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> Dialect intend to leave the big machine cases, with the king of the ten directions suddenly opening: seniors and juniors and predecessors thing www! Quanben! CoM grace? "Dialect toward the king of the ten directions looked. "The ten things you say, but for you, I could not find here." Dialect spoke and said, how can be considered by the the king ShiFang love, already have to give him some of the benefits of hearing it, helper can help a not bad enough. "I would like to thank the seniors, the ten and seniors save Master." Hear the words of the dialect, the king immediately spoke. Your Master? "Dialects have some doubts about eleven square is already late to build the base close to the imaginary Dan monks pour out his master how the saver monks, even seeking help,Nike Jordan Take Flight Sale? Not to mention just the elders who, On the repair is not under their own number, what will seek to outsiders, does cases door bucket? Wang Shifang seems to guess the idea of ​​the dialect, opening: "predecessors, to do things a few elders, Master's injury, the elders of two elders also no way." "Well? Your master in any place, by what hurt. "predecessors Come with me, Master retreat has been injured, more than a year did not come out." dialect Wang Shifang behind walked toward the machine cases gate of one side of the peak. Just enter Fam machine were elders Wind Profiler dialect did not leave, but and king ShiFang a turned the corner by the side of the peak away, wry smile: "Oh, ten before filial three of us, but that injury can not Although the strength of the dialect see through, but absolutely saver no doubt, nothing more, let him give it a try, or the ten we can not give up hope. "finishes her soul back, turn a blind eye to continue to practice went. Dialect all the way along with Wang Shifang, inquire around a few matrix method, are extremely simple matrix method,Air Jordan 11 UK, does not require the number of interest can break open, if they get rid of. Soon, Wang Shifang in a stone hole stopped down, pulled out a Yufu to injection into the cave,Nike Air Jordan 9 Sale. The Shidongkou matrix method spread, after the number of interest exposed channel. Predecessors, come with me. "Wang Shifang step into the hole in the head, then standing waiting dialect. Dialect seeing this, to know Wang Shifang it is shown that cave there is nothing tricky, worried about their suspicious, reigning the hearts of laughing, not to mention this hole prohibition is the entire cave exploration have long been clear that the injured monks have long been printed on the soul of the dialect, the dialect guess saver monks, but a virtual Brother Dan. Dialects do not say break, with eleven square behind into the cave, only more than ten feet deep, we can see a Greyfriars hunkered down over a quartzite. The fellow party reckless, please his fellow forgive me. "Greyfriars did not get up, but it is opening to apologize to the dialect, the tone of the total for the arrival of the dialect and not much hope of the situation. Dialect sweep at him, said: "anyway, guitar Dan failed?" Greyfriars wry smile, said: "the ten told fellow, this child." He did not know the ten have not had time to say it things. Dialect but glanced to see his body injury, has long been seen Greyfriars pubic region, the presence of a foreign body, it seems that not long ago only ten ** is because this road is invisible injury affected his knot Dan. Out of thin air makes the success of the end of Dan dialects do not have that ability, but if invisible injury healed Road for him, but it is not difficult: "fellow, but because the dark that you hurt?" Dialect outburst, Greyfriars face slightly changed, the apprentice side of this kind of thing is absolutely will not just tell others, but in front of only one will be able to tells Does the apprentice really brought to an expert? "If you wish, I can help you get rid of these road invisible injury, do not want, lunch I did not say." Dialect paused and said. Predecessors, can really get rid of? "Greyfriars did not answer, Wang Shifang exclaimed, he had been just holding a slim hope and dialects, but did not really think there is hope. "As long as your teacher would let me have applied for, not a big problem." Feel the feelings of Wang Shifang own master, dialect move their heart, the patient said. "Master?" Wang Shifang the excitement, shouted toward his master. Looked at his disciples excited expression, Greyfriars with a sigh: "labor fellow." Dialect heard, nor what to ask once again: "fellow assured, as long as you relax enough." Huiyi the monks feel dialect take the right palm to his shoulders, then a force into the body, down along the meridians downstream, but the moment they enter the pubic region, hearts surprised others Mana easily into the pubic region Would not it be delivered his own soul in the hands of others? The subconscious operation Mana resist, found their mana do not know when was being detained, they simply can not mobilize nothing but horror. Greyfriars the horror of the situation did not last long, the number of interest, the body feels loose, he regained control of the body Mana, whipped the look channeling, look alert and watching dialect. "Master, hello?" Wang Shifang do not know what just happened, only to see his master easily spring up, they shouted. "Ah?" Greyfriars this note, his body burst easily, quickly soul within the probe, and soon found his pubic region of the foreign body disappear, no longer have to spend more than half of mana to suppress it. In a moment, where do not know is a dialect saved himself, he did not dare to the same generation theory pay, again and again, said: "I would like to thank Sun Yu predecessors." Master really good, really good? "Wang Shifang recognized Master recovery actually a choked sound, her lips whispering, after a moment and snapped to his knees, but found a Mana prevent their own actions, he tried hard to go down to nothing. "Predecessors, the ten I would like to thank the seniors save the master, otherwise, the ten you will never be peace of mind." After listening to the king of the ten directions of the words of a few long-winded, the dialects to know, that his master save him injured, but also because this times injuries that led to the junction Dan failure, for that matter, not only others blame him, he beat yourself up, the original is the first of three generations of disciples he gave up the the sect practice, exiled themselves as to the alfalfa mart. It took a while, Wang Shifang and his master, Sun Yu was to restore calm, looking at the front of dialects, both teacher and student quite some embarrassed, Sun Yu re-there is hope of taking Dan, any who will be excited endless, and Wang Shifang then is to lay down the hearts of a large stone, it is understandable. Calm down, said Wang Shifang suddenly dialect predecessors, in fact, on the mainland there is a legend, is said to have a path leading to the other continents. "" What? Path? "Dialect heard surprised a moment, is not that the elders does not tell all? "Well, Valley of Babel." And the king was very definitely said, seem to think of anything after the finish, a secretly glanced at his master. Hear the own apprentice words, Sun Yu, Greyfriars some strange asked: "Do seniors want to go to other continents?" Yes, I'm going to big soul of the city where the soul of a continent. "The dialect exclaimed. "Oh, predecessors, do not listen to the ten directions nonsense, impossible to reach other continents, it is said that in ancient times Chuansong Zhen, would now be no trace of that Babel Valley but the door were an ancient being mentioned, the ten child usually like to go to some strange place, but for his hobby, I do not have other predecessors came to his rescue. "to hear their master, Wang Shifang also a burst sadly, is not it, if not to break into a random insurance, and how will drag Master injuries, almost damage the foundation, not the end of Dan. Dialect is do not care: "Oh, that Babel Valley in the end is what, what was said not?" Predecessors, which the books just mentioned such a place, but there is no mention in the end in true what place, just say which space-time channel, did not mention specific access where "Greyfriars to see dialect attention, they put their know something about again, what has not, in fact, in addition to a statement. Inexplicable space-time channel? Do not know in any place, even in sight, not a last resort, dialect now it will not dip into it, once from the void turbulence in Enron, luck, act recklessly into it is to court death. Dialect listened to the Greyfriars say, only when it is become more informative As to that is not going to now dialect not had just entered the self-cultivation sector as reckless, self-cultivation sector do not know how many dangerous places, more frightening than the high-level monks. "Master, not just as you said, in fact, I still see the other books, the door and a predecessor of really entered into the valley of Babel." Wang Shifang retorted, see, for these The anecdotes are very persistent, even if ever so eaten a lot of bitterness, and even hurt others, but the people have their own good, this adventure seems to Wang Shifang practice loving where. "The ten directions, can you say two classics relevant content of Babel Valley to help me a copy of" dialect is slightly from the interest, even if it do not, always good to know more about something, maybe these cases the door classics really being able to find a little something useful. Predecessors, do not be too much trouble, you just take it wants to see, this books is not a sect power law, I have been here reproductions. "Then the king convenient number of pieces of jade Jane handed dialect. Dialects little sweep again, found not only Babel Valley things just mentioned, there are many other similar myths and legends where the king will afford to think of himself and his interest in, to own Xianbao here. Shortly after, the dialect will the king ShiFang jade Jane delivery back. Seen leave the meaning dialect, Wang Shifang fed a Yufu to dialect: "predecessors, holding While messaging operator, after have what it takes directly to me, big and do not run errands what certainly no problem dialect smiled and took the king ShiFang delivery to the Communications Yufu hand over arch toward the teacher and student were: "The two meet again then an escape of light flashed, the dialect escape from the machine cases. <

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