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convulsive_flesh_machine Offline

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21.08.2007 14:09
download antworten
Q: Download had gone on tour in 1996, but has been primarily a studio project. What is the potential for Download or even PlatEAU to play live shows now?

Western: You know, this is one of those things where a lot of things get said, but very little happens in reality. And it has been a source of tension in the past between cEvin and me. I tend to be someone who doesn't say a whole lot about things that aren't actually happening, and at this point a tour definitely isn't happening. And the only way a tour happens in the real world is someone has to put up a lot of money, and that someone is usually the record company. In this case, the record company is cEvin, so Download or PlatEAU touring is basically contingent on cEvin investing a whole bunch of money, which at this point doesn't look likely, but you never know. I stay open to the possibility, but we have talked about touring for 10 years and never gone, so I would say that using history as a guide, it isn't likely anytime soon. Skinny Puppy is touring, however!

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