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16.05.2013 10:35
the king monk named dare not antworten

> Young momentum for a change, no longer fierce attack but Niechu a strange hand tactics, shed an invisible fluctuations from him, as if to calm the ripples of the lake suddenly from around spills out, was actually for spirit attacks, but clever than the dialect God punish thorn a lot, does not have the rage of gas is generally fine, like the spring rain moistening silence. Wharf Road and seeing this,nike air jordan, look pleased,UK Nike Air Jordan, the hands are still not much action, only his side of the dialect aware of a force wrapped up, know Wharf Road, and secretly guarding. Gong is being pushed young people suddenly found their attack object into the water like a fish in general, in the attack fluctuating cruising, being able to see the two men stood in the eyes, but the soul is being induction like to drift and elegant, this strange things only the face of his master when encountered, it is because the master spirit is far stronger than her spirit can be fully integrated into the shares fluctuations. Front of these people, however Yuan Ying repair, how could do this, big soul were perverted practice the most powerful, is the entire Star handful sect can match the spirit of the big soul were Gong practitioners, their mid-Yuan Ying repair of spirit than other Munekado late Yuan Ying is not bad, the front of this man spirit-how than their own may also strong. Positions Road and mouth Ruoyouruowu smile eyes to see, so that young people feel that has never been humiliated, he should laugh at themselves? Immediately pushed the power law, shouted: "take my soul to destroy Octagon." No longer as previous general spring rain moistening, a strong fluctuations, as summer thunder-like flash of rage meaning filling, break a will toward Wharf Road and hit, if such a perverted attack hit, the spirit will definitely collapse, officials seriously injured, that is the panacea take a long time to recover, comparison, dialect God punish thorn to be inferior lot. Tiny tot Henla enough, just a bit too much. "Positions Road and mouth while talking, the hands play a hand tactics, a volatile face the young attack, surprising scene appeared, Wharf Road and hit, but a small loach fluctuations, stunned bring an end to the general volatility of the kind of Monty Python. This trick one, young people are no longer attack, wide eyes Wharf Road: "This, this, this is a big soul annihilation tactic? You in the end?" Tiny tot, good strength, Yuan Ying medium-term will be able to pushed the soul of eight type to the fourth type, your master is the color of the soul, go get her to see me and he said, back with the brothers. "positions Road and boast a young two, but he reveal out of momentum, say,Jordan 7 Shoes, so that the elders learned younger people feel very funny. Young people is not the slightest funny idea, he has long been Wharf Road and shown the strength of shocked, only two face to face to see their true strength, able to recognize the big soul VIII is not unusual, but only pushed the second type of soul off their own eight easy to conclude that they can be pushed to Medley only power law soul were extremely familiar man can do, you know, they can be pushed fourth type, but is half a month the former things, in addition to the master, no one knows. Positions Road and mouth say floating color the soul of the word, in the usual, he must think the other is in the desecration of the Master Color soul great respect, but experience positions Road and the strength he no longer think the other is provocation, listening to the tone seems to be the Master's familiar, only just a battle of wits, and then have the courage to ask her name, took out communications Yufu Bianxiang Master Communications, was surprised and bewildered eyes watching the warehouse Road and dialect people. Young people Yufu came out, but the number of interest, the whole soul Floor aware of one human coercion, instant and then disappear, as if just an illusion. The standing big soul fifth floor entrance dialect eyes of a flower, they saw appeared in front of a woman, tall and slightly plump, wearing dressed in a purple shirt. "Master." Just and Wharf Road, and a battle of wits young man shouted: "This man?" Did not wait to finish the plump woman waved his hand towards him to stop, his eyes staring at Wharf Road, exploration times face nervous excitement: "Road and brothers? really you? you really come back?" plump woman appeared, had shocked everyone around, but the soul of a large statue of color soul fairy, many people in the large soul of cases practice for thousands of years are not necessarily see the kingdom of one side of the large statue, but now it is just around the corner, but where these people have seen such a gaffe saint statue, and all of a staring beads. Wharf Road and cough loudly: "color soul, it really was not posing the door statue?" Said Dou Shou, a guard him and plump woman cover up, leaving a congregation surprised the soul were disciples. Not for a long time, shield dissipated, revealing a Wharf Road and plump woman. "You all San Leba." Incoming around many soul sect disciples soul, a soul color soul fairy each other and Wharf Road, and a battle of wits young people said "drop-shan, come and seen you Road and uncles. "It's their own uncles? Master when the addition of a senior how never heard of, called off the young Shan still looked confused, but for the Master's words, without the slightest hesitation, immediately stepped forward to: "drop-Shan seen Road and teacher primary "off the Shan, uncles just come back, this will give you considered a gift." Wharf Road, and readily come up with a Qiankun Dai handed the young man called the fall of the Shan, and then said: "drop-Shan you take this kid to buy a few bottles of Liu Wei Di San dialect kid, go, follow me this little Shi Zhi bin can go around, look at real comprehension mart, so I came out I help you heal those two a little girl, by the way, take this, what are the risks pinch break it. "drop Shan, with the trail of Friends of Go, Road and Brother go back Munekado, 100-soul brothers and brothers anger days already know the message of the return of the brothers, going out off two escape light flashed, dialect aware of Wharf Road and the atmosphere in the upstairs flashed, then they disappear. "You called dialects? Come with me, need liuwei San?" His master with uncles left, listen to the news or to see the other two uncles, and identity Wharf Road, off Alexandra has no doubt, is certainly undoubtedly uncles. Intended followed back, but unexpectedly uncles arrangements for such a task, and the Master agreed, hearts, even if we have offer all kinds of do not want to have to be done to say, the good news is buy elixir liuwei of scattered, big soul fourth floor will have not wasted time. Dialect hand and said: "dialects seen the older generation." Then walked toward the fourth floor lobby with drop-Shan behind. The whole hall at first glance only a few hundred feet, but the dialect operation broken magic mesh you can see hundreds of space matrix method arrangement which, from time to time out of the space, and real transactions are among the space. So pretty normal, to the fourth floor of the repair in order to reach a certain degree of monks, just dialect just swept to see two monk Yuan Ying, other saver monks are also more late saver, these people buying and selling things, naturally reluctant under a large crowd, the Chamber of Secrets is the best natural. Seen Stone deacon. "" Seen stone deacon. "Dialect soon know the identity of the front of the monk Yuan Ying is very simple, the soul were encountered along the way monks have towards him salute to say hello, and even some obvious guests the monks to see him, will say hello to his mouth said previously heard great respect order, do not know Wharf Road, this statue is in what capacity. "Wang Shi Zhi, come to greet the the Fang Daoyou is to He Liu Wei scattered." Went before a row of counter the stone falls Alexandra got a saver early monks ordered,. At that moment, remote Ji Chongchong the way a person: "Stone Shishu Yuan Ying monks there to see you, your old acquaintances, his hand treasures you have to see before they agree to sell." "Oh, this thing? Fangdao You, I look at the past, you first look in here, Wang Shi Zhi, ah good reception." Then, the stone falls Alexandra move with a man walked toward the other side of the. Dialects do not care, a monk Yuan Ying on one side also feel a little uncomfortable, go better: "Wang Daoyou labor." For the stone falls Shan guests, although not carefully account, the king monk named dare not neglect: "the Fang Daoyou, this way please." Wave throw a token, the counter side of a portal, surnamed Wang monks imaginary hand lift invite dialect into dwell. Enter the portal, dialect found the front square tables on top of already prepared the good spirit tea, scented, slightly bearing one, they think the mind is stable, light cup of tea, counted as Lingshi not under thousands of dialects in this big soul floor, big soul were Wharf Road, and have a deeper understanding. "Fangdao You, this is bulk liuwei, do not know the fellow needs a few bottles." Surnamed Wang monks soon come up with an alabaster jar to put on the table. Dialect reached out and picked up the alabaster jar, seal is not simple, if not broken magic eyes, he still can not open this alabaster box seal, and even the number of road hand tactics, open the alabaster box, the soul toward the probe to go. The dialect readily open the alabaster box, but it is the square table opposite monk named Wang shocked to Leng Leng dialects open the alabaster jar of exploration. Dialect do not know bulk liuwei, just tell from their breath, immortality in the bottle is very high-end, than their past seen to be high-end, Wharf Road and discourse in the former dialect know this is Liu Wei Di San undoubtedly . "Wang Daoyou, I do not know Liu Wei Di bulk value ah?" Dialect the alabaster box cover, back to the desktop and open asked. Surnamed Wang monks than before, more respectful, said: "the Fang Daoyou six products liuwei scattered, began with a bottle of twelve hundred, said Friends of Stone the Shishu introduced over a 10% discount." Surnamed Wang monks sentence, dialect scratching their heads, and obviously the elixir of eight items, he said that six products, the value of even as long as twelve hundred began with simply than the third Lingcao cabbage but also cheaper. "Wang Daoyou, you say is twelve hundred began with?" "Of course, the fellow can also settlement with dan dan, ten is enough." Dan? This is what dialect even more confused. <

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