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with the number bleak atmosphere antworten

> Dialect did not go somewhere else, directly back to their underground Dong Fu went to the closed-door practice. www quaNBen, com instant after more than six months, has not been found side monk named, in addition to a handful of caring people, as early as a few people are concerned about the events of the pretty valley the original rumors gradually eliminate light it, until no sound. Days soul continent days soul were among the Fam, Xiao hate water ice unparalleled couple being hunkered down a stone outdoor ice Warriors eyes glanced from time to time sarcophagus, and nervous and expectations, the emergence of a contradictory expression in the face on "Hate water, in the end can not be a contingent child reunion flesh." Ice Warriors finally could not help but suffering towards his husband asked. "Warriors, two master shot, sure no problem." Xiao hate water comfort of your own companion of Road, but the tone was far he has said so sure. And they went back to the door were already nearly a year previously stood guard next to the rocket Fu Bao ray of residual soul, kept warm and nourish the input power of Mana Aura spirit which spirit, until last month, ray disability soul before the will resume a little This two master shot for the own son, XIAORAN, reunion spirit, and seeing time in January is approaching, They can not help not disturbed. Had in more than a dozen pieces of jewels bombers kill desolate not only the destruction of the flesh, spirit also kill more than half fled to the only ray of Fu Bao survived down to this strand spirit, even if it is to seize homes can not only waiting for him to re-grow to a certain extent, we can seize homes rebirth. Spirit the most dangerous, however, there is no mana and the protection of the flesh, a ray of residual soul than the wind candlelight little, little point fluctuations will kill growth, which is Xiao Yuan Ying hate water couple above the middle of the repair, still not Dead personally for his son's sake, had to go back to the door were to turn to their Master. Time of suffering is extremely sad, just a few hours, it seems long than retreat a few years, until finally, I heard Shimen ring, closed the month-long sarcophagus finally open, come out two monks looked tired, but a man and a woman, one black and one white, in contrast to harmony exception. "Master, contingent children?" Has been calm Xiao hate the water to see out of the sarcophagus of the Master, hurriedly asked the sound. Ice Warriors also looked at his master hastily, afraid to hear bad news soon. "Hate water, Warriors, do not worry, the spirit of the contingent children have been solid for some time, and then raising the temperature will be able to let him seize homes, take many years, will be able to recover before the repair." Hear the Master's mouth discourse, Xiao hate water suddenly wet eyes, took his companion of hand, and plop kneel down: "Thank you, Master, I would like to thank my wife." Ice Warriors, choking back tears, her husband towards his master a Certified Public salute. Their master towards They waved his hand: "hate water, so unique, you first go on it, carefully guarding contingent child spirit." Xiao hate the water couple took a refining soul jade jade, desolate spirit is ensconced They also see the the two tired look of their own master, and then knock a head, both left. Xiao hate water couple left, the remaining one black one white the two monks Back sarcophagus, sit cross-legged down. "Brother, hate water and unparalleled too spoiled contingent children, desolate or less honed, with a fourth-order Hunshou Fu Bao body, turned out to be a saver brother passing away flesh almost perverted perish." Woman slowly Slow said. "When eating a loss, up a lesson, originally desolate late-saver, Walk, even incompetent, or not to the saver Dzogchen Whether this can end baby, it is necessary to look at his good luck. Well, forget about the things they hate water Warriors are mid-Yuan Ying monks, this thing is nothing, a saver monks only. "Then, shed a black man's body Reiki, opposite the woman shed a white aura, two aura in the air, slowly blend in the middle of the two, a Tai Chi fish swim slowly. Xiao hate water the couple farewell to the master, and soon return to their Dong Fu, two exploration the desolate spirit into the soul jade jade, completely calm down, such as the Master said, which the desolate spirit has firmly not and then dissipated before back when grown a lot, can finally ask whether that enemy is. Xiao hate water a God consciousness probe into them: "However, children, tell your father that what kind of person, what looks like a long, several of his puppet and what it was like?" Desolate soul jade jade heard his father questioning, a burst of God consciousness fluctuations, then a soul message came from the jade, Xiao hate water into the soul, then, the spirit of the desolate and quiet down. Xiao hate the water close hand, jade into your body, always use their power to nourish the spirit into the soul jade jade. "Hate water, how to" Ice Warriors has been no action, until you see the husband put away before the soul jade jade asked aloud. Know, go, we went to 10,000 days were, then kill my child, I took the spirit of imprisonment, body refined into a puppet, my children driven thousands of years. "Xiao hate water and handed a Yufu companion of said fiercely. Little effort, the day soul cases Chuansong Zhen came two spatial fluctuations, Xiao hate water ice the unparalleled duo both left the sect. Soon after, Wan day cases where the monks gathering place, giving rise to a high value of the arrest warrant, no matter who long as it can kill the monks in the arrest warrant, they can get a complete low-grade spirit, that is spirit has complete control and can select one among three, each one is the best in the low-grade spirit, not worse than a lot of spiritual goods, the value of no less than 200 of the best began with. Even limited strength can not kill, as long as a monk-infested message to 10,000 day cases, proved can also get fifty Need began with. This arrest warrant is not unusual, a lot of time in order to hunt high-level soul beast will be the reward, but that for some saver monk Yuan Ying monks even task, not the usual monks can done, the arrest warrant is different, that the wanted person is a saver monks. For a time, rumors have dissipated some re-enter the life of the monks, this time not just a message, that the monks probably face, and his few Ling pet puppet. The arrest warrant is desolate kill the monks of the dialect of the flesh, seen dialects, while small, but also a lot of character,Jordan SC 1 Sale, an arrest warrant, there will be many people recognize him. Saver monks not how to act, they know how difficult it is to deal with a spirit pet saver brother has two saver repair it touches the monks built the base even Lianqi of monks for this arrest warrant moving the entire monk gathering place for as long as the monks, are the soul sweep chaos in order to find the presence of the man's the thiol brother, even Lianqi monks want to deal with a saver monks, natural, but they do not bite off more than just want to get the fifty best began with nothing. Original red eyebrow Taoist employment saver monks, one income was less than a dozen to twenty pieces Acura began with just a message, then the value of the 50th began with a value of 200 Need began spirit, how not to so many monks got the idea. "Really is dialect Daoyou. Receive this arrest warrant, no wind, Taoist, a cold heart, originally he also speculated over the dialect, but he did not know the dialect of repair, but also did not expect the dialect actually true such a strength, actually really that desolate kill flesh, and far beyond the expected wind Taoist, he saw the strength of the desolate, the white monk named but also to draw no wind a few people in the past, just calm Taoist impatient cases door and it did not work and they go kill explore the treasures Hunshou,. Summoned to own several fellow, wind Taoist opening he said: "10,000 days were arrest warrant you should have seen the last in pretty valley hunting Hunshou, many people have seen dialect Daoyou and with us, you want to avoid is not, it is estimated that soon was large machines were probing the case, nor did nothing to hide, said it wants to know, whether As for Fang Daoyou, that off , we see his own ability. "dialects for big machine were regarded kindness is not wrong, but no wind Taoist also not for this kindness, they should intend to cover what dialect, even by dialect kindness Zhen cited and Sun Yu two impossible things before, and let the door were cut off by the heritage of the threat. The day can be more than one person see the dialect with them, the most important thing now is to not let the 10,000 day cases and Xiao hate water couple that dialects and machine cases deep association, will be sent to the machine cases anger is to a monk Yuan Ying, is not large machine were a minor door stand, although not Daughter, but will be decimated. Actually speaking, no wind Taoist few of them do not know whether the dialect is how the origins of such a character, and it seems all of a sudden there appeared the first time I saw Wang Shifang when dialects do not even know what is the comprehension fairs and Chuansong Zhen place, no wind Taoist few people only know the dialect useful means, who have the best spirit of the soil series of earthen liquid, most likely from the soul of a continent, because the first large machine cases is in order to find the Chuansong Zhen to the soul of a the Grand Continental soul City. Sure enough, no two days will be 10,000 days were monks came to the big machine cases, inquiries situation, a few calm Taoist ready put good rhetoric that out, natural dialect and large machines were nothing to, just had a few trades ordinary friendship. The machine were this careen door and the million days were complementary, interdependent, so the rhetoric is pretty decent, after all, a lot of things but also on large machines such as cases of minor door to do, not to mention large machine were not sect of the The what Dongtianfudi not worth the million days were seeking. Not just cases in which the monks by the big machine asking all been pretty valley saver monks, come back alive, no one has not been large machine cases in the second interrogation, but all do not know this person dialect what exactly is the origin, continuous investigation for a long time, actually there is not much progress. Such a result, Xiao hate natural water couple will not be satisfied immediately incentive to improve, and a commitment to complete the task as long as they can worship into their sects into the days of soul were the inner door practice. Days of soul were the reason for the day the soul of the first sect of the continent, is the the rumors days soul were supreme power law day the soul Yandao tactic, there is a chance to really transcend Heaven, set foot in the Heart of the supreme Once upon a power law, though, Over the years, and which days the soul were monks is really detached soaring, but the days soul continent to day soul were monks repair is the highest, but it is an indisputable fact. Original reward can only be attracted to the saver under cultivation monks moved, added one, but many cited saver monks have to act, and even some casual repair monk Yuan Ying joined the exploration team, able to worship into the sky and soul were, it is a big opportunity. Dialects retreat Dong Fu, deep stealth under the baizhang of the number of deep underground, usually there is no-one discovered here, thanks to insights into the tall matrix method, dialect came in still the Dong Fu portal at set the number of road matrix method, not for defense, just to test the matrix method attainments. Instant Six months later, the dialect streamer wing already been more than two years, Hanshan make communication space among the mass Reiki support, in addition to late-saver, before the end baby barrier barrier dialect cultivation by leaps and bounds, in accordance with this practice speed, dialect estimated own practice more than a decade, will be able to Dajin Dan a satisfactory state, the outside world, but just be three or four years. Dialect going to big bang closed-door practice to saver Dzogchen, but on this day, aware of a glimmer of fluctuations, dialect escape from the streamer wings, only to find that the volatility is coming from their own the Dong Fu portal at, it is tried to hand layout one of a few tactical deployment, how there will be a coincidence, but still was able to find this place? Dialect soul exploration into the array, we can see the two outside intruders are saver repair, short stature, short thick body, the whole body from top to bottom are distributed unearthed Department of fluctuations iden-tify attend advanced soil Department of exercises, needless to say, the Tudun attainments certainly not just dialect laid out the matrix method, where is so easy to crack. Dialect no action, we heard the two outgoing sound of the words in the array. "Haha, think of the man did not find, actually find a ancestors Dong Fu Cheng brothers, we make a fortune." 'Do not get too excited, you want to go in the first break open this matrix method to say it, if the break does not open , will inevitably have to go back and find the helper, to the time your benefits are not so big. "dialect hearts stunned that they have not yet broken open matrix method, began to consider the spoils things, want to test their settings the power of the matrix method, dialect no immediate action, just stay a soul to focus on here, but still among the Dong Fu practice, but it is not then streamer wing. The next few days, dialect practice while they looked at the men in there Destroys collision dialect found several inadequate, the improved method from the heart could not help think about, suddenly heard the two actually talk about themselves. Carefully listen to them before they hear the person looking for the original two, They aim worship into the the day soul were among. In one, the dialect scared, Tin soul were? When they actually can become others to worship in the condition of the soul were the days, Is that Xiao hate water couple? The dialect a sideways will appear in the matrix method outside: "You are looking for me?" The men aware of the sudden appearance of dialect, at first surprised, et al found that the face of tongues is a hi: "Ha ha, Zheng known as brothers wear out iron shoes in hunting must come not a waste of effort, you see, is not he. "" Yes, that is him, he will soon win, we can worship into the soul were the days. " the Cheng brothers who is also a look of surprise. The two dialect body two saver repair the Spirit of pet, the courage to come out to find a dialect naturally have relied on each person flick two Chixu the long,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, covered with yellowish brown things run out, and even the dialect to see to also surprised, actually the body of two earthen fire in the dialect peach miasma A spiritual body is the body of the fire spirit erase the soul of pure energy, is now a well grown to own peach miasma A the spirit front of two earthen body than the fire spirits but a lot, but obviously gone the other way, is not offering training into a magic weapon,Air Jordan New School Sale, just like the original body of the fire spirits independent growth. Elsewhere, the dialect and perhaps tense, well prepared about it, after all, that both were late-saver monks, not much worse than their own, plus the two comparable late-saver cultivation of Earthen body , the strength should not be overlooked, but here, but set up their own matrix method, although slightly flawed, but sufficient for two two animals, not to mention there is a big helper. Two has just released two earthen body suddenly aware of the fluctuations of the surrounding matrix method, Jiling, two covered alert, but unfortunately, the original quiet the matrix method sudden significant increase in momentum, do not react, they perceive a huge coercion toward them hit. Dialect did not give any chance of comeback two, in turn wind slaves shaking out, with the number bleak atmosphere, mixed with the dialects black mark in the chill of the air instantly headed towards the two trapped matrix method. However, the number of interest kung fu, the two will wind slaves ceased, and only two earthen body, it seems not affect by the owner, still in the resistance to the attack of the matrix method, this is a good thing, dialect could not bear to ruin. Seeing half past one moment is difficult to rein in the two earthen body, dialect altogether They just pushed the matrix method, do not believe they are going to last, does their own consumption, but they are not, let them come into contact with the surrounding soil, more struggle futile. Dialect heard long before the duo will have to deal with their own words, at the moment is no longer soft-hearted, directly command the wind slaves to repair the two men to block more than half is operation Souhun surgery, invade the soul being one of them, and then, dialect such as the method applied for the memory of another person also searched a lot, two-phase confirms dialect soon we will know the ins and outs of the matter, turned out to be the same thing. Dialect faint hearts some spunk, Xiao hate water couple in order to avenge his son nothing like yourself because your partner is going to kill yourself and kill desolate, Xiao hate water couple revenge for his son normal, some dialects wroth, actually there are countless low-level monks join in the fun, does that I do not want to kill dialects? Here the depths of the underground, but in the the countless monks carpet search, certainly there will be others arrived here just two, but only the first batch of their own but also in the closed-door practice, still need to do some layout we go, even if you can not stop the Yuan Ying monks, but also for their own gain enough time. (Thanks to 'water dragon' read the country'' Iron Tiger'' cg2009 'four fellow a reward support today officially exceeded a million the white sand gratitude every book support Daoyou) <

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