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16.05.2013 10:47
only to hear the bang antworten

> Alchemy to the most critical juncture condensate Dan, dialect suddenly aware of a force cage to himself, a little exploration did not find out what other effects. Www! QUANBen! COM dialect not figure out what is going on, but the perceived wrong with hand movements to speed up a little, at the moment Ganling Zhi Yuan Dan to the final condensate Dan Dan received stage dialects do not want to because of the slightly affect the relationship to own the end baby immortality refining. But unexpectedly, in the twinkling of an eye, Dan furnace of immortality yet pour out, dialect and aware of their own outside of the Dong Fu matrix method under attack, and repair to the enemy is not low. However, the number of interest between the outermost an array of magic will come to is broken, the previous two matrix method just dialect readily portrayed arranged warning matrix method at Dong Fu peripheral to the long-term practice layout, to resist the high-end Hunshou attack, strength naturally different, but this defensive battle, but the number of interest will be broken one, especially the most peripheral of a matrix method also contains magic array in which so easily destroyed, beyond the dialects do not panic, do not to proficient in battle of the soul of the beast? Now alchemy critical, dialect not get away, your mind a move, wind slave stepped out and stood in the inner layer of the matrix method, start pushed matrix method. Defensive battle, monks pushed and monks pushed, the power of a huge difference, wind slaves Even today, were not a monk, just a puppet slaves, but was, after all, is the level monk Yuan Ying, presided over the tactical deployment of more than enough, and sure enough, the auspices of the wind slave second channel matrix method immediately power surge, though still a bombardment by the outside, for a time but it is not dangerous. A little more at ease dialect immediately concentrate concern in front of Dan furnace, do not need a moment, his first furnace is the only furnace Ganling Zhi Yuan Dan will have to baked this critical juncture absolutely can not detect any problem. Less than twenty-bearing, dialect look of joy among the three immortality income alabaster jar sealed up, then threw a Yun silver bullets in the mouth, This soul stuck it into the defense outside the Dong Fu array. Do not look at it does not matter, a look surprised, outside the array bombardment Where is the soul of the beast, shocking the two mid-monk Yuan Ying, Xiao hate water couple originally dialect think they had each other to get rid of, but unexpectedly a few months after Xiao hate water actually still be able to find their own hiding place. Xiao hate in front of water floating in a blue shiny small bell, only palm-sized, but it is emit bursts of strange forces all around the cage in which dialect soon aware of this force is just aware of the power of dialects hearts filled with a surge of feeling of danger. Before Xiao hate water a person kill dialect, dialect should back away, and now the other couple to come together, dialect where there remain the idea,Air Jordan Outlet, though do not know each other by what method to find their own, but relies on several months before they come here, dialects understand each other to find their own method certainly is not simple,Jordan 10 Sale, is not easily available means. Think of dialect once wind slave recall around the same time to reposition itself in streamer wings, ready to get away. Mana just entered into the streamer wing dialect found yourself Dong Fu space was being detained, just as the original, the large array of flat sand island streamer wing can not be pushed. Moment, the dialect affirmed that they had just seen Xiao hate the feeling of the water in front of a small bell when he really is to find a method to restrain myself streamer wing. Little clock that comes out of power is the power to imprison their own streamer Yifei escape, this is how magic weapon, actually to mere magic power, can one moment of detention void dialect hearts secretly surprised. However, the number of interest-effort, no wind slave presided pushed the second matrix method they shelled out a number of rift, seeing without long, the defensive battle also H scattered, and then again in the third and last a defensive battle, the dialect is now in the hands of the strongest Eater array. Just Soul Eater array power is strong, especially after several swallowed additional, soul ghost has come to the mid-saver for the saver monks, as long as the the Soul bursts beads do not destroy, adequate began with supplement these spirit Ghost, even if the injured re, before long, in turn will be restored as ever, even if it is saver the Dzogchen such as dialect repair, these spirit Ghost turns bombers kill, and also supports not last long. But this time, the face of Yuan Ying monks, not just end baby early Yuan Ying monks do not know, but end baby mid-Yuan Ying monks for many years, or two. Dialect know Eater array can not stand long, the recovery of the soul ghost is nothing compared to the two bombers kill speed, if it is such a matrix method touches of magic array of nine days and two mid-Yuan Ying monks deal down, Now he must think of another way. Just saver monks face of two mid-Yuan Ying monks, what is a good way to want, even pushed Product significant wood, but also to adhere to the one hundred-bearing Yuan Ying, even Yun panacea to not much more interest- Want to escape from the blockade of the two mid-Yuan Ying, thousands of hard to extremely difficult. Twinkling of an eye, the dialect they put all the means thinking it actually does not have a legislation and other effective even blew magic and other exercises, but also hurt the enemy 800 thousand from the losses, more harm than good, is probably the largest, dialect loss in vain magic weapon, but it is not available from the siege of the two fled out. Streamer wing escape, the face of the high priest, the dialects are really no good means, and soon is the number of interest of time, the periphery of the second matrix method is already scattered H, Xiao hate water couple has entered Eater array. Refused to take a more considered dialects, immediately brought the wind slave into the array, sending the soul ghost violent attack into the array of two. At this moment, the dialect was the first time an insight into the Xiao hate the real means of water couple, the two are not pushed any power law, just to display their addition to the two mana, put around the soul ghost all stand in addition to Shu Zhang. Only glances, the dialect hearts emitting a strange feeling, that they have the power law and Lunan Zi teach exercises to control their own flawless jade pieces from the same source, exactly the same, one black and one white Road spiritual power in the air, each forming a herring, throughput, they put a close soul ghost wounded. Two herring damage, just a little closer, around the circle, in turn restored as ever, and moving around the soul ghost away, two power law seems to be cast separately, complement the recipe down, but it is the dialect For a deeper understanding the set no time jade pieces, but originally would also like to rely on the day soul Chess array to resist about it, to see these two exercises, but it is completely put out the idea. Dialect certainly, of Lu Nanzi and Xiao hate water couple has deep roots Probably a senior expert of the day soul were, but unfortunately even so, Xiao hate the water couple can not because of this reason, we will put yourself. Did not take long, Xiao hate water couple will be aware of the Soul bursts of eye position, two of the direction of a turn, then a surprise attack over toward where dialect. Dialect has laid out a few tactical deployment, Xiao hate water the hearts of the couple is still very surprised a few matrix method on the saver monk hands, but which may not be something, but now come the two of them higher repair a large portion of the mid-Yuan Ying monks, will be so unbearable attacks, Even so, two or cost a lot of effort into here, now display their exercises, the day the soul of the soul true tactic two small practice of the power law is also the day the town of soul were one of the cases of power law. Dialect is expected to be nothing wrong with the array of the Soul arrived in mid-Yuan Ying monks can not stop the bombardment, the only chance is to Xiao hate the little bell in the water in front of the shed light hit casual, as long as there is half-bearing effort, pushed the area of ​​significant wood pushed streamer wings, they can get away with. The know little hope, the dialect still have to try will give up the twinkling of an eye, the dialect momentum rose, but it is quietly pushed interest plot was wood, a few pieces of the five elements Ling Lei immediately appear in the hands of the dialect, Yuan Ying repair condensate Ling Lei of course, not saver repair condensate comparable. Xiao hate being pushed Mana, toward the the Soul bursts pivot at a surprise attack over the water suddenly aware of a huge threat coming towards you, the hearts secretly scared, the dialect repair for his exploration is indeed gold Dan, no doubt, but in front of the few Ling Lei How saver monks cast out, mind could not help thinking: "Is the man has end baby?" hearts continue to consider the hands of non-stop action, several layers of light screen instantly appear in front of Xiao hate water, with nursing him along with her bell in the back,Air Jordan 13 Sale, only to hear the bang popping sound of explosions sounded continuously, successive layers of the light curtains continuous shot scattered, but no one Gongsha to that the small bell, not to mention the small bell Xiao hate water. However, the effort of the two interest rates, Xiao hate water ice unparalleled couple stand dialect in front of less than three feet at the still behind two Tai Chi Ling fish resist a dozen soul ghost swallow kill. Watching the young dialects, the two were a little surprised, Xiao hate the water seen dialect side, but it was a battle of wits, only slightly glance a lot, and not as they are now careful exploration, and the first time I saw dialect Ice Warriors astonishment. Here, two in no hurry to take revenge for his son, looked up and down a lot of dialects, Xiao hate water spoke and said: "a very young age, can now repair, are also considered excellent, but unfortunately you should not I children kill the spirit without leaving any last words leave it, I can do the things they do for you. "Xiao predecessors, desolate with the matter who is wrong regardless, just just a remarks, it is worth juniors cry predecessors, such as over-the really can not get a robbery, really some things to help the two predecessors, but it is not to that point. "" Well? "Xiao hate water hearts tight, do now, this also means? Could there exist blew magic idea, just remarks, precisely in order to stabilize his mind, still blew a lot of magic weapon, although he still can not survive, you can at the children be put to death for revenge, but also lost no less than what harvest the. Xiao hate water should say what side of the Ice Warriors already bear to kill the child can not conceal hatred surprise appreciation for the dialect, a white Tai Chi fish appeared momentarily in front of her, toward the dialect position of lasing past. (Thanks to the 'Internet Kids' fellow a reward the support to thank 'Fiction updates' the support of his fellow) <

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