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16.05.2013 10:32
influx of massive aura own antworten

> A full month, the dialect was clean and get rid of deeply rooted in the mind being cold decay, the group of fourth-order mysterious bird circled a few days later departed, then do not have any demon worms Wicked to disturb yourself. Www! QUANBen the! COM behind the cave, in addition to the start time that the will of coercion, there is no other movement. Suoyao being heard the position Road and Lu Nanzi, dialogue, had mentioned a figure, although they both do not have a famous name origins, just call the old stuff, but now dialect almost confirm their mouth old things, and imprison the demon spirit poultry, should be the man in the portrait is initially detained numerous Wicked monks. Suoyao worth mentioning, this valley or the owner are the same person, are portraits of human. In the end is what kind of people can have such prestige, able to control Suoyao Guards magic weapon, can be distracted monks spirit imprisonment, only one will, will be able to suppress distracting monks. The dialect feeling some of his head enough, big brother once said, Is this the star fairy? If laid out, turned Star kind of place, so that means that in the past. Thinking about for a long time, the dialect he did not draw any results,Air Jordan Superfly, or consider the immediate situation is more practical. Dialect is now the most critical is to find a way out of here, came in blood bat beast brought over the blood bat beast from somewhere to escape from, the dialect is unclear, streamer wing can not be pushed, determined to think of any other place find a way out, the continuous stir several groups Wicked,Jordan 5 Shoes, the dialect gave up the intention, these evil sprang from nowhere, before did not feel the touch of breath, all of a sudden, it will gush large group, even own before the cave is no exception-order goods is not high, the highest of which is the fourth-order, but the number is very large, their date of encounter hundreds of Soul Eater insect is the least number of a group, the rest of the there is no less than a thousand. Touches behind this cave is one of the most secure place, no matter what provoke Wicked Wicked daring to step into half a step here fled to here, there is no one. Come and go find a way out, dialect can only hit the idea behind this cave before dialect has avoided into them, it is the previous lesson too deep, a look almost kill their own. According to Wharf Road and Lunan Zi, this level will already dissipate more than half or even more of the extent of dialects has been completely adapted to the will of coercion. Thinking a few days, the dialect decided to go some exploration, none would have dared to go askew portrait the dialects to close sixth consciousness, relying on riding forward to the exploration of the soul. Dialect line 15 Joe found himself a ban blocked into this cave, in addition to the sense of the will of coercion, there is actually a matrix method, dialect want to run to break the magic mesh probe some, but it is worried that the eyes of the portrait, immediately took out his Scarlet Yufu, to prepare With Bloody the light curtain resist the eyes of the portrait, did not expect, has not yet begun pushed, in the hands of the Yufu even went ahead out of control, not into that prohibition. Peach miasma A dialect immediately pushed backwards fled, lost Scarlet Yufu, the Road eyes touch the end of the road. Dialects in the back and feel the the front burst of Mana fluctuations Suddenly, the will of coercion that everywhere suddenly weakened disappears, the dialect only aware of a volatile escape toward the sky, the whole cave into a clear. Dialects do not know what happened, but it is know that the matrix method of this cave had disappeared after entering the cave, dialect surprised portrait disappeared own Yufu no traces in the previous suspension portrait position below, the dialect see party Jade station, a Jade Terrace on top of a square jade tablets. Surface side of the dialect of these cards in the hands of intake, immediately found, of this square the jade tablets with Yaoguang offering training rocket is very similar to, in addition to the color material, there is exactly the same. Twinkling of an eye, the dialect know, you want to find a way out, While this card is the key. Then sweep looked to the other parts of the cave, there are a few things, all daily necessities, dialect is felt the aura fluctuations which contains the extraordinary, is not careful to distinguish the goods order, immediate income universe pot. Dialect returned Soul Eater array, they found has dared the depth many cave demon worms Wicked, at the moment who are all gathered Eater array before begun to impact the layout of the matrix method. Into the array, pushed matrix method, kill hordes of low-level evil, kill a full hour, the whole valley has returned clean. Dialect could not help glad we did not the blood bat beast this order goods Wicked, otherwise the the Soul Eater array also withstand the impact. Swallow a spirit springs, the dialects come up with jade tablets, immediately begin offering training, hand tactics, tactics fourth set, where slowly from the hands of the dialect play a runes flash, not any into the square card. Mang sand desert, is located in the extreme west of the ancient bearing leaves is said to star had no intention old man want from here, just dialect in the East China Sea in the accident, then it did not go Mang sand desert looking for. Mang sand desert ruins, Reiki is not rich, was originally the surrounding low-level monks of the experience, but I do not know since when, become strangers do not close all the monks, as long as close to the ruins of a thousand miles, they and then did not come out, many monks have been rumors here masterpiece Xiongshou to, but lead to more high-level monks adventure, until the Yuan Ying monks into which no one survived, no one to fight the idea here, with the passage of time, became a monk forbidden. In this forbidden under the Crepis ground at the bottom, but it is another piece of the scene, the number baizhang space, a steady stream of pure aura from the influx of being surrounded by barrier, the entire space into Reiki no less than any bulk door gate, and looked and looked, Lingquan throughout lush Lingcao, various reveal Lingcao back and forth, very comfortable. On one side of the space, one embedded in the cliff into the palace, the monks came here, will be surprised chin falling on the hillside next to the palace all kinds began with the whole palace almost began with wrapped, if only began with wrapped palace, but also the performance of the upstart nothing, but here around the palace began with is not man-made layout, but natural form, that's right, the whole palaces, including the space, simply carved out of the top of a spiritual pulse. This is simply a throwaway, even large doors can not bear to abuse spiritual pulse in such a spiritual pulse is so cut, removing the spiritual pulse of the heart are not much stronger than could have thousands of years of spiritual pulse dependent As a result, the top supply more than two thousand years, but it happens to some people do. Chamber in the palace, and turn a blind eye has been practicing monks suddenly opened his eyes, stood up himself, revealing a body under an Acura began with, actually the best Lingshi do the floor, and only kind of person would do it , but compared to the whole of the spiritual pulse chiselling, seems to have nothing to waste a few superb began with. Careful exploration of some, who seem determined one thing, his mouth said to himself: "Why? Atmosphere of the old stuff? Finally found, then an escape of light flashed, this spirit of The veins space disappear gone, if the dialect see, will be able to find this man's looks and Wharf Road and is exactly the same, the atmosphere is a lot. The vast East China Sea, there is a desolate waters, no aura fluctuations, but this day, the the submarine lofty, out of nowhere a light to escape toward the day the wind continent away, after the escape of light, but it is an aura storm, the whole waters churn up time, and soon will become a sea Wicked competing to grab habitat. Feel the Road will not only have the two men, I heard Shengjing Hu sounded in many places, many old monster, old-timer, eventually becoming born in a moment ago, the release of the soul, what seems to be searching, too for a while, and have received back. Jade party brand is offering training dialect naturally do not know, just happened to disturb so many people do not know have two acquaintances came toward where he is, only try to play any level tactics, refining the hands of square jade card. With the last one and hand tactics played a clear stream flowing body of dialect, dialect not had time to carefully understand, suddenly aware of the sudden influx of massive aura own body, his body seems to communicate and an inexplicable space, this spirited fundamental from their control forcibly poured into their bodies, between the twinkling of an eye, the dialect they aware of their own bodies to be this aura explode. Dialect has long been the nebula tactics pushed to the extreme, the refining rate is still less than the surging influx of one percent of the aura of the body, shall he and those eating a high-end immortality or Lingcao of low-level monks, life is Reiki explode, the loss repair or even directly fall? A little scared about the dialect, to stabilize the mind, if it is other monks encountered such a situation, it is really likely to be directly Cheng Si, but different dialects, the body being there one has to see through the magic heaven and earth pot. Pushed things around a little pot dialect into the body aura seemed to find an outlet for, go have moving heaven and earth pot Bay the dialect's own body down into a Reiki channel,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK. At the moment, finally assuring dialect only to find shares Reiki is not only abundant, but very polished, even than the the original Road heaven and earth pot portal among breeds Aura also polished a bit, and then toward heaven and earth in the pot the probe to go into the massive Reiki automatically divided into several shares, three shares disappearing through three portals, the original will be very bright portal more stately. Also prescribe is separate portal prototype has now. Remove these five, and with a jet-black aura, gathered in a few portal at the empty upper and lower churn, continuous condensation. The dialect is intended to probe what is forming a new portal, suddenly aware of came out two fluctuations, the soul quickly exit the tide pot, re-exploration, turned out to be someone break the evil spirit of the array. Discovered, refining square card, able to sense the movement among the evil spirit of the array. (Thanks to 'youngest had' Road Friends, I would like to thank the support of you fellow, very warm the hearts of white sand) <

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