floor away. dialect soul swept into the Yu-Jane, probing for a moment did not bother the Luan deacon action, withdraw, than the last to be a lot more high-end items If you want to take some Lingcao, there are a lot of high-end stuff, but still not the slightest the most urgent Feizhou or debris is expected to do this, dialect just feel a bit disappointed, then to care, with the view of the complex House lobby turn up. saver monks the dialect had little appeal, dialects concerned only with them all kinds of magic weapon equipment, order goods is not high, but refining practices quite mind trick. came to the soul stars, the dialect in the big soul floor will buy a lot of Yu-Jane, to understand embedded Bluestar refining techniques, but the actual operation and not in person. gold Dan, also had the experience of the magic of many others, but at that time only to see clever, but not be able to see more things is you want to steal did not have that ability now to repair Yuan Ying go exploration, and soon, the dialect to understand a lot of hearts is the deduction of the repair process of the streamer wing <

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