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16.05.2013 10:08
who Lanshi days to come up antworten

> Pleased to put away the ancient springs, dialects continue walking forward, and then the last million drug cases saver monks who poison liter, a Baidu vestments worn on the body, the slightest spiritual poison circulation, it touches are not afraid to admit,Jordan Spizike Shoes. Www! QuanBEn! COM he stood in front of two drug addicts, fifth-order poisonous mosquito beast, preparedness, saver monks encountered have to suffer the fifth-order drug addicts, in addition to uda that with a sixth-order skeleton, this is a treasure of the highest value. Unfortunately, these two worm is no exploration of a few people, after all, not everyone has a million drug cases which govern the way of the worm, two mosquito beast already larvae, you want to cultivate a spirit pet is extremely difficult. Poison l understand their worm is not a popular commodity, but his main purpose is not to sell the drug addicts, this is just an expression, like the uda requirements dialects, have to have a thing laid out on the table. Dialect touches very interested in these two drug addicts, of course, is not to cultivate a spirit pet, the dialect not have that ability, not that spare time, on the poison, not the kind of worm peach miasmic beat, at least six not following the order. Dialects miss the old man taught exercise the spirit of Dharma, worm had little effect in the dialect now and then the following third-order and fourth-order and fifth-order worm, but unlike the Wicked so easy to hunt, only 000 drug cases this all day and dealing with drug addicts sect know where the most hunted drug addicts. Addicts, two worm you want to change something? "Dialect stepped forward and toward the poison liter asked. Has long been a late-saver monks poison liters looked dialect, said: "sixth-order fire material." "Material of the fire department?" Dialect think of himself, there are a lot of Huo-yen heart spar, he took out his backhand a handed poison liter front: "Friends of the Road, to see how this material?" Huo-yen heart spar? Need flame heart spar? "poison up some eyes straight ahead, where readily they can think of a mid-saver monks fire department can come up with a superb ore. Slightly paused, poison or they find that they panicked, but do not blame him, the fire department material is easy to get, the best are not so easy to find, not the fire department where spirit will order this product flame heart spar, but which the Spirit of Fire to not be higher repair monks occupy, even though he was a million drug cases in which the core of disciples, nor is it so easily. Fellow, what you say is true? "The poison rose wake up is inevitable that some worry about the outcome. "Poison or addicts, plus two worm, my piece Huo-yen heart spar yours how?" One, plus a transaction immediately. "Fifth-order worm million drug cases also order worm even poison come up with three liters also distressed, but in order to this Need flame heart spar, he was ready to sacrifice. "Refreshing." Took three bucks beast dialects continued to walk forward, Unfortunately, in addition to uda with sharks in the hands of the evil skeleton, and then did not look into the eyes of something, but even if the dialect days Lanshi , it will not take it for such an evil skeleton own use is not enough. Unexpected surprises dialect back to his place, not help the imagination, it seems that he is still out of less, you know a simple party there so much harvest, long overdue out and move around. But now understood too late, at least this time be regarded as a little step into the circle, and after he can come back. See the others are still bargaining, dialect is not too concerned about, sit down cross-legged in his position, looked like in practice In fact, the dialect is the soul it into heaven and earth pot from the study just from the hands of the mound contingent piece of debris. And just in the hands of the mound then, still no trace of magic fluctuations,Women's Jordan Sale, dialect soul what they can penetrate the entire token, there is no secret at all, except on those runes, no peculiar. Mound then get a piece of debris should be quite a long time, certainly tried offering training wanted nothing effectiveness, but the dialect intend to offering training to try some, maybe where the level of their own tactics will have some effect, but unfortunately is not the sacrifice a good time to practice, there is not a good place for offering training,jordan online cheap, only leave here later considered. Is in exploration, suddenly dialect heard several more The noise, the original here are also great the identity of the person, the so-called trading not a virtue, even contradictory, not the original attack, how could such things happen. Dialect recover the soul, looked toward the hubbub of the, speak loudly River uda, and a certain bulk cultivator, a little listening to a few, the dialect will know what was going on. Cause or uda laid out with shark evil skeleton previously dialect did not come before the crowd only slightly interested, and few really care about these things, dialects speak the word shark Wicked skeleton, and soon some people stepped forward to confirm Unexpectedly, this uda must be before anyone else come up with the day Lanshi and exchanged, and then unlock the ban will be shot. This is simply referred to as harsh, not allowing people to probe directly do business, if uda was originally a sect disciples, perhaps a little better, but why he came from overseas, and even just lay bare object dialect for many people to say this is a strange monk, and God knows They is not good collusion, they would not high-end prohibition, but the shark Wicked skeleton. Had also want to take another genius Po instead of days the Lanshi and uda discussions monks, soon gave up the idea, and finally only this one-monks, it seems very interested shark Wicked skeleton, and seems to him no less than days Lanshi things. Just the uda life and death do not want to let him unlock the ban exploration, the two got into a shouting over there. Chuan asked to drink "uda Daoyou, you will not let me exploration, How can I verify this thing in the end what is it alone, a high-end prohibition?" Uda seems to know that there is something wrong practice, but still does not relent: "Friends of the Road, If you have a day Lanshi agreed to the transaction, out, I verified immediately after you unlock the ban, to the time how you want to exploration can be. "" You is not nonsense, trading, that is, I is not thinking about how to probe how exploration, but do not confirm your thing, who Lanshi days to come up with this kind of thing to deal with you. "Chuan said some snappily. Two do not want to regress, but why do not want to give up the things of the hands of each other, a time, Jiangzainali. The transaction has been around almost all end, everyone's eyes are on here, down many would like to see in the end the uda take is what is not really dialects said sixth-order sea Wicked shark demon the skeleton of the beast, really, can not say they have to irons in the fire. To see the situation seems to be some uncontrolled forest sky, could not step forward, said: uda addicts, when the Friends of the River Road, two of this debate, it will not get any results, not as good as this, I'd have a approach. "" What way? "uda when Chuan asked in unison. "Friends of Yan Yuet Road, just say the uda fellow in his hand is the skeleton of the shark Wicked, now let him be a witness, how do you middleman?" Others would suspect dialect, Lin sky is not his master sent his disciples Link to the poor man can not. Listening to Lin sky, uda shines ban into something really dialect said Wicked shark skeleton, but more than the average shark evil skeleton high-end, but then why so cautious , feared that if transactions fail, been eyeing for the dialect, the prohibition of items no longer a secret, let him be a witness or. When Sichuan was a little hesitant about him indeed with one day LANSHI, and uda concerns, did not show up, others up to speculation, not go so far as banditry, but this level of things revealed does not lead to the coveted that is not possible. What happens to the other party come up with exactly what I had always wanted, if I can get a sixth-order shark Wicked skeleton, refining a set of protective gear, you can go there to probe this level of things than days Lanshi easy to get ah. Just dialect he can not uda this feeling, if the Wu Dati, Xiangyebuxiang refused, but now it is here master Lin sky, said, here, or have a certain trust for the forest the sky Otherwise, it will not come here to trade goods. Thought, when Chuan said: "Well, on said by Lin Daoyou, do." (Why click so poor, red ticket is also seeking support) <

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