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the same strain and Yun antworten

> Dialect came back a few days later, Yu Ling were saver the monks Xiafei Taoist quietly been there once Baishi Zong, I do not know what to inquire into the message, anyway, then no one to provoke dialect. Even the Bai Danzong several saver elders only to confirm the dialect back, they never been to dialects happy leisure, alone among the streamer wing closed-door practice, refining the piece has significant wood. After waiting for over reminder issued by the power of Yuan Ying, deep in the ground collect began with. More than ten days after the dialect look of joy streamer wing towards a slight movement, one the Yuan Ying breath will show it, the real Yuan Ying Mana breath is no longer a soul bluffing. Hand over the pages, a flawless jade pawn in the hands of the dialect, with area of ​​significant wood, dialect foot chess array pushed one-third, wrapped itself a Mengzha the then fleeing into the ground toward the best in the spiritual pulse The Lingshi away. A full 50 interest rate, the dialect from the ground to take out his hand 78 Need began with a laugh few times, re-entered the streamer wing sat down cross-legged, began to restore mana. Less than a month of effort, dialects from the spirit and pulse being charged to the 300 fast Acura began with top grade products began with numerous dialects and even some evil interesting thought, that he is not also can Lingshi paving Need use can not afford top grade, but sufficient. Want to receive spiritual pulse of the heart, but there is none of that means dialect, it touches induction clearer, but the free circulation of the heart of the spiritual pulse is impossible to seize one hundred-bearing, others are spending hundreds of years, layers of ban siege in order to arrest obtained want one moment succeeded only natural dialect delusions. Natural dialect more than the spiritual pulse began with, these days he sensed more, but that is not the dialect can reach places, even if unable to penetrate to the depths of the spiritual pulse With no time jade pieces. But three hundred has exceeded the expectations of the dialect, before envisaged less than two hundred, and now so much from the that Liu Wei scattered prices is one step closer to the natural to be happy about. Need began with at Dong Fu dialect they do not have much appeal, just another Dong Fu matrix method the dialect even now rely on product it is difficult to break open several significant wood. Destroys not before Yingkang coercion charge began with a matrix method to spend at least a few days, far from being a hundred-bearing time be able to change anything, want to break open the matrix method, or really need to end baby before it can , the current status of this pseudo-Yuan Ying is not, but the dialect or go to a trip at Dong Fu own soul improve managed to crack a few tactical deployment realized that a lot of touches went on to earn a best jewels . Plot that even with significant wood, dialect also know that, once again encountered the monk Yuan Ying, the other party do not make what is wrong, or not much chance of winning, but a life-saving means nothing, and now want to go out appearances, still need to change face. Dialect minds of some, came a soul enter the Bai Danzong fruit Chui Ling Branch, today is the fourth of the Chu Hangyang in the branch of duty, after receiving the message of dialects, not neglect, immediately send messages back to the cases of door. After a moment, white Dan Zongzong door Qiyun again at the fruit Chui Ling Branch, a jade Jane, exploration for a while, then asked: "Chu Young, which is the older generation who asked to buy something from the hands of the Young,Nike Jordan 2 Sale?" "Yes, brother of palm teachers, in addition to While Jade simple,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, just predecessors also thirty began with one sent, said not enough, he can find him." the Chu Hangyang in turn began with a one handed the Qiyunshan. Ignored Lingshi, Qiyun still secretly thinking, After a child, suddenly looked up Road: "Four Young, have you ever aware of these things seem to be a raw material of the immortality of the ah." "Well?" The Chu Hangyang listened palm teachers brother's words, and makes a thought, but he alchemy really do not proficient, after a half a day or shook his head and said: "palm-teacher brother, immortality thing only two brothers are most familiar with, ask him fishes." Well, to go back and ask two Young Is the older generation who was a master alchemy? "the Qiyun the jade Jane and the began with a housed together, and commanded the the Chu Hangyang twice, then to reposition itself Feijian Chaozong of door fled . Back Munekado Qiyunshan a hurry to own Young pull out, alchemy was suddenly interrupted Weizong Lin was about teachers brother lost his temper towards his palm, he was a senior questioning was shocked: "Young, see if this is not the refining and refined panacea raw materials. "Yun silver bullets? how the entire ten thousand days gathering refining Mishina immortality master alchemy." Wei Zonglin side speak, I took the jade Jane soul probe into them. After a while, after the withdrawal of the soul, a look of amazement in Weizong Lin color: palm teachers brother, I am afraid that really makes you say, of which 15 kinds of Lingcao Yun panacea raw materials, but are Auxiliary Spirit of grass, the higher order Lingcao of the main drug is not where, but this Yu-Jane you have from where to the remaining several seems not simple addition to dozen Lingcao, the, exactly immortality can be used to, I was not very clear. "is really a panacea Yun right? Young, which is the older generation who commanded let's buy list. seems that the older generation is not only repair the high absolute or a deep Tibet does not reveal the alchemy teacher. "" ah, the brothers could not it can be refined out of the third grade the immortality elixir of Yun at least master alchemy, how will be reduced to the point of casual repair is put into the day soul were also a place casually which large doors not as a guest, why penance if the older generation who really master alchemy, I would like to ask him something. "like Wei Zonglin face do not believe. "Who told you that scattered repair, well, Young, you go to alchemy, these things do not have control," well-known Young has always been do not care about other things in addition to alchemy, Qiyun waved his hand and let him go back . Subsequently, Qiyun think with himself for a moment, a message toward several Young, pushed the Flying Sword flying out of the Baishi Zong actually personally dialect buy Lingcao to think saver Dzogchen monks for others errands, that is appalling enough to go out. Dozen days later, Dong Fu practice dialect perceived outside the movement of the matrix method, soul stuck found Qiyun come to see him face some hesitation, do not buy something? Should not lead to, ah, he wants Lingcao among a few precious, but there is no rare thing, the most important things in heaven and earth jug. "Let the charge of teaching, things are not going well?" Dialect came a soul asked. "Predecessors, Qimou live up to to buy all Lingcao." Qiyun receive dialects Communications quickly replied. "Oh, why one such expression, someone came not here?" Dialect mind must, casually asked. "Oh, predecessors, not the older generation think, just want to ask a Qimou, predecessors, but want to refining Yun silver bullets?" Qiyunshan know dialects own misunderstanding of what he wanted, explained. Dialect a heart slightly surprised some, this purchase Lingcao prepared for both immortality, in addition to end baby may be used Gan Lingzhi dan, there is a magic is going to quickly add immortality . Yun Ling San dialect touches refining, just Yun Ling San for today's dialect, there shall not be worth Dayong, a bottle is not enough to add one-tenth of mana, for taking and no incremental efficacy than sulfur dan poor away, and sulfur dan Denmark, Dan Ling method tactic did not,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, even if there is to it-order goods, nor is it a dialect dabbler in alchemy refining. Comprehension mart, sulfur dan also order immortality, extremely rare, occur infrequently, will saver monks and even a monk Yuan Ying shot immediately take dialect waited at the the comprehension Market for several years, that is not always few grains. Dialects around the minds of their own refining Yun Ling San, to form Dan as long as it is concise 10 times, is not one they want immortality, but immortality is a dialect thought out, not yet named, the name Yun panacea it is in suit, the same strain and Yun Ling scattered. I thought abstract ideas, hear Qiyunshan discourse, it seems that Yun Ling bulk condensed into Dan, tried already predecessors, seems to have succeeded. "Let's palm to teach, what you say the Yun panacea, but quick to add magic immortality?" Dialect did not answer, but ask this question, it is he does not know the two sides is not the same thing, similar name, but very different many things go, self-cultivation sector as refining magic alchemy, in addition to the common immortality, every alchemy research alone detached immortality, since the name is also a wide variety of naturally some duplication is inevitable. "Reflection for seniors, is really a quick supplementary the Mana immortality. The Qiyunshan no trace of hesitation they said, and then said:" I am afraid Qimou I be so bold as to ask a question predecessors before refining immortality? "" Well? this sentence Qiyunshan asked quite some rude dialect issued soon as the sound of the doubt. Qiyun Mountain is not the least bit nervous, reaching a storage bag together with a jade Jane launched into the Dong Fu entrance matrix method: "The older generation, you look at While Yu-Jane, perhaps to your refining Yun panacea to help. dialect storage bag Yu-Jane hold in your hand, sweep away the soul, to find storage bag also produce more than their own directory several Lingcao, half of whom are low-level Lingcao in embedded Bluestar can also be regarded as a first-order second-order, Star of soul simply Miscellaneous Ling grass, not worth the money, even the comprehension mart will not have to sell, but rather seems to Qiyun Mountain ran out picking back. Qiyun Why do so dialects to understand the Bai Danzong palm to teach, he certainly will not for no reason to do these things, it seems, things While Yu-Jane. Dialect soul exploration into the Yu-Jane slowly look dignified. Outside the Dong Fu Qi Yun is also slightly uneasy waiting to come up with their own content into the Yu-Jane, it seems that he did not have much confidence. <

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